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Chromecast Sky Go: How to Cast Sky Go to TV Using Chromecast?

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Dear readers. Go with the trend. Make your smart Tv to do some smart things. Explore the features of your smart Tv in all possible ways. If you have a Chromecast device, set it up and start stream the online content. If you having a sky account, then read this write-up to get few more ideas. This article focused on the Sky Go platform. It is easy to Chromecast the sky go app on your smart TV. This article gives the simplest methods to guide you.

Top spots Chromecast

  • Chromecast is a well-known online media streaming device.
  • We are used to working with almost all kinds of devices developed by Google. Chromecast is not an exception. Yes. Chromecast is the family of Google.
  • It lets the users to stream video or audio content through the Chromecast device or Chromecast application.
  • After the development of Chromecast, the casting services becomes too handy.

Highlights of Sky Go

The sky industry is the root of the Sky GO application. Like the sky go app, sky group offers a variety of applications to the users. It strives as the best online streaming TV. It consists of a vast range of channels from local to International. And so, you can enjoy all the common television networks. In addition to that, you can even watch live sports through the sky sports channel.

Is Sky go available on Chromecast?

When talking about the latest updates, most of the Chromecast devices are come up with the pre-installed app of Sky go. For that, you must have the newest generation of Chromecast and updated version of Sky go too. If you fail to get the app on your device, follow the given guide.

Guidelines to Chromecast Sky Go app

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Follow the given procedure to cast your screen on the smart TV. Be ready with the pre-requirements, and go ahead with the further steps.


  • The newest version of the Sky Go
  • Install the version 5 or higher than 5
  • Make sure that the Chrome cast is the latest generation or the Ultra version.
Chromecast SKY Go

Chromecast SKY Go

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How to Chromecast SKY Go to the TV from a smartphone?

STEP1: Firstly, plug in the Chromecast to the HDMI port. Normally, you can see the HDMI port on the rear side of your TV. Fix the Internet connection.

STEP2: Secondly, turn up your WIFI access. Connect both the smartphone and the Chromecast device under the same WIFI access.

STEP3: If you are an Android user, go to the google play store. Or else, if you using iPhone, head into the Apple app store. After going to the respective stores, search for the Sky Go app.

STEP4: Install the Sky go and launch the app on your device.

STEP5: Then, proceed with required credentials like the email id and password to sign with the Sky Go account.

Note: If you already have a Sky account, you need not create a new one. Make use of the existing account details.

STEP6: Now, navigate to the Home page of your Sky Go application. Here, find out the cast icon. Usually, you can see the icon on the top-right corner of your screen.

STEP7: Tap the icon. It shows all the nearby devices connected under the same WiFi. Hit the name of the Chromecast device.

STEP8: Within a second, your TV screen turns into acini theatre. Yeah. All the contents displayed on your smartphone will be reflected on your TV screen.

That’s all. Make use of your mobile phone as a remote control to change the channels.

How to cast Sky Go to Tv from PC Windows?

Do you think your PC has a compact screen? Watching our favorite movies on compact devices may not give much interest. Cool. Let us go for some alternative ways. Take your Chromecast device and do the following.

STEP1: The foremost step is setting up the Chromecast. Plug the device into the HDMI port of your smart TV. Most notably, make sure that your PC or laptop and Chromecast devices are connected to the same WIFI network.

STEP2: Now, switch on your PC and open the Chrome browser on the desktop. On the search tab, search and open the Sky Go app.

STEP3: Now, navigate your mouse action to hit the three-dotted menu. Generally, it is placed on the top right corner of the chrome page. In the menu list, we need the cast option. Look for it and select the cast option.

STEP4: On the next screen, it will list the nearby devices connected under the same Internet access. Choose the Chromecast device.

STEP5: Now, you can start stream any video on your PC. At the same time, your Tv projects the same action that you doing on the PC.


Can I access Sky go for free of cost?

Sky Go itself works as a premium version of Sky TV. Fortunately, it allows the existed sky users to access the sky go app for free of cost. Otherwise, you can proceed with some affordable subscription plans based on your requirements.

How sky go differ from Sky Extra?

The Sky company released the upgraded versions of Sky apps like Sky Go, Sky Go Extra, and so on. Sky Go acts as a superset of Sky. Likewise, Sky Go Extra compiled with some additional features along with Sky go. One important highlight of Sky Go extra is, you can watch the downloaded movies offline.


Are you ready to stay connected with Sky go apps and their features? Take a minute to read this post, and you can enable casting within a minute. Read this article to know more stuff regarding the Sky Go app on Chromecast. Start stream the Tv shows, documentaries, sports, live channels, and much more. Enjoy by watching all the desired content on a big screen. Thanks for visiting our page.

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