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How to Change Primary Blog on Tumblr 2022? [Simple Tricks]

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Hello Blog Lovers? Are you waiting to know the basic and essential information about the Blog network? In this modern world, everyone knows the necessary details of the blog and then some interesting factors of blogs.

This article is going to present the blog website of Tumblr. In this case, many of them know about this amazing platform and some of them may not know about this particular source.

To know all your needful Information kindly refer to the article, you will get the note of Tumblr Blog, and the changing method of Primary Tumblr Blog in the following parts. Let’s go.

Tumblr Blog

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Tumblr, the name itself creating the more interested to know the meaning and basic details of this platform. The short name of this Tumblr is Tumblr. This is an American Microblogging and Social Networking Website.

The founder of this network is David Karp. It’s used to get the short-term blog which offers the users to post the Multimedia and other content. The users can also handle the other user’s blogs. It’s very useful to blog users, especially in making their blogs in a private way.

The blog users can easily access the blog features from the interface of “dashboard“. This is a platform that gives you an opportunity to express yourself and your interest in blogging to the universe.

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Blogging is basically to give information about the matter which affects and attracts you in such away. The basic tools of blogging are photos, videos, GIFs, and so on. In short, it’s a tool to connect the people in millions of communities.

Can you Change Primary Blog on Tumblr?

In this part, you are going to get the basic information of whether it is possible to change the primary blog on Tumblr or not. The answer is, you are not able to change your Primary Blog. There is no possibility to change or switch the secondary blog to primary.

But, you have an option to convert your secondary blog to your primary Tumblr blog. You can easily and permanently change your Primary Blog. If you are following the primary blog, the process is simple. Do follow the following methods.

How to Change Primary Blog on Tumblr?

To change your Primary Blog on Tumblr, here are the simple and easy steps. There are different ways and methods to change the Primary Tumblr Blog. Do follow the steps.

Change Primary Blog on Tumblr

How to Change Primary Blog on Tumblr

Step 1:

The first step you have to do is, go to the website of and then log in with your Tumblr account.

Step 2:

Choose the Settings option and then select the Profile option.

Step 3:

Select the Primary Blog Settings.

Step 4:

Under the website themes, choose the Edit theme option.

Step 5:

Choose the Edit HTML option. Then, you need to copy this code of


<!- windows.location = “” //->


Step 6:

After viewing the code, you need to select the “Update Preview Button”. That’s all, your process is over.

Alternative Way to Change Primary Blog on Tumblr

There is another Alternative Method to change your Primary Tumblr Blog. Here is the method, namely the Longest Way. It’s filled with the URL structure. Do follow the steps.

Step 1:

From the Settings option, select the Profile.

Step 2:

Choose the Primary Blog’s Settings option.

Step 3:

Next to the Username option, you have to select the Edit icon.

Step 4:

On the Primary Blog address, you have to type the Secondary Blog name. Then, choose the “Save Button”.

Step 5:

First, you need to replace your Temporary Blog with a Secondary Blog. Then, Replace your Primary Blog with the URL of the Secondary Blog.

Final Verdict

These all are the basic information and necessary details of how to change the Tumblr Blog easily. The article comprises all the Informative particulars of Tumblr, the usage of this blog, what are all the major benefits of this blog, the method to change the Primary Blog, and also the alternative method in a proper way.

To utilize this article, you can get a better experience about this Tumblr Blog. Make use of it and change your Primary Tumblr Blog with the reference of this article.

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