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How to Change Nickname Discord? [Complete Guide]

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Change Nickname Discord: Are you a Discord user? Do you want to set your Nickname on your Discord? This article will help you to change your name at your wish. Discord is one of the best platforms to interact with your friends and family easily. Also, Discord provides a lot of features to its users. Likewise, you can reset your nickname. It is a simple process, you can easily change the name with our guides.

Sometimes we want to escape from the boring and usual profile names. If you feel like that, you can set the nicknames or fictional names on Discord. Is this cool? Yeah! you can choose your favorite name and set it as a nickname on your Discord profile. With this article, you can easily learn the procedure to set a nickname on your profile.

How to Change Discord Nickname?

If you want to change your Nickname, then follow the below steps. It is quite easy. You can change the nickname anywhere anytime. 

Change Nickname Discord

How to Change Nickname Discord?

Step 1:

Launch the Discord and select any Server.

Step 2:

Then, right-click on your name.

Step 3:

Now, select the Change Nickname option to change the name.

Step 4:

Enter the name that you want to change and click on the Save button.

Finally, you are successful in updating a new nickname on your profile. Now, your profile will be shown your nickname to other Discord users. If you want to change your server, then you have to repeat the same process to set a nickname on a new server. 

Sometimes you cannot find the Nickname option on your Discord. Because some servers are restricted to their users to change nicknames. In this case, you can use the below-given methods to change the option.

Step 1:

On your Discord, go to the User Settings.

Step 2:

Select your Username and click on the Edit option.

Step 3:

Finally, enter your favorite name as a nickname. 


Now, you can easily change your Nickname on Discord. It is a simple method. If you face any trouble or you cannot find out the nickname option, you can change the name on the User name bar. If you had the admin-level privilege especially the Manage Nicknames, then you can change other users’ nicknames easily. Use the above simple procedure to set a nickname.

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