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Discord bot guide [Hydra, Dyno, MEE6, Octave Bots]

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Discord bot guide: Hello Discord People! You will know about Discord, it is one of the best platforms to communicate with your friends and gaming partners. Commonly, Discord offers a lot of features to its users. Also, it offers bots to access tons of new and interesting features. Yeah! Discord will allow you to add the bot to its server.

With those bots, you will get more features. Here, numerous Discord bots are available, you can choose your favorite and access it on your Discord server. Some bots are Arcane, Dyno, MEE6, ProBot, Tatsu, and so on. With Bots, you can play your favorite songs, stat tracking, text-based games, and so on. So, in this article, we are going to discuss some special bots.

There are plenty of bots are available for Discord, but here we show some of them only. You can choose your favorite bot to make your Discord experience much better. But, make sure that your favorite bot is available or not. Here a lot of bots are banned because they copy Youtube content. So, before use, the bot checks your bot is active or not. 

Some Music Bots

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There are two different types of bots are available. One is a Music bot the other one is a Moderation bot. Here we are going to show six different types of bots. They are Hydra, Fred Boat, Octave, MEE6, Dyno, and ProBot. Let’s see all the six bots and their uses in a simple way.

Discord Bot Guide

Discord Bot Guide

Octave Bots

Octave Bots are one of the best discord bots. With Octave, you can listen to your favorite music simply. Also, it has no lagging or downtime. So, you can use it without any buffering. As well, Octave will update its feature often. So, you never face any bugs in Octave Bots.

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Also, its commands are so simple. You can easily use it on your Octave Bots to access its options. At the same time, you can easily install the Octave bot on your Discord within a couple of minutes.

Installing the Octave Bot is a straightforward method. So, you can easily install it and use it on your Discord server.

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Fred Boat Bots

Fred Boat is one of the famous music bots. With Fred Boat Bots, you can access your favorite music from Soundcloud, Twitch, Bandcamp, Youtube, and so on. Also, you can queue live streams. Unfortunately, this bot is not suitable for Spotify.

In Simple words, Fred Boat bots are one of the best choices to listen to music on your Discord. In the Fred Boat bot, there are a lot of commands are available to access the bot. Here, you can use different types of commands for shuffling, queueing, skipping, playing, and more.

If you want to know about Fred Boat Bot’s commands, you can visit their official website. Also, you can get numerous commands from the website. It has one more super advantage that is you can view the music player on the web.

Also, you can adjust the queue with the UI. There is not necessary to use commands. But, there are more possibilities to ban this bot. 

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Hydra Bots

If you Discord before, then you will hear about Hydra bots. After banning Rhythm and Groove bots, Hydra is the most popular and most used bot. With Hydra, you will get many options. Here, you can access Spotify music without any restrictions.

Unfortunately, you cannot use YouTube on your Hydra bots. In Hydra Bots, a lot of commands are available. You can use those commands to play, pause, replaying, skipping and much more. Also, it offers administration commands.

With those commands, you can easily use them to ban Someone, kick, move around, limit users’ DJ roles, and so on. If you have Hydra Premium, then you can use numerous DJ commands. Additionally, you can adjust boosting boss levels to speed.

And one more super cool advantage is you can easily customize your bot as per your wish. It is happening with Hydra’s web dashboard.

With all of the three bots, you can stream your favorite music without any restrictions. Choose your favorite one and use it on your Discord server.

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Moderation Bots


ProBot is one of the great choices for Discord. It is specially designed with an easy user interface. So, you can easily use the Probot.

ProBot has a lot of features such as auto-response, auto-moderation, and so on. Especially, it supports 13 different languages. And ProBot claims 99.99% uptime. As well, it is one of the best and reliable bots.

Dyno Bots

Dyno Bot is one of the best bots in Discord. It offers numerous benefits to its users. Also, you can easily handle many management tasks with its automation. Dyno Bots provide a lot of simple automation to make your work easier. Also, you can view all deleted messages logs.

As well, you can see banned and kicked users in your Discord. Dyno Bots have a lot of commands to access it. You can use commands to play music, search for topics, flip coins, games, and so on.

Dyno Bot has a premium pack, with those packs you will get more features and customer support. When we come to its subscription, it is also pocket-friendly. As well, you can use Dyno Bot for 5 different servers with a single pack.

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MEE6 Bots

Are you the owner of the server? Do you search for the best bot for your server? If so, you can try the MEE6 bot for your Discord Server. It has to different kinds of commands to access it. With those commands, you can send a welcome greeting to the new users.

You can send them on text channel or send it to private chat. Also, it can do the automatic assignment of roles. As well, when a user joins your voice channel, MEE6 allows you to add custom messages or announcements.

Additionally, you can block designed tyes content automatically with MEE6 bot commands. Also, MEE6 will allow you to users who share unwanted content. With those commands, you can kick, Automatic mutes your discord server members.

One of the most special features is MEE6 bot will replace the admin’s position once you set up the bot correctly. You will get more commands once you start using the MEE6 bot on your Discord server. 

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Discord is one of the booming platforms, which allow you to connect with your friends anytime. Discord will allow you to create a new server. As well you can add a lot of features to your Discord server. Likewise, in this article, we are showing some special bots for your Discord. With those bots, you will get plenty of features. Use the above-given Discord Bot guide to choose the best Discord bot for your Discord server. If you want to make your own Discord bot as per your wish, check our guide How to Make Discord Bot?

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