How to Fix Discord Mic Not Working? [2023]

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Discord Mic not Working: Discord is one of the right and safest platforms to communicate with thousands of people. It has millions of users all around the world because of its features. But, still, it has some bugs. These bugs affect your communication with your friends.

Here, we are going to show the Mic not working issues and how to rectify it easily. In case you have a mic issue on your Discord, no one can hear your voice or how loudly you shout. You can use this article to fix this bug simply, let’s get into the article.

How to Fix Discord Mic Not Working?

Fix Discord Mic Not Working
How to Fix Discord Mic Not Working?

You can fix your Discord Mic Not Working in four different ways. They are 

  • Unplug and Plugin your Microphone.
  • Pick the Right Input Device.
  • Check the Input Volume.
  • Adjust Input Sensitivity.
  • Update your Audio Servers

Method 1: Unplug and Plugin your Microphone

Unplug and plugin microphone
Unplug and plugin microphone

Before going to fix the issue, you can try one simple method. It may help you to fix your Discord problem. Not a big process, just unplug and replug your microphone. This is one of the simple ways to fix it, in case there is any issue in connections, it will help you to rectify that.

You can find this error in two ways. In case your mic is connecting to the computer with a USB, you will hear a notification sound when you unplug the USB. In some cases, you cannot hear anything, there will be a problem.

Or else, if your microphone has an audio jack, then the Realtek Audio Console popup will display on your screen. With this popup, you can easily find whether your microphone is connected to the computer or not.

There is another method also available to rectify it, the solution is to restart your computer and try again. If these solutions do not fix your problem, then go for the other solutions.

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Method 2: Pick the Right Input Device

Pick the input device
Pick the input device

Selecting the right input device is one of the important things to fix your Discord mic. Sometimes, you may select the correct input device, which causes the mic problem. Follow the below steps to select the correct input device.

Step 1:

On your Discord, open User Settings.

Step 2:

Then, choose the Voice & Video tab.

Step 3:

Select the Input Device and click on the drop-down menu and select your microphone.

In case you cannot find the right device for your microphone, you can use the Mic Test option. It will help you to detect your voice input. 

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Method 3: Check the Input Volume

Check the input volume
Check the input volume

Check the Input Volume is another way to fix your Discord mic. You can check it on your Voice & Video tab. Here, your Input Volume should be 70%. Setting the right level of input also helps you to fix your mic issue.

Method 4: Adjust Input Sensitivity

Adjust input sensitivity
Adjust input sensitivity

Sometimes your mic will detect your voice, but your friends cannot hear you. At this time, you have to test your Input Sensitivity. To check your Input Sensitivity, go to the Voice & Video tab. Turn off the Automatically Determine Input Sensitivity to set the audio input quality as per your wish. Drag the menu toward the left means it increases the decibels, which means higher sensitivity. To decrease the decibels, move the menu to the right

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Method 5: Update your Audio Servers


It is important to check the audio servers on your system. Sometimes, the outdated version of the audio server also causes blue and black screen errors, cracking voices, and poor-quality recording. Also, you can face problems not only with Discord but also with the drivers.

Some devices work on different audio servers, in this case, you can update the specific driver to work your microphone on your Discord. Seemingly, it depends on the type of device used, and the sound driver, you may not update the main driver that needs to be updated. Suppose this is the problem, it means you can update all the drivers update all audio drivers regardless of which device you are using. Additionally, for this issue, you can reinstall all of them.


Discord is one of the best and most user-friendly platforms, which allows you to connect with your friends anywhere, anytime. But, sometimes, it may not work well, particularly when you connect with your friends. At this time, an opposite person cannot hear your voice. To solve this problem, we were shown some simple tricks. You can use any of the above methods and easily fix your Discord mic problem.