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How to Fix Discord Won’t Open? [Simple Methods]

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Discord won’t Open: Hello Discord People! You will know about Discord very well if you use it before. Commonly, Discord offers a lot of features to its users. You can make a voice call as well as a video call with your friends. Also, you can connect with thousands of people on a single platform.

Discord is one of the fast-growing applications, it has millions of users around the world. Discord is a user-friendly application, but not for all times. In some cases, you cannot open the app on your device.

There are many reasons Discord won’t open. In this article, we are going to show some simple tricks to resolve this problem. So, keep reading this article to the end and use the methods to fix your Discord problem.

How to Fix Discord Won’t Open?

There are so many reasons for your Discord does not open on your desktop. Sometimes, you cannot find the exact reason why your Discord is not open. If you face any trouble like this, hereafter you need not worry about that. Here now, we are going to explain some simple as well as effective methods to resolve your Discord. You can use the following methods to fix your Discord issue.

Fix Discord Won't Open
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How to Fix Discord Won’t Open?

Method 1: Restart your Computer

The first fix method is restarting your system. You may think that restarting is how to help you to open the Discord app on your Desktop. But, whatever the problem is, the first and most advisable method is to restart your system.

Sometimes, your operating system cannot communicate with the app. In this case, restating the desktop is one of the effective methods. Once, you restart your system, then you can open the Discord application on your device without any interruptions.

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So, use this technique to resolve your Discord won’t open problem. In case, you cannot get any positive response, then you can go for any other methods.

Method 2: Close Discord With Task Manager

You may face this weird process when you open the Discord application. When you click on the Discord icon, it won’t open but it will run in the background. It may cause by buggy launches or bugs. If you had this problem on your desktop, you have to close it manually. To do this, follow the below-given procedure.

Step 1:

Firstly, On your desktop, click on the Ctrl+ Alt+ Delete button at the same time.

Step 2:

Then, select the Task Manager option.

Step 3:

Also, you can use to open Task Bar by the press on the Ctrl+ Shift+ Esc button.

Step 4:

On your Taskbar, click on the More Details option.

Step 5:

After that, you will get the Process Tab on your device.

Step 6:

Under the Process Tab, you need to choose the Discord Process. 

Step 7:

Then, click on the End Task option.

Step 8:

Finally, with End Task, you can manually end the Discord process.

After the above process, now open your Discord application on your device without any issues. You can also use the below-given process to end the Discord process. 

Click on the Windows Key + R and enter cmd. Then, type taskkill/F/IM discord.exe

Method 3: Clearing LocalAppData and AppData Cache

You may know about Cache before. It saves all your recent files and helps you to access them directly ad quickly. They are stored in LocalAppData and AppData folders. With those caches, you can easily access all your recent files on your desktop. Likewise, Discord also accesses the Cache. Discord allows loading contacts, text, images, and other data as cache. But, sometimes your caches are corrupted due to some reasons. In this case, it causes many issues like Discord won’t open. To escape from those caches, you have to delete all the cache folders. You can use the below-given procedure to do this.

Step 1:

On your desktop, click on the Windows Key + R.

Step 2:

Then, enter %appdata%.

Step 3:

Now, delete your Discord folder.

If you feel any difficulties clearing the cache folder, then you can use method 2 to close the app. 

Step 4:

After that, Go to your App Data folder.

Step 5:

Now, open the Local folder.

Step 6:

Delete the Discord folder.

Finally, you successfully delete all the Discord caches from your system. Now, try to open the Discord application on your device. 

Method 4: Checking RAM Storage

RAM is one of the most important things to access any application without any issues. In this case, Discord does not need more MB of your RAM. Even, you are incall or chatting. As well, CPU usage is also too low. But, sometimes, you may face any difficulties to use the appliaction on your device due to storage issues. It will arrive when your RAM speed is too low.

For example, your system has 2GB or 4GB of RAM, you may face any troubles. If you want to fix your Discord won’t open issues, you can close all the background applications. Sometimes, we may open a lot of appliaction on our desktop like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and so on.

Those applications will use a lot of RAM, which may cause any difficulties to open the Discord appliaction on your desktop. Closing the games which run in the background. It definitely helps you to fix your Discord problem. Still, there is no positive response try the method 5 techniques.

Method 5: Using Web Version

You can use the web version of Discord easily. This is not a permanent solution for Discord won’t open. Sometimes it occurs because of technical issues. So, you can use the web discord instead of the Discord app.

With the Discord website, you can easily connect with your friends through voice channels. It is not completely like the Discord app. It has some differences and some features are missing the Discord website. But, you can connect with all your friends.

Until you find the exact problem in your Discord application, you can use this Discord website. Maybe Discord also has issues, so wait for some moment and use the Discord web version to communicate with your friends. 


Discord is one of the best platforms to connect with your friends, gaming partners, and so on. But, sometimes you may face any issues on your Discord like Can’t open. If you have any issues like that and do you want to fix that trouble? You can use the above-given methods to resolve the Discord won’t open issue. This is a completely trial and error method. So, try all the above methods to escape from the opening issue in Discord. 

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