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How to Get Discord on Xbox 360 & Xbox One?

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Hello Peeps? Looking for the best platform to connect your friends forever! We all want to cheer with friends, colleagues, and families. If you are a person who is far away and wants to connect with your fellows, you have an amazing source on your way.

Do you want to know that?

Surely, you will get it through this article. That is Discord.

For those who want to love games and want to play games with friends, it will be helpful to you all the time. And you will also go to get the Discord on one of the best gaming consoles of Xbox. Do check out the article.


Discord is one of the most popular gaming sources from American VoIP. From this source, you can get instant texting and digital distribution.

There are multiple features to get from this source. The main focus of this source is to communicate with each other in the type of voice calls, video calls, text, and messaging.

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There are limitless features in this service. It has an option called servers to keep the server room and video chat channels.

Discord runs on the devices of Mobile devices, iOS, iPad, Windows, MacOS, Linux, web browsers, and so on. You can easily get the meaning of this source, it’s a kind of content delivery and social media. It’s available in 27 languages.

It has a permission system. It helps you to assign the users to your members. All these come under the channel levels. It consists of 29 channels with audio, video, text, messaging, and so on. The ultimate role of this discord is “moderator“. This feature offers the ability to mute and ban the other members within your server.

How to Get Discord on Xbox?

To get the Discord on Xbox, you need to follow the below steps. The installation process is going to be a very easy one. It’s accessible on the Xbox One source. So, do follow the steps.

Discord on Xbox

How to Install & Use Discord on Xbox

Step 1:

On the Xbox One, open the “Account Settings” option.

Step 2:

Choose the Linked Social Accounts.

Step 3:

Select the Link Discord Account option from the menu.

Step 4:

On the Discord app, you need to enter the Six digit PIN, after selecting the Link Discord Account.

Step 5:

That’s all, you can easily access your Discord app on Xbox One.

How to Link Discord on Xbox 360 & Xbox One?

If you want to use the Discord app on your Android device or computer, you need to link it to the Xbox gaming console. To know the procedure, do check out the steps here.

Step 1:

If you have your Discord app, you need to log in to your account. Otherwise, go to the website on your PC or Android, you have to create the Discord account.

Step 2:

From the User Settings option, select the Connections option.

Step 3:

Then, choose the Add option. Now, you can receive the Xbox Logo.

Step 4:

On your Xbox TV Screen, you can get the PIN, enter that Pin on the logo.

Instead of that, you need to choose the Xbox Live Option and Sign in with your appropriate details.

How to Unlink Discord on Xbox One & Xbox 360?

The above methods are giving an overview of linking and installing the Discord on Xbox 360. But, if you don’t want to access Discord, you can unlink it. To unlink Xbox and Discord using Xbox One, follow the steps.

  • Select the Accounts menu on the Xbox One.
  • Choose the Linked Social Accounts option.
  • Click where you linked Xbox with Discord account. There, you need to choose the button to remove the link.

How to Get Discord on Xbox 360?

The discord app is applicable to the Xbox gaming console. To get the exact details, you need to refer to the above subject.

Final Verdict

Therefore, the article comes to an end. The article provides the needful sources of Discord, Xbox, Installation Process, link and unlinking steps, and some other useful information to the users.

If you want to play the Discord game with the communication facility, do read this article and get all your necessary particulars. Whether you don’t need to use the app, you can also unlink it. Hope the content will help you at your needful time. Make use of it guys.

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