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How to Fix Discord Not Updating? [Working Methods]

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Discord Not Updating: Welcome to Discord world! Here we discuss a lot of information, fixes, features, and so on about Discord. you can easily clear all your doubts with our guide. Likewise, today here we delve into the working fixes for Discord not updating. You will know about Discord if you use it before.

We use many platforms to communicate with our friends. Among those, Discord is one of the best sources to connect with your friends especially for students, gamers, and so on. Discord is popular for its features. Discord developers will update its features often. With these new updates, you will get the best Discord experience like an easy user interface, high-quality voice communication, optimized streaming.

Unfortunately, sometimes updating your Discord is challenging. Because of technical or software issues. Whatever it is, when the problem is occur on the update, then you cannot access new features in Discord. So, you have to rectify your Discord not updating issue as soon as possible.

You can use our guide to do that, here we show four different types and simple as well as effective methods to fix your Discord not Updating issues. Let’s dive into the article to know about fix methods without any delay. 

How to Fix Discord Not Updating?

Update your Discord application is one of the most important things to access all-new features. Do you search for the best guide to do that? Hereafter you need not bother about that. The below-given methods will help you to fix your Discord not updating issue with four different types. In this section, we are going to explain all those four methods detailed. So, use them and resolve all your discord problems. Try each and every method until you get a positive response.

Discord Not Updating

How to Fix Discord Not Updating?

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Method 1: Using the Dedicated Update Option

Most people restart their application to update it. Do you think this real workout? I don’t know how it works. But, in discord, you can see a separate button that helps you to update your Discord application easily.

It is placed nearer to the search icon which is placed on the top right corner. Just click on the Update button to update your Discord application. Still, you cannot update your Discord, then use the next fix to resolve the Discord issue. 

Method 2: Running as Administrator

Sometimes, lacking administrator permissions, your application may work not properly. In this case, you have to allow necessary administrator privileges to resolve this problem. Maybe Discord also has this same problem on your device.

Make sure, you permit all the necessary administration access to your Discord. You can use the below-given procedure to run your Discord as an Administrator.

Step 1:

On your Desktop or Start Menu, right-click on the Discord icon. 

Step 2:

Now, you will get a pop-up.

Step 3:

Then, select the Run As Administrator option.

Step 4:

Finally, Confirm your choice.

After that, open your Discord and update it without any issues.

Method 3: Temporarily Disable Anti-Virus 

Every computer has Anti-virus software to escape from harmful files. Even you have owner or administrator rights, you cannot access some anti-virus detected files. This is a good option to prevent our computer from the dangerous files. But, not all the time.

At certain times, it may detect any false alerts. For example, sometimes Anti-virus software detects Discord as a malware application. But, that is not true, you can easily install and update the Discord application on your device. If you want to install or update your Discord application, then you should disable the Antivirus software temporarily.

But remember, you have to enable the anti-virus software on your system as soon as possible. Here, we show the simple procedure to disable the anti-virus to update the Discord application.

Step 1:

Firstly, on your desktop, go to the Start Menu. 

Step 2:

Open the Windows Security option. 

Step 3:

Then, open the Virus & Threat protection.

Step 4:

Now, go to the Virus & Threat Protection Settings.

Step 5:

Here, Disable Real-Time Protection. It will help you to access the Discord app on your device.

But, make sure once you run your Discord, enable your Anti-virus without skipping.

Method 4: Reinstalling Discord

One of the best options to resolve your Discord not updating issue is to reinstall the Discord application on your device. Just uninstall the app and reinstall it. It will set up all your Discord options to default.

Also, you can get the latest version of Discord when you install the app again. As well, you can easily log in to your Discord account without any restrictions. If you want to reinstall the Discord application on your device, you can use the below-given procedure.

Step 1:

Firstly, turn on your desktop and go to the Start Menu.

Step 2:

Then, search for the Discord app and right-click the icon.

Step 3:

Now, you will get the pop-up.

Step 4:

On the pop-up, select the Uninstall option.

Step 5:

Then, the Programs and Features window will open on your desktop.

Step 6:

Here, find your Discord and click on the Uninstall button again.

Step 7:

After that, go to Discord’s website and choose the Download for Windows option.

Step 8:

Finally, set up all your discord steps.

Once, you reinstall the Discord application on your device, you will get the latest version of Discord. So, you can directly access all the new features without an update. If you want to know more details about installing the Discord application on your device, you can use our guide on How to Download Install Discord?


Discord is one of the best choices to stay in tune with your friends. Normally, Discord provides a lot of features to its users. As well, Discord developers offer plenty of updates to their users often.

Those updates will help you to get new features, better voice communications, and so on. But, you may feel any difficulties updating your Discord.

In case, you face that kind of difficulty in updating your Discord, then use our guide. From the above-given article, we discuss some simple methods to resolve your Discord issues. So, make use of them and update your Discord as well as enjoy all new features in Discord.

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