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Clear Cache on Xbox One

How to Clear Cache on Xbox One? [Complete Guide]

Clear Cache on Xbox One: Without any doubt, Xbox One is one of the best gaming consoles in the lineup. If you are looking for a powerful console also, Xbox One is that one. But there are certain glitches that cause game crashing. That can be said as technical glitches or cached data.

Certainly, it is important to clear those caches to maintain the performance level of your Xbox One console. An Xbox One console is nothing but your personalized computer that is used for gaming alone. As with your computer, the console also saves certain temporary data in the background.

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Mainly they are being stored for quick processing of applications and they are nothing but your game data. You have to get into this process in case if you find performance issues while gaming on your console. Come, let’s find out the methods to clear the cache on your Xbox One console.

How to Clear Cache on Xbox One?

Clear Cache on Xbox One
How to Clear Cache on Xbox One?

Does clearing the cache on your console has any bad effect? I hope most of you will have this thought. Well, the answer is No. Clearing the cache on your Xbox One console does not delete any of your games.

Certainly, the process will not have any effect on any of your games, movies, that you have downloaded on the console. Actually, it deletes all the unwanted data that is preventing the performance of your gameplay.

Chiefly this process will prevent the console from the data that slows down the gameplay and the console. You can actually remove the cache on your Xbox One in two methods. Continue reading to remove the cache from your console safely.

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  • Clearing Entire Cache
  • Clearing Persistent Data

How to Clear Entire Cache on Xbox One?

It is not a hectic task of clearing the cache on your console. Certainly, it is very simple that you can do it by yourself. The fact is you don’t need any special tools or experts to clear the cache. It’s very easy like just turning on and turning off your console. Come, let’s get into the methods.

Step 1:

Initially, Press and hold the Power Button on your console and completely turn off it.

Step 2:

Next, Plug out the Power Cord from the back of your Xbox One.

Step 3:

Now, Press the Power Button for a few seconds.

Step 4:

Then, Plug in the Power Cord to the console.

Step 5:

Press the Power Button and Turn On the Xbox One console.

Step 6:

Hopefully, the cache should get cleared on your console.

How to Clear Persistent Data on Xbox One?

Hopefully, the cache on your gaming console must be cleared using the previous method itself. If not and still you are experiencing issues then, continue the process with this method. That is you have to check with the secondary cache or Persistent data. Eventually, these are the data that are stored in DVDs or Blu-Rays. Following are the methods to clear the respective persistent data on your Xbox One.

Step 1:

Navigate to the Settings menu by pressing the Xbox button on the controller.

Step 2:

Goto Device & Communications –> Blu Ray.

Step 3:

Now select Persistent Storage from the menu.

Step 4:

Then, choose the Clear Persistent Storage option.

Step 5:

Yeah, this will clear all the unwanted files that are stored in DVDs or Blu Rays.


What does clearing cache on Xbox One do?

It actually clears the unwanted files that are stored in the background while browsing.

How to Hard Reset Xbox One?

Follow the instructions to easily hard reset your Xbox One. Press Xbox Button –> Settings –> System –> Console Info –> Reset and keep my games and apps.


I hope now Xbox One users will be clear with the methods to clear the cache on their device. Well, these are all the possible methods to get rid of the cached data on your Xbox One console. Often clearing the cache on your device will help you to maintain the performance levels and sustain for a long period.

The simple and every possible method to clear the cache on your Xbox One has been given clearly in the above post. Make use of that and continue the amazing gameplay on your console.

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