How to Connect Controller on Xbox One?

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Connect Controller on Xbox One: Gaming consoles like Xbox are of amazing devices to play your favorite online games. Indeed, every gaming console has two sets of connecting parts in common. They are the main console and the controller.

But, seemingly, connecting them can be a bit confusing if you are new to the family of gaming consoles. Moreover, the controllers have become wireless, which provides more convenience in playing your favorite games. Unlike wired controllers, Wireless controllers use Bluetooth to pair with the console.

Indeed, that is the place where the actual confusion starts. Many people have doubts about connecting their controllers with the Xbox One console. Concerning that, the following article provides a simple step-by-step guide to connecting the Controller to Xbox One. Continue reading for more details. 

How to Connect Controller on Xbox One?

As I said earlier, there are two ways to connect and use the controller on Xbox One. The latest Xbox controller supports both wired and wireless connections. The following guide will explain both methods in detail. 

Connect Controller on Xbox One
How to Connect Controller on Xbox One?
  • Wirelessly 
  • Wired

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Steps to Connect Controller on XboxOne Wirelessly

Step 1:

Initially, Turn On your console and the controller by pressing and holding the Xbox button. 

Press power button on Xbox one
Press the power button on Xbox one

Step 2:

The older Xbox controllers require you to insert batteries to function. Whereas the latest versions have a rechargeable battery built-in. 

Step 3:

Now press the Pair button on your console, which is located below the Xbox button.

Step 4:

Simultaneously, press and hold the Pair button located at the top of the controller. At this point, you can see the Xbox button blinking. 

Step 5:

The Xbox button on the controller enters standby mode once after connecting with the Xbox console. 

Steps to Connect Controller on XboxOne – Wired

Indeed, the following steps will give you the guide to connecting the controller to Xbox One via a USB to Micro USB cable. The best part is that you don’t need to insert batteries, as the controller will draw power from the console itself. Let’s get into the primary procedure. 

Step 1:

Initially, plug in the USB port to the Xbox One console. 

Step 2:

Then, connect the other end of the cable to the controller.

Note: The Xbox Series X/S, Xbox Series Wireless controller, and Xbox adaptive controller require a USB-C cable to connect with the console. 

Step 3:

Turn On the console by either pressing the Xbox button on the console or the controller. The standby light on the controller will indicate a strong connection with the device. 

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How to sync the XboxOne controller without the sync button?

The physical sync or pair button will be damaged easily if you are using it frequently. If you find that the sync button is not working, then a wired connection will be the best option.

Indeed, the wired connection is nothing but connecting your Xbox One controller to the console using a USB to Micro-USB or USB-C cable. 


That’s all to say about connecting the controller on your Xbox One. Seemingly, the Xbox One controller can be connected in two ways – wired and wireless. The above post includes a detailed step-by-step guide to connecting your Xbox One controller in both ways. Refer to the above post for more details. 

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