How to Install and Watch Dazn on PS4? [Updated Guide]

Are you one of the die-hard fans of boxing? Boxing events are stimulating your excitement. Right? Do you have any idea that which app recommend for watching tons of boxing programs?

Yes. It is a Dazn application. In recent times, streaming technology branched in a variety of fields. When thinking about streaming, the Dazn is not an exception. Of course, the compact devices are boring to watch boxing and fights.

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If you are a Play Station user, you can look forward to installing Dazn on your PlayStation console. Dig out the most necessary steps from this article.


Dazn delivers international competitions via OTT streaming. That too with the best video quality. It is capable of live casting the in-demand sports content all over the globe.

Moreover, Dazn lets you watch football, baseball, hockey, Tennis, Premier League, and more. Apart from any other sports, boxing remains at the top list of the Dazn ladder.

Additionally, you can watch the earlier matches later on. First up, the Dazn group launched the Dazn service in Germany, France &Australia.

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Consecutively, Dazn released more than 200 countries worldwide. Furthermore, the Dazn app delivers its content in English, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, German according to the territories.

Thankfully, the Dazn service integrated with most of the standardized platforms. It includes Android, iOS, digital video player, native app in Smart TVs. Along with that, it does the job well on your video game Playstation consoles too.

Is PS4 supports the Dazn app?

As per the present condition, Dazn available only on a limited model of Playstations. Luckily, the below models have come under the limit.

  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 4 Pro & Slim

Things to remember,

  • You can access Dazn, only if you have a PS4 or its pro version.
  • Whenever you suppose to buy to Dazn app, it should be up to date.
  • To avoid unwanted interruptions while doing the installation process, you should use the latest version of the Dazn app.
  • Instead of using a WIFI connection, Ethernet is most preferable to stream Dazn on the PS4 console.

How to Install the DAZN app on PS4?

As we declared earlier, the native app of Dazn is available on the PlayStation application store. PSN Store is the main app hub to buy the apps for your PlayStation. So, you can download the app right here. Go through the given information.

Install and watch DAZN on PS4


The foremost step is, power up your Play Station console. After that, navigate to open the PSN store.


In the search, enter the name of the app as Dazn. Soon, It will start to search for your required item in the app store.


After that, pick the Dazn app and click the download button. Next, install the downloaded application on the PS4.

How to Update the Dazn app on PS4?

It is always recommended to use the updated version of the apps on any device. If you are ready to launch the Dazn on the PS4 console, you should ensure to use the updated Dazn app.

However, the PS4 console itself offers the space to update the Dazn app. Look at the updating process of Dazn given below.


After finishing the installation process, go inside the Dazn app. Meanwhile, bring the PS4 controller.


On the controller, press the Option. This action will list out the list of options on your screen. From that, head into the Search for updates section.


On the next screen, you can see if any new updates occurred. If the update is recommended, you can get it.

Therefore, click the Confirm update option. Or else decline the process.


How to subscribe Dazn app through a web browser?

Merely Installing Dazn app without a subscription is not work well. You can watch free trials only for one month. After that, the user must have opted for a subscription. The user can finish up this process via web browsers.

  1. Firstly, visit the official website of the Dazn service from your web browser. You will land on the home page of DANZ.
  2. Next, click the sign-up button. On the next page, you have to give your personal details and email address. Then, click the continue button.
  3. The next important step is, filling up the payment details. At this moment,

If you have any gift code, apply it.

  1. Next, hit the Start subscription
  2. Soon, you will get your confirmation message that pops up on your window.

Well done! Kindly note the login details that you have entered while creating your account. Most importantly, you have to further use the same to access the Dazn on any other supportive devices.

Does the Dazn app compatible with Playstations?

Yeah sure. Dazn is one of the trending streaming players that works well on several devices. Undoubtedly, you can access Dazn on some selective versions of Playstations.

Before that, you have to check whether your PS console must be PS4 or PS5. If yes, you can download the native app of Dazn in the PlayStation store itself.

Bottom Line

In general, the PS4 users always used to stay updated. It helps to explore the interesting games according to the trend. Likewise, if you want to set up any streaming channels on the gaming console, you should use the upgraded version.

Anyhow, I hope this post states the method to install the Dazn and update the Dazn on your PS4 as well. Utilize the possibilities as much you can. Thanks for reading till the end.

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