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How to Install CW App on Samsung Smart TV? [Updated 2022]

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CW App on Samsung Smart TV: In This 21st  century, many of us roam online websites to watch movies, Web series, programs, and Television shows. But maybe we didn’t know how to choose the correct way to protect our favorite shows or series. Many services are not satisfied with us for watching our favorites due to some problem.

But here, we have a straightforward solution for this kind of issue. Surely it will be helpful to you. The answer is CW Application. It is one of the best services which provides entertainment content for people. We can watch our favorites on CW online on our giant screen. Let us see how to watch CW App on Samsung Smart TV.

About CW App

The CW service is an entertainment content provider. CW Television is an American English-language commercial broadcast Television Network. CBS and Warner Bros together created a new network called CW. here,  ‘C’ stands for CBS, and ‘W’ stands for Warner Bros. CW network was designed on 24th January 2014. The CW Network owns by LLC. CW network service is only made applicable only for  US  people. Except US CW network is not available anywhere.

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You can catch your favorites on CW on-demanding programs like movies, series, documentary films, Dramas,  Etc… CW network is a free service that does not require subscription fees for streaming your favorite shows and series. It is free to access for users. The CW network currently airs programming six days a week. The slogan of this network is “DARE TO DEFY.” The original language of the network is Hindi. The CW network works on ROKU, VIZIO, LG, APPLE TV, XBOX, FIRE TV, ANDROID TV, IOS, AND ANDROID.

Is it possible to get CW App on Samsung Smart TV?

The CW App is not available on Samsung Smart TV. It means direct installation does not apply to Samsung smart TV. However, It may be available in the future. But here, you can get the CW app on Samsung smart tv by following these steps.

  • By using Chromecast
  • BY using Airplay

How to Watch the CW app on Samsung Smart TV using Chromecast?

Here, let us see how to watch the CW application on Samsung’s smart Tv by using Chromecast. The following guidelines will help you know how to get the CW application on Samsung Smart TV.

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CW App on Samsung Smart TV


First, connect your Chromecast with your Samsung Smart TV.


Now connect your Chromecast and Android Smartphone to the same Wi-Fi connection.


Then get the CW app on your Android Smartphone from the Google Play store.


Then access the CW app on your Smartphone and complete the setup process.


 Play any content in the CW app that you want to cast.


 Then click the Cast icon in the CW application on your Smartphone.


Then, choose your Chromecast device name in the CW app on your Smartphone.

How to Watch The CW app on Samsung Smart TV using Airplay?

Let us learn how to watch CW on Samsung Smart TV using Airplay. The following guidelines are helpful to those who have Samsung smart TV  built with Airplay features. In addition, the guidelines will help you watch the CW app on your Samsung Smart TV from iOS. 


Install the CW app on your iOS Smartphone.


Move to the Setting section on your Samsung Smart TV.


Next, choose a General section on your Samsung Smart TV.


Then click on Apple Airplay settings and enable the Airplay option on your Samsung Smart TV.


Then connect your iOS and Samsung Smart TV to the same WI-FI connection.


After that, go to the control center and choose the screen mirroring option on your iOS Smartphone.


Choose your device name from available devices on your Samsung Smart TV.


Next, open the CW app on your iOS and play any video. Then watch your video on Samsung Smart TV.


You can watch all of your favorites in the CW application anywhere in the US. And also, You can get the CW application on your Samsung Smart Tv. We hope these methods will be helpful and satisfy you.


Is the CW app free?

Actually, Yes.CW application is free and has no login and no subscription. So it is just accessible for use.

Is there a streaming app for the CW application?

The CW application is only available in the app store. And it is available for iPhones,iPad, and Apple TVs.

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