How to Delete Discord Server? [Updated 2022]

Delete Discord Server: We use a lot of applications to communicate with our friends. Likewise, Discord is one of the perfect places to interact with your gaming friends and family members who are using Discord. Here, you can chat with anyone without any restrictions. Also, it allows you to connect with thousands of people.

With Discord, you can access many features such as dark mode, creating a server, muting someone, and so on. You can create or join the server is so simple method. Just think that if you join a lot of servers, then what will happen? You can communicate with more people, but, sometimes, it makes storage problems because of continuous messages.

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Is this good? Continous messages or full of storage will make your system slow. So, you have to delete some unwanted data and groups from your Discord. Deleting your Discord server is a simple procedure. Today we are going to discuss the easy steps to delete the Discord server in this article. 

How to Delete the Discord Server?

Follow the below-given procedure to delete unwanted Servers from your Discord. Before going into the deleting process, note that only admins of the particular server can access the deleting option. With that point in mind now let’s get into the process of deleting the server on the Discord app.

Delete Discord Server
How to Delete Discord Server?

Step 1:

Launch your Discord and select any Server.

Step 2:

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Right-click on the Server and go to the Server Settings.

Step 3:

Under Server Settings, you can see a red Delete Server option.

Step 4:

Then, click on the button and enter the server name that you want to delete. 

Step 5:

Finally, select the Delete option to remove the server from your Discord.


You can easily delete the server from Discord with the above-given procedure. Delete server is one of the best solutions to escape from the Storge issues. But, once you delete the server, then never you can get it back. We hope this article will provide all the information about Discord and Deleting its server.

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