How to Cast Pictionary Air to TV? [Simple Steps to Chromecast]

Hello Guys! We all know nowadays improvement of internet facilities and technological aspects are increasing incredibly. The most special gaining quality in gaming. Yes, gamers are using multiple platforms to play a variety of games online. To enjoy online games, you can use this article to amuse yourself. That is Pictionary Air. The best source is, you are going to get this application on your device with the help of Chromecast. So, let’s enter this article to know all the aspects of Chromecast Pictionary Air.

Pictionary Air

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Pictionary Air application is one of the topmost wonderful apps. This is one of the most specified applications that belong to drawing. Yes, it’s a drawing game. The word Pictionary refers to the meaning of guessing games. In this game, the major tool is using the Air Pen. With the use of these tools, you can make your drawing in an imaginative way. You can use different types of words and images on air.

The sound of this game is very awkward and strange. After practicing the game it will go in a usual format. There are many arcade games on the internet. From that, this Pictionary Air is one of the unique, outstanding, and interesting games. The developer of this game is Mattel. There are three various ways in this game that Play mode, Masters mode, and finally Free play mode. The main thing is, the user can properly guess the puzzle can win the game.

Features of Pictionary Air

Here, you are going to looking for, the wonderful and creative features of Pictionary Air. Let’s go to know the amazing specifications of Pictionary Air.

  • This is a game of free play.
  • Easy to install.
  • All age group members can utilize this game.
  • You can play with your family and friends.
  • This is one of the unique and experienced games.
  • The app is applicable to multiple devices.
  • There are many various kinds of modes available.
  • You can easily record your performances during the game.
  • Mainly, Chromecast is applicable to this game.

How to Chromecast Pictionary Air to TV?

Chromecast Pictionary Air
How to Chromecast Pictionary Air

To install the Pictionary Air application you can use the Chromecast device. For that, you need to have some proper requirements. There are,

  • Pictionary air app
  • Smartphone
  • Chromecast device
  • Air pen
  • Smart TV

So, let’s enter into the methods to install the application on your smart tv using the Chromecast device.

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Step 1

First, you need to connect your Chromecast to the HDMI port at the Smart TVs backside.

Step 2

Search for the Google Play Store or App Store to install the Pictionary Air app.

Step 3

You need to recheck that, your mobile device and Chromecast are combined in the same WiFi connection.

Step 4

After the installation, you can open the app and choose the “Cast” icon.

Step 5

From the available list, you can select your Chromecast device.

Step 6

After the complete process of connection, you can easily play your games on Smart TV using Chromecast.

How to Play Pictionary Air?

This is for those who are come to play the game for the first time. So, you can use this Subject and play the game without any hurdles. Here are the steps.

Step 1

As usual, Download the Pictionary Air app on your Google Play Store or App Store.

Step 2

You need to click the power on button to power on the “Air Pen” option.

Step 3

Then, select the “Start Play” option, after launching the app.

Step 4

You have to point the pen in the app camera to the way of the illustrator.

Step 5

As in the above steps of installing method, you have to follow.

Step 6

From the given card image, the illustrator can draw easily. The game offers two groups to play.

Step 7

Finally, for those who guess the answer, that team will be a winner of this game.

Is the Pictionary air game free?

Absolutely, it’s free to use. Using your Android device you can install the app through Google Play Store or App Store.

Is the Pictionary Air app available for PC?

Unfortunately, No. You are unable to install the native app or Pictionary Air on your PC. Maybe you can use any emulators to install the app on your PC.

Final Verdict

These all are needful and useful details and particulars about Chromecast Pictionary Air. This is one of the most prominent applications which helps to play the games in a different way. Those who want to play this game, you can refer to this article without any hesitation. This is going to be very clear and meaningful. Hope the article getting off to use the amazing application in a simple way. Enjoy this Chromecast Pictionary Air.

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