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Television makes a better experience while compares with any other device. The viewers can enjoy with their whole family and friends with Television. Here, the Chromecast device makes a better experience with Vizio Smart TV. Chromecast has been the most popular device nowadays to cast their device to the TV. So, we have made an article on How to Setup and Use Chromecast on Vizio Smart TV. Just follow the steps to use the Chromecast.


There are many inexpensive smart televisions available in the universe. Vizio Smart TV enhances many advanced qualities to make happy to the viewers. It offers inexpensive entry-level TV with good value. The device filled with Android-based smart features with Chromecast capabilities and more.

Vizio Smart TV is very well-priced and has great picture quality. The device offers compelling performance in each price. It has some advanced models. Some models are Vizio E series, Vizio V series, Vizio M series Quantum, Vizio M7 series Quantum, and Vizio P Series Quantum. 

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There are thousands of entertainment filled with this device. With the use of Chromecast, you can share your pictures and videos with family and friends and loved ones. The user can listen to the latest music all from your ultimate Vizio Smart TV. It has the main features of having Sports and News, Music, and Audio. Vizio TV is a Smart Platform.


Chromecast is an amazing tool to make your home devices good and smarter. It’s basically known as Google Chromecast. The main function of this device is to change regular TV into an amazing smart TV. Chromecast helps to connect with your smart TV wirelessly. It’s a portable device. In the smart television screen, the user can chat with friends and family to share photos and videos. 

The special feature is you can make audio and video chat through the large screen of your television. It’s a simple and easy process. The method is possible for everyone. This supports high dynamic range. It has ultra HD resolution. The device must require HDMI cables and WiFi connections. It’s an amazing portable device to make people happy with their smart TV. 


Step1: Make sure your smart television and your Android or tablet are on the same network of WiFi.

Step2: You can Download and Install the Vizio smart cast mobile application from Google play store or App store.

Chromecast on Vizio Smart TV
Vizio SmartCast App

Step3: After the installation, open the app and sign in.

Step4: On the left side you can see the Menu option, tap it, and select setup new device.

Chromecast on Vizio Smart TV
Setup device

Step5: Now you have received a welcome screen with getting started button. You have to tap it.

Chromecast on Vizio Smart TV
Get Started

Step6: Choose the language for your convenience. If you have the Bluetooth support in your device, you can join it with your TV.

Chromecast on Vizio Smart TV
Select Language

Step7: Instead of Bluetooth, you can connect the device with a WiFi network.

Chromecast on Vizio Smart TV
Connect VIA WiFi

Step8: Then, the application will ask to register the name and save it.

Chromecast on Vizio Smart TV
Vizio SmartCast Device Name

Step9: Finally, you can browse the app, and play your desirable content which can cast it on your smart TV.



The user can use the Vizio Smart TV using Chromecast on your Mobile Device. You can use this from a Chromecast enabled app on your mobile device to your Vizio Smart TV.

Step1: Make sure your mobile device is connected to the same WiFi network as your Vizio Smartcast product.

Chromecast on Vizio Smart TV
Connect same wifi

Step2: Open the Chromecast enabled app on your mobile device. 

Step3: The popular Chromecast enabled apps to include YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora among many others. 

Chromecast on Vizio Smart TV
Select Apps

Step4: Let the movie tv show or music you like to stream on the app screen.

Step5: There you see the cast button, a small white square with a WiFi symbol. 

Chromecast on Vizio Smart TV
Cast Button

Step6: Tap the Cast button.

Step7: From the menu that appears, there you can choose what you want to stream.

Step8: After a few seconds your content should begin to play you.

This is a first method to stream, using Chromecast on the mobile device to Vizio Smart TV.


The next method is, there is a Smartcast application available on the Vizio Smart TV to the users. With the Smartcast app, you can stream to this smart TV.

Step1: First you can download the Vizio smart cast mobile from the App Store or Google play store.

Step2: Open the application and find the show what you want to stream. ( Music, Movies, and Videos)

Chromecast on Vizio Smart TV
Select Apps

Step3: Select watch now.

Step4: Then tap the play button to begin streaming.

This is another method of streaming to Vizio TV using the Smartcast mobile app.


There is a solution when the Chromecast device is not working properly in this process. We have an option that is a Smartcast mobile application. There is one application available on the Vizio Smart TV. With the Smartcast mobile app, you can use this Smart TV without any issues.

  • You have to download and install the Smartcast mobile app from the app store or Google play store.
  • Open the application and find the show what you want to use. ( Music or Movies)
  • Select watch now and tap the play button to begin the shows.


Chromecast is the best portable device. The method of use is very simple and easy. With the usage of Chromecast, users can enhance their smart TV with full advancement. Here, Chromecast on Vizio Smart TV gives a lot of information and the procedures.

Wireless connection is quite easy for everyone. The WiFi connection is only required for this process. This Chromecast method allows you to enjoy high-quality HD views. So, you can download your Chromecast and enjoy streaming with Vizio Smart TV. Also, if you are looking for apps for other smart TV visit and check hee for Vizio Smart TV.


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