Chromecast Steam | How to cast Steam Games to TV? [Updated 2022]

Chromecast Steam to TV: Welcome to the most important and interesting topic of the day. Mostly everyone would have been aware of the steam and how to use it. Here we are not to discuss Steam and how to use it.

We are providing a simple guide to Chromecast Steam games to the TV from your devices like Android, iPhone, and PC windows. It is a good option to cast steam to TV and play games on the big screen and you surely get a good experience of the game.

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Let’s get into the topic directly of casting steam to Tv. Surely, you will have doubt do we require any external devices to screen mirror. No, just use your Smart TV, Application, Device, and Chromecast to screen mirror the Steam games.

How to Chromecast Steam to TV?

To cast steam to the TV you will require a Chromecast device. With the help of Chromecast, casting has become so simple and done in a minute from any device. Likewise, we are gonna discuss how to Screen mirror Steam to the TV from different devices like Android, iPhone, and PC Windows.

Chromecast Steam to TV
How to Chromecast Steam to TV

How to Cast Steam Games to the TV from Android?

Step 1:

Install the Steam Link application from the Play Store.

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Step 2:

Open the Steam Link.

Step 3:

Enter your Steam Username and Password. Click on Sign In.

Step 4:

Open Settings–>Connection–> Screencast. (Each device will have different locations. Just search for Screencast on your device.)

Step 5:

Now, Screencast will look for nearby devices.

Step 6:

Now, Select your Chromecast device name.

Step 7:

Once it gets connected, you can see your device on the TV screen.

Now, you can cast Steam games to TV from an Android device.

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How to Chromecast Steam to the TV from iPhone/iPad?

Step 1:

Install Steam Link from your App store.

Step 2:

Open the Steam link and Sign In with your username and Password.

Step 3:

Now, Now, you can connect the Stream link to the Chromecast.

Step 4:

Start Screen Mirroring the Steam to TV from your iOS device.

How to Cast Steam games to the TV from PC Windows?

#1. Open Your Chrome browser on your PC Windows.

#2. Then, Open the Steam Website and log in with your username and password.

#3. After logging in, click on the three-dotted line on the chrome browser available in the top right corner.

#4. Now, select the cast option in the list.

#5. The cast option will look for nearby devices. Select Chromecast device.

#6. It will ask you to select the option Cast tab or cast desktop. Select Cast Desktop.

#7. Now, you can see your desktop screen on your TV.

Enjoy playing the steam games on your TV using Chromecast.

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Can Steam be cast to Chromecast?

Yes, you can cast Steam games to Chromecast from any of your devices. Just use your device to search for the Chromecast device and connect it. then, you are free to connect your device.

Can you cast steam to a TV?

yes, it is so simple to cast steam to tv by using the Chromecast device. All you need is to connect your device with the Chromecast through the wifi network. That’s it. A detailed explanation is provided below to know how to Chromecast Steam.

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Final Words

however, lots of Smart TVs have Steam Link in their Store. You can easily download it and start using it without any issue. there will be no need for Chromecast usage. You can connect the device by pairing it with the Pin. But you must connect both the device at the same local network. Really, Steam Link is an amazing application to Chromecast Steam games to TV easily without any issue.

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