What is CQATest App? – Know Everything about CQATest App here in 2021

Hey guys! Obviously, Your Android smartphone has a camera, battery, display, FM, Headset, Bluetooth, and some other sensors. Right? How will you check their performance? Can you see whether they are working or not? To simplifies, our work, Motorola and some of the smartphone manufacturers designed an inbuilt app. The name of the diagnostic app is CQATest.

Usually, the app starts to run in the background of your mobile. So, you have an inbuilt testing app but, you cannot see it in the app drawer. Sometimes, it may cause trouble for you. I hope you have raised so many doubts that the app does pros or cons to your device. We have the right solution. Don’t skip anywhere on this article.

CQA Test? – What it means?

The term, Certified Quality Auditor – simply abbreviated as CQA. It does the job of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of production systems. In other words, it measures the quality and performance of your product. As CQA developed by Motorala Inc., You can see this app on almost all Motorola devices.

It is a kind of diagnostic tool found on the present and upcoming smartphone models of Motorola. Anyhow, Quality is an essential aspect of any device. Thus, the manufacturers kept this app to test each and every individual component of your smartphones.

Usually, it tests the smartphones after finish out the manufacturing processes. One important thing is, this particular app only enables its activities at the time of testing. It will be disabled automatically, once the testing ends up. The CQA Test app is not accessible easily.

While updating or resetting your smartphones, CQA will raise its head in the app launcher section. All in all, it determines the glitches, weaknesses, strengths, and assessing some tricks to identify, if any issues occur on your mobile.

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Where the CQA app exists on my phone?

As we discussed earlier, it hides the app’s icon badge from the app drawer. Anyhow, it resides in the app manager. Tap to view the system apps, and here the CQA app locate. Alternatively, visit the settings section, and then tap on Apps and go ahead with All apps. From here, find out the CQATest app in the list of apps.

What does the CQATest app perform?

In general, the CQA app is a quality & assurance monitoring app that ensures the conditions of all components in the Motorola phone. Not only in Motorola but also, it comes up with, premade tool on most of the recent smartphones. The overall aspect of the CQA app is to rectify the issues from your device and smoothens the performance flawlessly.

CQATest App
What is CQATest App

In fact, most of the manufacturers fixing these kinds of diagnostic tools at the time of designing the smartphones. In simple terms, the CQA test app is a productivity tool that remains as a hidden application in your phone. Meanwhile, it will take care of the overall performance.

Common problems occurred through the CQA Test app:

It is to mention that, the user cannot install, uninstall, or disable the app. Cause CQA is a premade app that default occupies the hidden space on your smartphone. In rare cases, it will give some trouble to you. Don’t be panic. The more you get the troubleshooting ideas, the more chance is there to overcome them. Let us discuss different kinds of issues happening when the CQA Test app performs.

  • Not showing the lock screen
  • The camera won’t turn on
  • Changes in device preferences and the personal settings
  • Mobile’s touch screen is not working properly
  • Few apps are not functioning

How to Resolve the CQA Test app issues? (Troubleshooting methods)


Before going to try out the troubleshooting methods, the foremost troubleshooting idea is restarting your phone. Most notably, you have to be ready with the backup of your mobile.

Force stop the CQATest app

Unfortunately, you cannot uninstall the application. But, you can able to force stop the app runs in the background. It is similar to temporarily disabling the CQATest application.

  1. For that, tap on the Settings icon on your phone.
  2. Scroll a bit to reach the Apps or App management tab.
  3. Pick out the CQATest app from the list of installed apps.
  4. Press on the app and set up the force stop option.

Clearing Cache data

When you suppose to clear the cache storage, it will bring the CQA app to its original state. If you want to clear cache, head over to the settings section. After that, click All apps > land on the CQATest app>get inside the app. Finally, hit the clear cache and data option.

Why didn’t I get the CQA app on the Apps section?

In few cases, you cannot access the CQA inbuilt app using the above-stated location. It is due to the manufacture already set up the opening process via dialer. Go to the dialer of your phone, and type *#*#2486#*#* Or *#*#4636#*#*to initiate direct access to the CQA app. In most cases, this dialer method works well on smartphones.

How to fix the problem raise with incoming calls?

Sometimes, the CQATest may stop or interrupt your incoming calls. At that time, remove the SIM card from your smartphone and insert it back again on the slot. It will lead you to fix the call-related issues.

Final Verdict

To conclude, the CQATest application checks out the quality of your smartphone. Even though it designed for diagnostic purpose, there are common errors exists on the smartphones due to the running condition of CQATest app. In this article, we have listed troubleshooting ideas to stop/disable the app. It is too rare to happen this kind of error from the testing applications. Whatever the issues may be, avoid uninstalling the app. Instead, stop the process of the app. Or else, reset your smartphone to get rid of any of the unpredictable errors.

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