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How to Clear Discord Chat? [Simple Steps]

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Clear Discord Chat: Most of us use Discord to interact with our gaming friends. Discord is one of the best platforms to link ourselves with other people. You can communicate with ten thousand people with Discord. Sometimes, storage will irritate us. Continous messages and file-sharing will occupy the system storage. When we cross the minimum storage, it will alert you to erase anything from your device.

So, now we are going to see how to delete your discord messages easily. Deleting the chats is one of the good things to maintain our system speed and storage. There is any storage lacking, then your system will be slow down. Preventing yourself from all these problems, deleting unwanted messages is the best solution.

Deleting messages in Discord has two different methods. You can delete a person individually or select a group of people by using the command and delete them. Now, we are going to see the procedure to delete chats from Discord. Let’s get into the topic.

How to Clear Chat on Discord?

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You can delete a single chat easily, but it is manual. So, you have to do this. Just follow the below steps to clear the chat.

Clear Discord Chat

How to Clear Discord Chat?

Step 1:

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Go to the Chatbox on your Discord.

Step 2:

And you can see the Trash Bin on your right side.

Step 3:

Click on the Shift key and select the chat. Drag it to the trash bin.

It may be a little hard. Because you have to choose a chat and drag it to the bin is not easy. If you use it for a single chat, it is preferable. But, not recommendable for whole the chat.

How to Clear Discord Chat with A Bot?

You can use a bot to clear the chat on discord. It is a simple method to delete the chats on Discord using the Bot method. The bot needs commands only, it will delete automatically. A lot of botts are available here, you can use anything to delete your chat. Now, we are going to use the MEE6 bot. Follow the below steps to get the Bot and erase the chat.

Step 1:

 Firstly, go to the official MEE6 bot website.

Step 2:

Select the Add to Discord button and click on the Continue button.

Step 3:

After the successful installation, select the Bot’s dashboard.

Step 4:

You have to enable the Moderator commands option on the bot’s dashboard.

Step 5:

Then, type !clear 100 on the server’s Text Channel.

Now, you can delete the previous 100 chats on your Discord. You can change the command at your wish and delete a lot of chats.


Clear your Discord chat is not a big deal. You can easily erase them with our guides. You can use the above-given procedure to delete the chat. There is no compulsion to use the MEE6 bot, you can choose your favorite one and use it. At the same time, you can delete any particular chat manually. Deleting the unwanted messages will help you to keep your system fastly and free.

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