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What Channel is Court TV on Optimum? [Updated 2022]

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Court TV on Optimum: Do you wants to watch the thriller crime stories without leaving your couch? If so, Court TV service is one of the best options. 

Court TV offers numerous crime content to its users endlessly. Moreover, now you can access Court TV on your Optimum channel effortlessly. 

In this article, we are going to speak about Court TV and Optimum service. Also, you can get the best guide to finding the Channel Court TV channel on your streaming service. So, let’s dive into the article to enjoy all your favorite Court TV shows endlessly.

What Channel is Court TV on Optimum?

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Luckily, Court TV is officially available on OptimumTV service, so accessing it on your desired device is straightforward. In this portion, we will show the channel number of CourtTV on your Optimum service.

Court TV is an American cable television channel and digital broadcast network. Katz Broadcasting, LLC owns Court TV, and it is a child of Court TV Media LLC.

With Court TV, you can get numerous interesting collections such as Crime Stories, Call 911, Most Shocking, WI vs. Halderson, FL vs. Wuornos, Someone They knew with Tamron Hall, and much more.

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Also, it offers Live shows, News, Recent coverages, originals, and so on. Moreover, you will get a trial if you are new to Court TV.


Court TV on Optimum

What Channel is Court TV on Optimum?

Optimum TV is a TV service that also provides mobile, home phone, and internet services. It is a child of Altice USA, you can access Optimum in New York, Connecticut, North Carolina, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Optimum TV is a subscription-based streaming service, it offers three types of subscription plans, namely, Core TV, Select TV, and Premier TV. Each plan offers different features to its users, so its subscription fee also depends upon the plan.

Now, you can easily find the Court TV on your Optimum service in the 111 channel number. Hereafter, there is not necessary to search all channels to get Court TV. Select 111 from your channel lineup and stream all your favorites endlessly.

Can I Get Court TV on Optimum?

Luckily, CourtTV is compatible with Optimum, so you can easily access it on your desired device without any restrictions. In short, you can use your Optimum service to stream all your favorite CourtTV shows on your device. 


Through the write-up mentioned above, you can easily stream all your favorite CourtTV shows on the big screen using your Optimum service without any interruptions.

Here we mention the Court TV channel number to find it on your streaming service easily. For more technical facts about your favorite channel, check our website under the What Channel is category.

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