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How to Change Growtopia Password? [Updated Guide 2022]

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Change Growtopia Password: It is a universal fact we often use to forget our passwords. In that way, it is common with most Growtopia users to forget their account password/ email/ GrowID. I think App developers are good predictors.

Knowing that we will lose our passwords in the future, they have provided us with some possible workarounds to reset our passwords. If you are once such a Growtopia user, hook up with the following guide to change your account password. 

How to Change Growtopia Password?

If you want to change your favorite Growtopia password, you can use the upcoming guide. Here we are going to discuss a straightforward method to set a new password for your game. Moreover, you can do this process directly by using your GrowID email and GrowID. 

Change Growtopia Password

How to Change Growtopia Password?

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Step 1:

Firstly, connect your device with a stable internet connection.

Step 2:

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Visit on the Browser.

Step 3:

Now, enter your GrowID email and GrowID on the Growtopia Password Recovery page. 

Step 4:

Then, solve the captcha to move further.

Step 5:

Click on the Submit option to get the mail.

Step 6:

Now, you will receive the email for your email address which is attached. 

Step 7:

Select the reset password link to change your new password. You can also copy and paste it to the web browser.

Step 8:

Then, follow the instruction given in the mail and change your password easily.


Through our article, you can easily reset your Growtopia password without any complications. Changing the password is simple if you attach the right email address. You can use the early-mentioned method to create a new password for your Growtopia. 

Growtopia is a game where you can get a lot of interesting gaming experiences as well as new exciting features. We hope this article will help you to reset your game password and play it without any interruption. 

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