Chromecast Zwift | How to Cast Zwift Workouts to TV using Chromecast?

Looking for the best Virtual training app to do your Workout from your Home. Then, Zwift is one of the Best Fitness apps which provide virtual training designed by Experts.

The Fitness app provides intense training in the form of a Game that you will be role-playing.  Most often people think is it really good? Yes, The Zwift app is really good which provides a good result for thousands of people.

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Most of the user connect the Zwift app to TV and gets the best experience of the training on a bigger screen. This article will look How to Chromecast Zwift to the TV from your devices like Android, iPhone, and PC Windows.

Different Methods to Chromecast Zwift to TV

However, Google Chromecast is an amazing streaming device to cast anything from one device to another by connecting to it. Mostly, People use Chromecast on their television for more productivity.

Chromecast Zwift
Chromecast Zwift | How to Cast Zwift on Chromecast

Here, we are going to see how to Cast Zwift to Chromecast from Android, iPhone, and PC Windows.

#1. Cast Zwift to the TV from Android

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#2. Chromecast Zwift to the TV from iPhone

#3. Cast Zwift to the TV from PC Windows

Before proceeding to steps, make sure that Chromecast and the devices are at the same Wi-Fi network.

How to Cast Zwift to the TV from Android?

  1. Download Zwift App on your Android Device.
  2. Create an account and subscribe to a package on Zwift.
  3. After move on to the Settings and search for the Cast option.
  4. Tap on the Cast icon. It will look for the Nearby devices.
  5. Select the Chromecast Device name.
  6. Then, click on Ok to start mirroring Android to TV.
  7. Open Zwift App and it will appear on your TV Screen.

Now, Start Your ride or Run which displays on your TV Screen. Once the ride completes, you can disconnect the screen mirroring on your Android Device.

How to Chromecast Zwift to the TV from iPhone?

To Cast Zwift from iPhone to Chromecast, you have to install Streamer for Chromecast app on iPhone from App Store.

Step 1

Install Streamer for Chromecast on iPhone.

Step 2

Open Streamer for Chromecast app. Automatically it will search for the Chromecast Device.

Step 3

Select the Chromecast device.

Step 4

Then, Select Screen Cast.

Step 5

On the next screen, you will find options to modify the screen mirror. After that click on the Start Mirroring Option icon.

Step 6

Again, click on Start broadcast. Now, your iPhone screen will display on the TV.


Open Zwift App and start your workouts. Once you’re done with the workouts you can click on Stop broadcast on your iPhone.

Cast Zwift to the TV from PC Windows

Step 1

Open Zwift App on your Chrome browser. Log in using your username and Password.

Step 2

On the top-right corner, you can find a three-dot icon. Click on it.

Step 3

Then, Select and Click on the Cast option.

Step 4

A pop-up appears on the screen which will search for the nearby device.

Step 5

Also, you can choose whether you want to cast the whole desktop or Tab. Just Select Cast Desktop from Sources

Step 6

Now Select your Chromecast Device name. It will begin to cast Zwift to the TV from PC Windows.

Once you finish your Zwift Workouts you can stop casting from your PC Windows.


The Article explains about How to Chromecast Zwift to the TV from Android, iPhone, and PC Windows. Most of the user has trouble sorting out the procedure so we made a simple step by step guide to Chromecast Zwift. In case you facing any issue with the cast Zwift to Chromecast just Contact Us. Chromecast is a simple streaming device that supports all the apps for casting to TV.


Does Zwift work on Chromecast?

Yes, Zwift works perfectly on Chromecast. You can Chromecast Zwift to TV from any device like Android, iPhone, and PC Windows. All you have to do is connect Chromecast and your device to the same wi-Fi network. Then, search for the Chromecast device name on your device then connect it.

Can you cast Zwift from phone to TV?

Yes, you can cast Zwift from phone to TV using the Chromecast device. If you are not having Chromecast with you. Try using Firestick or Roku device to add Zwift to your TV. Or Else if your TV supports Screen Mirroring then, you can directly cast Zwift to TV by cast option on your Phone.

Can I Chromecast Zwift from iPhone?

Yes, you can Chromecast Zwift from iPhone to TV. You have to download the streamer for the Chromecast app on your iPhone from the App Store. After downloading the app, you can search for the Chromecast device and connect it with your iPhone.

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