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The Best New Apps for Checking Grammar and Spelling in 2022

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The increasing need to produce well-written documents has led to solutions such as grammar and spelling checkers. These apps and software serve as a hero that helps you check for grammatical errors and spelling mishaps. They can help with readability in concise sentences in academic coursework. Some of this software is free and offers premium versions at a small charge. Each grammar check software has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, and the greatest choice for one user may not be the best choice for another. For example, if you want the most sophisticated grammar check capabilities, you’ll need a different option than one who wants the best free software available.

Some of the best apps to use include: 



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Grammarly is by far the most popular grammar checker software, and for a good reason. However, Grammarly offers both an online and a desktop-integrated solution so that you may use it. This is a go-to for many students seeking essay writing help or university assignment help in school. This software can detect mistakes in intensity, spelling, style, and repetition. It also allows you to select your preferred tone of speech before analyzing your writing and giving suggestions.

This is to guarantee that your work matches your preferences. You may also choose whether your audience has broad or specialist knowledge of the subject you’re writing about. Grammarly also includes a plagiarism checker to ensure that your writing is unique.

Grammarly is well renowned for being a wonderful program for education papers or research, social media postings, and other types of writing. The website hosts the software, which also contains extensions for various browsers.

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You’ll get the most out of Grammarly’s free edition if you’re only checking your grammar. The Premium version is for extensive editing, vocabulary enhancement recommendations, and genre-specific writing checks. It costs $29.95 per month, with cheaper monthly pricing for quarterly and annual subscriptions.


WhiteSmoke is a comprehensive grammar analyzer that works across all platforms, including Windows, Mac and most browsers. The iOS and Android versions of the software are both available.

A grammar, style, spelling, punctuation check, and a special translation capability are all included in WhiteSmoke. WhiteSmoke makes it simple to connect , no matter where you are with full-text translated to and from over 50 languages.

Web, Premium, and Business are the three price options offered by WhiteSmoke for one-year or three-year payment periods. The Web package is $59.95 per year (about $5 per month) or less if you sign up for the three-year plan. This is good for writers with a story to write.


Ernest Hemingway was the inspiration behind Hemingway, a web-based writing enhancement program.

Hemingway examines your work for clarity and readability. hard-to-read sentences are highlighted in yellow, while difficult-to-read sentences are highlighted in red. It also encourages users to eliminate unnecessary words and emphasizes passive voice usage.

Type your college work into the web-based text box or the desktop client, and Hemingway will take care of the rest. You’ll see your mistakes and suggestions on the right side of your page. Hemingway also gives you a readability number based on your grade level; the lesser your score, the simpler the text or book is to read.

Ginger Keyboard

This grammar checker software is free and has been downloaded over five million times. On Google Play, the app has a 4.3 rating, which is the highest on this list. Because Ginger contains all three capabilities, you can use it to replace your dictionary, translator, and keyboard applications. You’ll need to upgrade to the premium version to utilize them all.

In comparison to the commercial version, the free edition of the program has several limitations. It restricts each check to 600 characters. If you input 600 characters each time, you may check for mistakes as many times as possible.

Free AI-powered corrections and clever rephrasing recommendations are provided in real-time. It also provides synonyms and definitions for the highlighted terms.

Additional fun learning features include Emoji prediction, Phrase of the Day, and in-app games. It also has a personal dictionary where you can add your terms.

The premium edition removes the character restriction and includes a strong translation in addition to all of the free features.


The proofreader is a spelling and grammar checker that prioritizes privacy. On Google Play, it has a 3.9 rating with over 100,000 downloads.

This editor does not save your information or need any system rights. It protects you from assaults from Hackers who utilize keylogging software to track keystrokes and obtain your personal information such as banking or social security numbers.

It is not a keyboard app. It’s an editor with advanced grammar checking features. The free edition includes all of the features, including spelling, grammar, and punctuation checks. It also includes a translator and a thesaurus, and the ability to select the dialect you want to use. It also has a text reader, which is useful for learning pronunciation.

Correct English

CorrectEnglish is an application that offers real-time proofreading. It’s one of the greatest applications for improving essay writing. It tells you where you’ve made faults and where you can enhance your writing. In nine distinct languages, CorrectEnglish offers alternate word possibilities and comments. You’ll also get access to a collection of commonly-used document templates, ensuring that you always know how to compose what you need. CorrectEnglish also has a plagiarism checker built-in.

The service is a little pricy, charging US$99 for a year or US$24 every month.


There are hundreds of grammar check apps out there. However, these are some of the top and most used ones to help you write correct and error-free texts. Some have features like grammar quizzes to teach lessons, games, auto-correct, translators, and a personalized dictionary library. The next stage is for you to read and think about what you want from a grammar checker software before making a choice.

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