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What Channel is the Cowboys Game on Xfinity? [2022]

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Football is a direct reflection of life. There are wins, there are losses; you get knocked down, you get back up, a famous saying regarding football. Let’s start the article with this quote. I think you have got the idea of what the article is. Here, I will share a few pieces of information regarding the Cowboys team, one of the teams in NFL games. Are you using the service Xfinity? I think this service will offer more Channels for all types of viewers. This article is about the different channel numbers to watch the Cowboys game on Xfinity. Let’s start the article.

Who are the Dallas Cowboys?

Are you ready to know about the team, Dallas Cowboys? Yes, Dallas Cowboys are the favorite American football team in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex. They first play their games in National Football League(NFL)as a club member from the National Football Conference(NFC), East division. Dallas has headquarters in Frisco, Texas, and plays its home games at  AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Mike McCarthy is the head coach of the Cowboys and the ninth coach in the team’s history. And then Jason Garrett, who coaches the team from 2010–2019. The team has the best records in consecutive sellouts in all the NFL seasons, regular and post-season games.

The Cowboys appeared in the Super Bowl eight times; at first, they played against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the second time, they set a record in the history of the NFL for the most Super Bowl appearances playing against the Denver Broncos. In addition, they also appeared for five Super Bowls when they had the match with NFC rivals and the San Francisco 49ers. The Cowboys is the only NFL team with 20 straight winning seasons (1966–85). Unfortunately, they missed the playoffs two times in 1974 and 1984. According to Forbes, this is the most valuable sports team in the world, valued at $4 billion, and also gets revenue of $620 million in 2014 from the record of the U.S Sports team. For more information, this is the only NFL team for the 12th year valued at $5 billion, from the record of Forbes in 2018.

Current Roster

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The player’s strength plays an essential role in the team’s victory. Suppose we place them in different categories according to the way of playing in the team. Then, the individual player’s role helps the team to play confidently. Here, I have mentioned some notable players and their positions.

Quarterbacks: Ben DiNucci, Will Grier, Cooper Rush

Running backs: Rico Dowdle, Ezekiel Elliott, Tony Pollard

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Wide receivers: Jalen Tolbert, KaVontae Turpin, James Washington

Offensive linemen: Tyler Biadasz, Matt Farniok, Connor McGovern

Defensive linemen: Neville Gallimore, DeMarcus Lawrence, Carlos Watkins

Linebackers: Devin Harper, Malik Jefferson, Leighton Vander Esch

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About Xfinity

Here is information regarding the service, Xfinity. Xfinity is one of the telecommunication systems from Comcast Cable Communications, LLC. It is used to market to consumers via cable television, the internet, and the telephone. Xfinity was first started in 2010 under the brand Comcast name. As I said, they provide internet, telephone, and television services. In addition, Comcast provides internet to their subscribers from public hotspots called Xfinity wifi. It is a mixture of public hotspots installed in public locations and businesses.

Moreover, in 2005, Comcast introduced a landline telephone service, Xfinity Voice, only in selected areas. At first, it had 7.6 million voice customers and 10.7 million subscribers in 2013. And then, they launched Xfinity Mobile, a mobile virtual network operator on Verizon mobile network, which is sold to Comcast. Subsequently, Xfinity is the sponsor of the NASCAR Xfinity Series and a premium sponsor of the NASCAR Cup Series. Comcast has more television customers, with 24.8 million in 2007. For television users, Xfinity has three different packages available for consumers. The subscription plans of the Xfinity service are listed below.

Basic: This is the basic package that has 10+ Channels and with Peacock free premium pack. The cost is $20/month.

Popular TV: This plan has 125+ Channels with popular cable channels. Additionally, they provide a free Peacock pack. The cost of the pack is $49.99/month.

Ultimate TV: It costs $59.99/month. This plan has 185+ Channels with Peacock premium and also offers premium Channels.

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What Channel is the Cowboys game on Xfinity?

It is the perfect time to open the answer. Every one of us is waiting to watch the live games of Cowboys VS Buccaneers. To watch this live program, we need a channel number of different sports channels. Absolutely. Here is a channel list of other Channels and their numbers on Xfinity. 

Cowboys game on Xfinity

What Channel is the Cowboys game on Xfinity?

Streaming Service: Xfinity

Channel Name Channel Number
Fox Sports 48
NFL Network 180
CBS Sports 735
NBC Sports 71

The above table shows us the number of different sports channels on Xfinity. Now, watching the live game of Cowboys VS Buccaneers on Xfinity through these channels is possible. Also, we can watch all programs of NFL games from the above channel list on Xfinity.

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Thus, this article came to an end. This article taught us about the Cowboys team and the Xfinity service. The Cowboys are a well-dignified team and appeared for all the games of the NFL season. They have many followers through their powerful performances. And also, see Xfinity’s service, which aims to provide commercials for their consumers on the internet, television, and telephone. Additionally, we can get different sports channel numbers on Xfinity. Now it is easy to watch the game of Cowboys VS Bengals. Let’s finish the article by saying, Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Channel number is the NFL Network on Xfinity?

NFL Network is available on Xfinity. It is present on channel number 180 on Xfinity. Through this number, we can watch live games on Xfinity.

What are the channels available on Xfinity to watch the Cowboys game?

Many sports channels are available on Xfinity. The channels are Fox Sports, ESPN, NFL Network, CBS Sports, and NBC Sports are helping to watch the Cowboys game on Xfinity.

How many titles have been won by the Cowboys?

The Cowboys appeared in the Super Bowl eight times; at first, they played against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the second time, they set a record in the history of the NFL for the most Super Bowl appearances playing against the Denver Broncos.

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