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How to Delete GroupMe Chats? [Step By Step Methods]

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Delete GroupMe Chats: Hello People! In this modern generation, you can chat with anyone without restrictions using the chatting platforms. In addition, millions of chatting applications and websites are available to connect you with others.

Likewise, today we will discuss one of the messages apps that allows you to easily chat with your friends and family. But, in some situations, we may send a message mistakenly and want to delete it for everyone. GroupMe allows you to delete the message from the conversation. Let’s get into the article to learn more interesting facts about GroupMe. 

What is GroupMe?

GroupMe is one of the chatting platforms in the United States of America. It is controlled through the company of Microsoft, and the parent of GroupMe is Skype Technologies.

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You can access the GroupMe app on your desirable devices because it is available on Android, iOS devices, Windows Phone, and Windows 10. Additionally, GroupMe will allow you to send pictures, documents, attachments, videos, weblinks, and so on.

With GroupMe, you can create a group or join a group easily. Also, you can send private messages to Group members if they have an existing GroupMe account. 

How to Delete GroupMe Chats?

GroupMe does not allow you to delete the message from your chat. Yeah! It is not possible in GroupMe. But, there is an option to hide the message from the receiver. If you want to hide the chat on GroupMe, you can use the upcoming guide without skipping it. 

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Delete GroupMe Chats

How to Delete GroupMe Chats?

Step 1:

Firstly, go to the GroupMe app on your Smartphone.

Step 2:

Then, select the Chat Room in GroupMe.

Step 3:

Now, choose the message or chat you want to hide or delete from the receiver.

Step 4:

Next, click the message and hold it on your Smartphone.

Step 5:

You will get the list of options with Hide; select it.

Step 6:

Once you select the Hide option, it will hide from your chat.

Step 7:

To unhide the message, go to the Profile Picture.

Note: In a group chat, select the chat image.

Step 8:

Also, select the Settings option.

Step 9:

You can see the Unhide Hidden Message option on your device.

Step 10:

With this option, you can easily unhide the message.

You can also log out of your GroupMe account and log in again to unhide the messages. But, remember you cannot hide or delete the message on the GroupMe website. So, you have to install the GroupMe app on your Android or iPhone to hide the message.


Can I Delete Messages in GroupMe?

No. If you send a message by mistake to anyone on GroupMe, you cannot delete the message from the chat. You can only hide the message from the conversation. 

How to Delete GroupMe Chats on Android?

There is no option to delete the message from your GroupMe chat. But, you can easily hide the message by selecting a particular message and holding it. Now, select the Hide button from the list. It will hide your message.

How to Delete GroupMe Chats on iOS?

You cannot delete the message from GroupMe, but you can hide it easily. First, go to the Chat room, and select the message you want to hide. Then, long-press the message and choose the hide option from the menu. 

How to Delete GroupMe Chats on PC?

Unfortunately, you cannot delete the message on your PC. But, you hide it by selecting the message and right-clicking it. Also, choose the Hide message option on your PC to hide it for others.

Why Cannot Delete Messages on GroupMe?

Unfortunately, you cannot unsend or delete the message on your GroupMe chat. Actually, GroupMe is also like a normal SMS, so you cannot make any changes once you send the message. 

Can I Delete a Message for Everyone in GroupMe?

No. You cannot delete the message from the private chat or group. There is no dedicated option to unsend or delete the message, but you can hide the message. But, other group members will see your messages.


Nowadays, there are a lot of chatting platforms available to connect with your friends. Among those, GroupMe is one of the best platforms. It offers plenty of features to its users, such as sending images,m videos, and so on. Also, you can easily reach your friends or GroupMe partners. Now, you can hide your message from the chat instead of delete. 

This article will help you hide your chat on GroupMe with a straightforward method. You can use the above-given procedure to delete or hide GroupMe chats.

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