How to Fix Discord No Route Error? [2023]

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Discord No Route Error: Welcome to Discord World! Discord is one of the most popular and best platforms to connect with your friends anytime. Also, Discord provides numerous features to its users. For example, with Discord, you can easily create a new Discord server, or you are allowed to join any server without any restrictions. As a result, it has millions of users around the world.

Similarly, Discord also improves its performance and often updates its specifications to get the best Discoed experience. But, sometimes, you might feel difficulties joining the Discord Voice Channel. This issue is known as Discord No Route Error. You cannot do it when you try to enter the voice channel. But, VPN, firewall restrictions, or dropouts is not causing this trouble.  Hereafter you need not worry about this problem. We are going to show some working fixing methods for you. Just make use of them and resolve your Discord Voice channel issue. So, without delay, let’s dive into the article to know the simple techniques to fix the No Route Error in Discord.

How to Fix Discord No Route Error?

So, in this section, we will see some simple and effective methods to resolve your Discord No Route Error issue. Here we list out common and rare fix methods too. Try each way to determine your Discord trouble. 

Discord No Route Error
How to Fix Discord No Route Error?

Fix 1: Restart your Device


Restarting the device takes priority. But, Restarting your PC does not only fix your trouble. In this case, to fix your Discord issue, you have to restart your device and route or modem. So, restart your device and route, then open your Discord and connect to the voice channel. Mostly, restarting will resolve your No Route Error.

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Fix 2: Antivirus and Firewall

Antivirus and Firewall
Antivirus and Firewall

In our device, there are many anti-virus options available to prevent our devices from viruses. But, sometimes, those viruses will cause problems like not accessing some particular applications on your device. To fix this problem, you have to safelist your application. If you want to do that, you can use the below-given procedures.

  • Firstly, power on your desktop and click on the Start Menu option.
  • Then, choose the Settings button.
  • Now, select the Update & Security option.
  • After that, find the Windows Defender option and click on it.
  • Now, you can see the Open Windows Defender Security Center option; open it.
  • Select the Firewall & Network Protection option on your system.
  • Now, choose the Allow an app through the firewall option.
  • Choose the Change Settings option.
  • Finally, tick on the Discord box and tick the Private box.

After all, the above processes, go back to the Discord voice channel and check whether your No Route Error is fixed or not.

Fix 3: Disable VPN

Disable VPN
Disable VPN

Discord does not work well with VPN. In such cases, VPN does not allow you to join the Discord voice channel. If you want to resolve this trouble, you have to disable your VPN because VPN does not have a User Datagram protocol. 

Some people want to use a VPN on Discord. At this moment, you can choose the VPN supported with User Datagram Protocol. It will help you to join the Do9sc0rod Voice channel without any issues.

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Fix 4: Voice Region in Discord


Commonly, Discord servers support the region. Therefore, it may cause a problem if you are located in a different area. In this case, you can contact the server’s admin and explain your No Route Error. Also, request to provide access for you. This is one of the methods to fix your Discord problem. 

Fix 5: Network Restrictions

Network Restrictions
Network Restrictions

Network Restriction is one of the causes of No Route Error. With Network Restriction, you can restrict external communication apps. For example, at this point, you could not access your Discord voice channel.

If you cannot join the Voice channel, check the Network connection. But this is a rare case only. If you have this issue, you have to contact your network administrator. 

Fix 6: In-built Discord Settings 

Voice and Video on Discord server
Voice and Video on the Discord server

May network lagging also reason for the No Route Error. So, you can change Discord’s option to get a sufficient net for your Discord. The choice is called Quality of Service High Packet Priority. With enable this option, you can easily access your Discord voice channel. Use the below-given procedure to do the allowed process.

Step 1:

Firstly, launch your Discord and select the User Settings option.

Step 2:

Now, choose the App Settings tab.

Step 3:

Then, select the Voice & Video option.

Step 4:

After that, you can see the Quality of Service section under the Voice & Video option.

Step 5:

Then, Enable the Quality of Service High Packet priority option.

Step 6:

Finally, go to the Discord voice channel and try to connect.

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Other Methods to fix No Route error in Discord.

Suppose the above methods won’t work out, still you have the No Route in Discord, you can try the following steps.

  • Ensure that Discord is not blocked in the Router’s firewall settings.
  • Make a call to the Internet Service Provider(ISP) that Discord is not blocked from the ISP.
  • Using the VPN, try to to connect Discord which supports UDP. Suppose you have a successful connection, then the problem is with the ISP.
  • Suppose you are the admin, try to change the voice region on Discord’s Voice Channel Settings > Overview > Region Override.


Discord is one of the best platforms to communicate with your friends, especially gamers. Also, it offers tons of features to its features which are all joined in Discord. But, sometimes, it may have any issues like No Route Error. This article discussed some fixing methods to resolve your Discord issue. So, use any of the above techniques and fix your Discord problem.