How to Watch CINEMAX on Roku Streaming Device?

CINEMAX is one such premium channel that is in serving users with loads of movies, shows, TV series, and more. This write-up is for the Roku users who want to know How to Watch Cinemax on Roku. Unfortunately, the Cinemax app is not available on the Roku Channel Store. Still, there are many ways to watch Cinemax on Roku. You can stream Cinemax Channel on Roku by using streaming applications.


Cinemax on Roku
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Cinemax is an American based premium cable and television network. Home Box Office, Inc. owns Cinemax. This was launched around the year 1980. Cinemax was initiated by HBO. Cinemax has the fame of providing multiple channels to the cable service subscribers in the 90s itself. Being a premium channel, Cinemax offers second-run Hollywood movies, shows, and Cinemax originals. You get to watch blockbuster movies in HD and many more. You can stream Cinemax without cable service.

Features of Cinemax

   The following is the list of features of Cinemax.

  • Blockbuster movies
  • Second-run movies
  • Demanded video content
  • Multiplex movies
  • HD video quality
  • Stream in multiple devices
  • Cinema focused
  • Also serves with:
    • Cinemax HD
    • Cinemax On Demand
    • Max Go

And many many more features to choose Cinemax over other stream.

How to Watch Cinemax on Roku?

This article will let you know, What are the 6 best options to stream on Roku TV?

The following 6 streaming options are considered to be the best way to stream Cinemax on Roku.

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  1. Amazon Prime Video
  2. AT&T TV NOW
  3. Hulu
  4. PlayStation Vue
  5. Sling TV
  6. YouTube TV

Follow the article to know more in detailed manner.

Amazon Prime Video

Cinemax on Roku

 Amazon Prime Video is working under Amazon, an American based online entertainment service working on subscription. It offers almost all the new movies, web series, shows, feature films, etc. You get to watch various premium channels on Amazon Prime Video such as HBO, Cinemax, Mubi, Sundance Now, and many more channels. The Subscription Package of Amazon Prime Video is $13/month.

How to Sign up for Amazon Prime Video?

Step1: Visit

Step2: Select Sign up.

Step3: Do as per the instructions are given on the screen to become an Amazon Prime user.

You also get 30-days free trial. You can use the Amazon Prime Video App by downloading it from the respective App Store of your streaming device.

How to stream Cinemax on Roku via Amazon Prime Video?

It is easy to stream Cinemax on Roku via Amazon Prime Video. The Amazon Prime Video avails Cinemax channel. Amazon Prime App is officially available on Roku.

To subscribe for Cinemax on Amazon Prime Video, you have to pay $9.99/month. You can also avail 7-days free trial.

Step1: On your Roku homescreen, choose streaming channels.

Step2: Search and select Amazon Prime Video.

Step3: Then click on Add channel.

Step4: It is ready to stream. So, now search for Cinemax on Amazon Prime Video and subscribe to it.


Cinemax on Roku

AT&T TV Now is a contract-free, online live TV streaming platform giving the experience of cable TV service. You get to watch a wider range of channels on AT&T TV Now.

AT&T TV Subscription packages

  • PLUS  – $55/month offers 45+ channels.
  • MAX  – $80/month offers 60+ channels.
  • ENTERTAINMENT$93/month offers 65+ channels.
  • CHOICE$110/month offers 85+ channels.
  • XTRA$125/month offers 105+ channels.
  • ULTIMATE$135/month offers 125+ channels.
  • OPTIMO MÀS$86/month offers 90+ channels.

The channels varies according to the package you subscribe. And to be honest, AT&T TV Now is a bit expensive comparing to other streams.

How to sign up for AT&T TV Now?

Step1: Visit AT&T TV.

Step2: Choose your package for subscription as per your wish. You can also add-on premium channels here itself.

Step3: Create an AT&T TV ID and password.

Step4: Select the payment method you avail by inputting your payment details. Further, follow the instructions prompted.

You can get the AT&T TV App from Appstore or Google Play Store or even use it via

How to stream Cinemax on Roku via AT&T TV Now?

To subscribe for Cinemax on AT&T TV Now you have to pay $11/month.

Cinemax on AT&T TV Now

Step1: Sign in to your AT&T TV account and click on My DIRECTV.

Step2: Tap Manage & equipment and navigate to My Add-ons.

Step3: Tap on Add or remove channels.

Step4: Click Add near Cinemax and then further Continue.

Step5: Go through your changes and Submit order.

AT&T TV Now on Roku

Step1: Go to Roku homescreen.

Step2: Navigate and click on Streaming channels.

Step3: Search for AT&T TV and click on Buy option and Install AT&T TV. Type Roku pin, if asked.

Now you can enjoy streaming Cinemax via AT&T TV Now.


Cinemax on Roku

Hulu is an American based online subscription entertainment service. This is owned by Walt Disney. In Hulu, you get access to watch movies and shows without any annoying, interruptive ads. You can have multiple profiles and get to have a Personal TV experience. Via Hulu + Live TV, the user gets access to 60+ channels in addition.

You get access to the numerous premium channels like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, etc.

Subscription packages

  • Hulu $5.99/month, an ad supporting service, and a 30-days free trial.
  • Hulu + Live TV $49.99/month offering you 60+ channels and 30-days free trial.
  • Premium $11.99/month, no ad service.
  • Hulu Premium + Live TV $50.99/month.

You get access to various channels as per your subscription package.

How to Sign up for Hulu?

Step1: On your PC, go to

Step2: Select Start your free trial.

Step3: Choose your subscription plan. Hulu or Hulu + Live TV or Hulu Premium or Hulu Premium + Live TV.

Step4: Type your mail id, password and personal details required.

Step5: Select your payment method and fill in your payment details.

Step6: Sign in via any compatible device.

You can get the Hulu App from the respective App Store of your device.

How to stream Cinemax on Roku via Hulu?

To subscribe for Cinemax on Hulu or Hulu + Live TV, you have to pay $9.99/month. You also get 7-days of free trial.

Step1: On web browser, log in to your Hulu account.

Step2: Go to Your Subscription.

Step3: Select Manage Plan near Hulu Base plan.

Step4: Tap on <+> near Cinemax.

Step5: Click Review change to add Cinemax.

Hulu on Roku

Step1: Go to Roku homescreen.

Step2: Click on Streaming channels.

Step3: Search for Hulu.

Step4: Tap on Add channel button on the channel info page.

Step5: After installation,launch the Hulu app.

Now enjoy Cinemax on Hulu.

PlayStation Vue

Cinemax on Roku

PlayStation Vue is a Sony Corporation of America owned internet TV. This is a subscription-based online entertainment service like any other service. It offers demanded video content, cloud DVR, and wider range of channels, etc.

It is been announced that PlayStation Vue will be shutting down. Try to rely on any other option to stream Cinemax. You can get ideas from this article itself.

 You get to enjoy sports channels in PlayStation Vue. Channels like ESPN, NESN, SNY, NBC, AMC, CN, CNN, etc.

PlayStation Vue Subscription packages

  • Access $49.99/month and 5-days of a free trial.
  • Core – $54.99/month and 5-days of a free trial.
  • Elite – $64.99/month and 5-days of a free trial.
  • Ultra $84.99/month.

The number of channels increases with the increased amount you spend on the subscription package. You can add stand-alone channels such as Android HBO.

How to Sign up for PlayStation Vue?

Step1: Sign in to your PlayStation Network account or create one.

Step2: To create, fill in your mail ID, postal address and required personal details.

Step3: After verification, login to your PlayStation Network.

Step4: Further, choose your subscription plan and add channels or packages as per your wish.

How to stream Cinemax on Roku via PlayStation Vue?

To add Cinemax on PlayStation Vue, you have to pay $15/month.

Cinemax on PlayStation Vue

Step1: After signing in to your PlayStation Vue Network account.

Step2: Go to add channels and choose Cinemax.

Step3: You can stream Cinemax on PlayStation Vue.

PlayStation Vue on Roku

Step1: Go to Roku homescreen.

Step2: From left panel, click on Streaming channels.

Step3: Search for PlayStation Vue.

Step4: Click on Add channel button on the channel info page.

Step5: After installation, select OK.

You can access to Cinemax on PlayStation Vue.

Sling TV

Cinemax on Roku

Sling TV is an American based OTT entertainment service. It is owned by Dish Network. It was launched in the year 2015. You get access to customize your channels as per your need, online TV experience at no extra cost.

Subscription packages

  • Sling Blue $30/month offers 47 channels.
  • Sling Orange $30/month offers 32 channels.
  • Blue + Orange $45/month offers 50+ channels.

Sling TV offers 3-days free trial. The channels depends upon the upon the package you choose. Sling Blue and Sling Orange do not have the same channels. But the combo pack offers them.

How to Sign up for Sling TV?

Step1: Visit and tap on Start Watching button.

Step2: Type in your mail ID and password you wish.

Step3: Select the Subscription plan you need and add extra channels if you wish.

Step4: Type your payment information and click Finish & Submit.

How to stream Cinemax on Roku via Sling TV?

To stream Cinemax on Sling TV, you should pay $10/month.

Cinemax on Sling TV

Step1: Go to My TV screen.

Step2: Navigate to Add premium channels & more.

Step3: Unsubscribed channels list appears. Search and choose Cinemax.

Step4: Then click Add on Cinemax info page.

Step5: Click on Purchase Now option and follow the prompts given to stream Cinemax on Sling TV.

Sling TV on Roku

Step1: Launch Sling TV App on your Roku.

Step2: If you are a new subscriber, free trial option appears. Choose it.

Step3: Type your mail id and password you wish.

Step4: Choose your subscription plan.

Step5: Select Add button, if you need extra channels.

Step6: Tap on Finish & Submit button.

Now you can watch Cinemax on Roku via Sling TV.

YouTube TV

Cinemax on Roku

YouTube TV is an American based OTT entertainment platform. It provides the users to access live TV, demanded video content, and cloud DVR storage. This comes under YouTube.

You have access to 85+ channel networks like ABC, NBC, Discovery, Comedy Central, ESPN, etc.

YouTube TV Subscription packages $64.99/month and offers 7-days of a free trial.

How to Sign up for YouTube TV?

Step1: Launch the YouTube TV App.

Step2: Select free trial option.

Step3: Sign in via your Google account.

Step4: Enter your home ZIP code or else just turn on your device location and confirm it.

Step5: Go through the membership details.

Step6: Click Next to go further.

Step7: You can choose any premium network channel you wish for free at the time of free trial.

Step8: Enter your credit card information. You won’t be charged until free trial.

Step9: Click Buy to sign up for YouTube TV.

How to Stream Cinemax on Roku via YouTube TV?

Cinemax costs $9.99/month on YouTube TV.

Cinemax on YouTube TV

Step1: Go to YouTube TV app or

Step2: Click on your profile picture.

Step3: Go to Settings and further click on Membership.

Step4: Click on the checkmark near Cinemax.

Step5: Click Agree to complete the process.

YouTube TV on Roku

Step1: Open YouTube TV on Roku.

Step2: On Roku homescreen, choose already a member.

Step3: Go to from any of your device.

Step4: Sign in to your Google account and type the code shown on Roku.

Step5: After the web process you will be automatically logged in on Roku.

Now Cinemax is one Roku via YouTube TV.

The EndNote

To end, Cinemax is a premium channel available almost on all streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube TV, etc. The cost of Cinemax varies according to the streaming service which provides it. And it offers around sixteen multiplex channels. The bad part is that there is No Cinemax App. Stream Cinemax on Roku on the streaming service you use and wish…

Thank you…

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