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How to Connect Patreon Discord? [Simple Guide]

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Connect Patreon Discord: Do you know about Patreon? If you don’t know or want to know more about Patreon and its features, you choose the right platform. Because today we are going to explain to you about Patreon as well as how to use it on your Discord. Of course, Discord is one of the fast-growing platforms.

With Discord, you can communicate with your gaming partners and other discord users without any limitations. Also, it offers a lot of features to its users among these it allows you to connect your other platform accounts with Discord. This is really super cool feature, now you can access your Patreon account on your Discord easily.

Patreon is one of the online platforms which is monetizing your content. Yeah! it will help you to revenue from your content. With Patreon, you can easily attract people and engage with them. As well, followers can enjoy your content. So, this will be advantageous for both. Sometimes, Content Creators are offer Discord Roles to their followers.

May the Discord roles as Patreon tier subscription or rewards for a donation. With this article, you can easily create a new server as a tier reward or join the exciting Discord server. 

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How to Connect Patreon to Discord?

You can join any Discord server using your Patreon account. Make use of the below-given steps to join your favorite server. But, before doing this, you have to connect your Patreon account with the Discord account. Follow the upcoming guide to do this.

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Connect Patreon Discord
How to Connect Patreon Discord?

Step 1:

Launch your Patreon and go to your Profile.

Step 2:

Under Profile, select the My Profile Settings option.

Step 3:

Then, choose the Apps Section.

Step 4:

Now, you can see the Discord and Connect option. Click on it. It will be directed you to Discord’s website.

Step 5:

On the Discord website, authorize your connection and use Discord Roles.

That’s all, you successfully did the connecting process. Now, you can access Patreon on your Discord simply.

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How to Connect Patreon to Discord Server?

From the above method, you will get the idea that how to connect your Patreon to Discord and how to access Patreon Roles. Here, we are going to learn the assigning roles process. So, use the below guide to add roles,

Step 1:

On your Patreon, select your Profile.

Step 2:

Go to the Finish Page.

Step 3:

Now, select the Tires Tab and choose the Tier that you want to edit.

Step 4:

Click on the Edit Tier option. If you want to add a new Tier, then click on the Add Tier button.

Step 5:

Then, select the Advanced Menu bottom of the page. 

Step 6:

To select the Discord Role, click on the Connect to Discord button. It will direct you to Discord, assign the role and provide authorization.

Step 7:

Now, come again to Patreon and refresh the page.

Step 8:

Select the Advanced Menu and enable the Gives Patreons Access to Selected Discord Roles option.

Step 9:

Here, you have to mention the role.

Assigning roles before you connect to Patreon is an easy method. In case, you have already connected your Patreon with your Discord account, you have to refresh the page before accessing the roles.

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Patreon is one of the best sources to gain money from your content. Now, you can access other Platforms on Discord. From the above article, you can easily know the Discord and Patreon connecting method as well as assign a role on Discord and its accessing process on Patreon. So, you can easily create or assign a role to your members and offer more rewards to them with our guides.

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