What Channel is the Cowboys Game on Dish? [2023]

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Dear readers, are you feel lonely at your house? Have you found any idea what to do at that time? I have a better choice if you are watching NFL games. My favorite team is Dallas Cowboys, I think you too also like this team. Here we are going to see about the Cowboys game on Dish. The dish is absolutely a perfect service for watching the Cowboys game, which gives a pleasant environment. We need a Channel number of different Channels to watch the games on Dish. Ok, let’s start the section about the Cowboys game on the Dish.

Who are the Dallas Cowboys?

Readers, are you eager to know about the Dallas Cowboys? Yes, move to the article. The Dallas Cowboys is one of the American Football teams that have their competition in the NFL as a member of the club from the National Football Conference, East division. This team plays its home games at AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas, and is headquartered in Frisco, Texas. This team is coached and owned by Mike Mccarthy, and later, the team was coached by Jason Garrett. The Dallas was consequently sold out on all seasons, which has the best NFL records. In addition to that of post-season games also.

The Cowboys have made a Super Bowl appearance eight times and have competition over the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Denver Broncos. In addition to that, they have competition over the San Fransisco 49ers with five Super Bowl appearances. Not only that, this is the only NFL team have 20 straight winning seasons(1966-1985), but unfortunately, they missed the playoffs two times(1974 and 1984). The Dallas Cowboys have their logo as the lone star state that symbolizes Texas, and also a star symbol is used here as an image facility and storage facility.

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This team has the uniform white home jersey with royal blue, pants metallic silver green color, and solid shocks with letters, numbers, and names on the striped sleeves outlined in black color. The Cowboys is the only NFL team that has a value of $4 billion, which makes it the most valuable team from Forbes’s record. Not only that, this team have $620 million in revenue in 2014, the record for the U.S Sports team. And again, from the Forbes record on 2014, this team’s value twelfth time for $5 billion.

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Current Players

The players are very important for a team. Without them, an achievement is not easily possible. If we allow a position means, it will still be easy for the team to face success. Here, we are going to see the player’s name along with the position on the team, the Dallas Cowboys. Ok, let’s see.

Quarterbacks: Ben DiNucci, Will Grier, Cooper Rush

Running backs: Rico Dowdle, Ezekiel Elliott, Tony Pollard

Wide receivers: Noah Brown, T. J. Vasher, James Washington

Defensive lineman: John Ridgeway, Carlos Watkins, Sam Williams 

Linebackers: Jabril Cox, Christian Sam, Leighton Vander Esch 

Defensive backs: Jourdan Lewis, Donovan Wilson, Nahshon Wright 

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What is Dish?

Dish network is one of the satellite television providers. It is the abbreviation of  Digital Sky Highway, which belongs to direct satellite provider Dish, and over-the-top IPTV service, Sling TV. This service offers wireless services on Dish and mobile phones. In addition, it also offers Boost mobile that will convert into prepaid in the future. Dish’s main service is to offer satellite television, and its offerings are more comparable with other satellite companies. This service introduced a Satellite broadband service DishNet to rural areas where the cable is not provided.

As I tell you above, their main service is to provide wireless connectivity, it become the fourth largest wireless service provider in the USA. Dish offers a Dish Anywhere, mainly for the Dish’s subscribers’ video on streaming service. It mingles up with the Sling broadband technology and internet to use the service wherever they are. Unfortunately, HBO and Cinemax are not available till 2018, but now it is available for Dish users. For additional information, it also offers a subscription-based over-the-top streaming service called DISHWorld. By 2018, the company has 13.7 million television users and 580,000 broadband subscribers.

Everything is ok, but we need only a television service to watch the Cowboys game on Dish. Television users subscribe to the package of Dish. In this section, I have given about the Subscription package of Dish. It has four types of plans to subscribe for television users.

  • America’s Top 120: This plan has 120 Channels which are available at the cost of $69.99/month.
  • America’s Top 120+: The cost of the plan is $84.99/month with 120+ Channels.
  • America’s Top 200: This plan offers 240+ Channels at the Cost of $94.99/month.
  • America’s Top 250: It cost $104.99/month with 290+ Channels.

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What Channel is the Cowboys Game on Dish?

Readers, till now, we came to about the Cowboys and Dish. Still, we didn’t know about the Channel name and number on Dish. I think this is the important one to know, so I am open to the answer to your question. In this section, we are going to see the Channel number and name on Dish to enjoy the Cowboys game.

Cowboys game on Dish
What Channel is the Cowboys game on Dish?

Service provider: Dish

Channel NameChannel Number
CBS Sports158
Fox Sports150
NFL Network154

From the above table, We came to know about the Channel number of different Sports Channels to watch our favorite Cowboys game on Dish.

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Ok, readers, we are in the concluding part of this article. I think this article will definitely be a worthy one for you. The Dallas Cowboys have the fiercest performance and easily capture the audience’s heart. They provide the audience with a thrilling effect while playing the games. Undoubtedly, Dish offers an extremely stadium effect to the audience, they watch the game without any motion. Readers, have you all enjoyed the article as well as the Dallas Cowboys game on Dish? O.k readers, it’s the time to say goodbye. Thank you, readers.


Can I watch NFL Network on Dish network?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to watch NFL Network on Dish network. It is available on Channel number 154 on Dish. Now you can watch your favorite game on Dish.

How many Super Bowl titles does Dallas Cowboys have?

Dallas Cowboys have a powerful rivalry while playing. Dallas Cowboys has appeared in eight Super Bowls, out of that, they have won five Super Bowls.

What Channel is CBS Sports on Dish?

CBS Sports Channel is available on Dish to watch the sports programs It appears on Channel number 158 on Dish.