How to Install and Watch DAZN on Vizio Smart TV? [Step by Step Guide]

DAZN on Vizio Smart TV: Welcome sports lovers!! The DAZN app is changing the game in the sports world. If you love streaming sports then you will love watching DAZN. As we all know, the DAZN app is a popular sport and subscription-based video streaming service. In this article, we will be looking at the methods to install DAZN on Vizio Smart TV.

If you are the type of person who loves to watch a lot of sports then, DAZN is a great option for you. Concurrently it is one of the sports streaming services with the lowest subscription fee. Of course, the respective app is accessible on various devices like smartphones, PC, and some smart TVs.

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But it won’t be ideal to stream our favorite games on a small screen for a long time. If you are a Vizio TV user then, this article is for you. Let’s explore more about the DAZN app and the methods to get the DAZN on Vizio TV  in this post. 

What is DAZN?

In simple words, DAZN is a sports streaming service that allows you to stream your favorite sports in your own way. Unlike the other sports streaming channels, DAZN is an OTT-based video streaming service in America.

This service is known for broadcasting boxing, soccer, and many sports events. At present DAZN is going to carry a fight between great boxers like Canelo vs Plant. But DAZN will not show that fight in any country.

Apart from that, using the DAZN app you can stream live, on-demand content, and some of the original programmings from it. It is known for broadcasting live fights from all around the world like world boxing tournaments.

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Chiefly the DAZN app is available for streaming on various devices like Android, iOS, and smart TVs. In addition to that, you can sign up and use this service on various streaming devices and gaming consoles. 


Below given are some of the interesting features of the sports streaming DAZN app. Have a look at the features to know about the respective app in a nutshell.

  • Live and on-demand access to world-famous boxing matches
  • Iconic and unique DAZN documentaries
  • The on-demand content includes past and highlights of the UEFA Women’s championship
  • Multiple device compatibility and streaming
  • Affordable subscription fee
  • Rewind your memories with the user-friendly DAZN app

How to Install DAZN on Vizio Smart TV?

How to Install DAZN on Vizio Smart TV?
How to Install DAZN on Vizio Smart TV?

DAZN app is one of the best options to watch your favorite sports that too at an affordable subscription range. Coming to the subscription fee, DAZN costs you around $19.99/month with complete access.

Certainly, you can avail the year-long subscription for just $99.99. Under $20 it is one of the best deals to get such the best sports streaming service like DAZN. There is an advantage for Vizio TV users.

That is the DAZN app comes pre-installed as one of the top 20 apps with your Vizio TV. Firstly you should sign up with the DAZN app on its official website to start using the app on your Vizio smart TV. If you are wondering how to install DAZN on Vizio Smart TV follow the below-given steps. 

Step 1:

Power On your Vizio Smart TV and make sure it has an internet connection.

Step 2:

Navigate to the app store on the Vizio TV, if you can’t find the pre-installed DAZN app.

Step 3:

Now, search and install the DAZN app from the app store.

Step 4:

Hoping that you have signed up for the DAZN app before getting into the process. 

Step 5:

Launch the app and enter your login credentials.

Step 6:

On successful login, you can start watching your favorite content on the DAZN tv app.


Is the DAZN app available on Vizio Smart TV?

Of course, the DAZN app comes pre-installed as one of the top 20 apps natively with the Vizio TV. If you can’t find the app, no issues. You can install the app from the app store.

How do I connect the DAZN app to my Vizio TV?

Using the built-in casting option with the DAZN app, you can connect the app to your Vizio Smart TV. 


This is all about the DAZN app and the methods to get the respective app on your Vizio TV. Literally, it is luck for Vizio TV users that they don’t even need to install the app. It comes pre-installed. Just by subscribing to their monthly or yearly plan you are ready to stream the amazing content of DAZN.

Especially in this pandemic, DAZN on Vizio Smart TV is one of the great things to keep us entertained. The best part with the DAZN app is that it is very much affordable. And it can be the best alternative for your cable subscription. 

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