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How to Get Discord Nitro Free? [Complete Guide]

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Discord Nitro Free: Hey People! Welcome to our article. Here, we are going to see one of the interesting topics about Discord. You will know about Discord if you are a user. It is one of the perfect platforms for connecting with your friends anywhere anytime.

Discord provides tons of features to its users. You can use it freely, but you can only use limited features. If you subscribe to Nitro, you can unlock all its features as well as you can access it easily.

With a Nitro subscription, you can customize your profile as per your wish, use more emojis, it will allow you to upload larger files and you can stream HD Videos, etc. Also, the subscription fee is pocket-friendly.

You can choose a monthly plan or an annum plan at your convenience. Now, you can easily get Nitro for free. Yeah! you are heard right. You can access Nitro’s features freely on your Discord. If you want to know about free Nitro then read this article completely without any skipping.

How to Get Discord Nitro for Free?

As said before, you can easily access all its features without cost. There are seven ways to get a Nitro subscription for free. Read the below guide to know more about Nitro for free.

Discord Nitro Free
How to Get Discord Nitro Free?

1. Discord Nitro for Free using Salad

Salad is one of the Crypto mining Softwares. Also, it never asks for money to access it. With Salad, you can mine crypto for you using your computer resources. You can install Salad on your Windows, Linux, and mac.

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When you start making money, you can gain Crypto to your Crypto Wallet or use it for purchase in-game currencies, Amazon Gift Cards, and offers in services like Spotify, you can also use it for Discord Nitro.

To know more about redeeming, start mining, check the balance, and more, you can check their official website.

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2. Using nitro Giveaways for getting Discord Nitro Free

You can join the Nitro Giveaway contest to get free Nitro. A lot of Discord Servers are conducting Nitro Giveaways. Most of these Discord servers are use this giveaway contest to promote their service or their advertising purpose.

Now, there are a lot of the best Discord servers are available, among those some of the servers are mentioned here. Such as Self-promotion central, Sound’s Spooky World, Custom’s Magical World, Open Advertisements, Jet’s Dream World, and so on.

You can use those servers to get a chance to win Nitro for free. With all these giveaways, there is no guarantee to win the nitro-free. 

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3. Get Discord Nitro for free using Promotions

Promotions are also the same as Giveaways. Sometimes, a company gives free nitro for a certain period as offers or a welcome gift. Just an example, some epic games are provided free Nitro to all their subscribers. Likewise, If you subscribe to Discord Nitro, you can access YouTube Premium for free. When we come to a subscription fee for Discord Nitro, it is also affordable. You will get both Discords Nitro and YouTube Premium for 10$ only. But, this is not available in all the countries. 

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4. Discord Partner Program 

Discord provides a free Nitro Update to its Partner Discord Servers. If you want to enroll yourself in a partnership, you have the below requirements. You should have a server with 500 active members, it will minimum of 2 months old, and your server should be active. As well, it should behave in a good environment without false language. If you have all these requirements, then you can join the partner program. 

Step 1:

Launch your Discord Server

Step 2:

Go to the Server Settings

Step 3:

Then, select the Partner Program option.

Step 4:

Now, click on the Apply for Partnership button.

Step 5:

Finally, you successfully joined Discord Partner.

Sometimes, Discord pauses the Partner program. So, you can wait and check later.

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5. Download the Mobile app to Get Discord Nitro Free

You can also get Free Discord Nitro by downloading the Discord application on your mobile. Yeah! Discord offers free nitro to its new customer. But, to get the free nitro, you should not sign in to Nitro before or download Discord before.

To Simple, it offers this feature to its first-time customers only. If you download the Discord application on your smartphone first time, you will get a pop-up.

Discord will ask for the payment, but you need not pay to access Nitro. As well, you can download the Discord application on your Android and iOS devices.

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6. Using Events to Get Discord Nitro Free

Events are also the same as Giveaways. Normally, Discord runs some events for Christmas also known as Snowsgiving, and their anniversaries.

These events offer a lot of prizes and free stuff. Likewise Keyboards, Xbox, Game Lisesces, Play Station, Headsets, and so on along with Discord Nitro. So, joining the events is one of the best ways to get the Nitro for free. But, there is no assurance to get it.

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7. Talk in Servers

Talk in servers is one of the ways to get free Nitro. In Discord, many servers have a leveling system. Here, you can get an XP by your messages. And it will help you to level up.

Many servers offer gifts for level-ups, some servers offer Discord Nitro plan also. For example, Planet Roonie will provide the Nitro plan to its active members. So, joining those servers will help you to get Discord Nitro for Free.

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You can get Discord Nitro for Free with the above options. From the above methods, Salad is one of the better options to get Discord Nitro for Free. With other options, there is no assurance to get the free nitro. Use any of the above-given methods to get the Discord Nitro for free at your convenience. We hope this article will help you to choose the best way to get the nitro pack. With Nitro, you can access a lot of features like HD videos, you can send bigger files, and so on. If you want to cancel your Discord Nitro pack, check How to Cancel Discord Nitro?

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