How to Change Font Discord? [2023]

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Change Font Discord: Hey guys! If you are a Discord user, then you will know about Discord and its specializations. It is one of the fast-growing platforms. Most people switch to Discord to access its features. Discord reached 140 million users in 2021. With Discord, you can commune with thousands of people from different communities. It also helps you to interact with your gaming partner while playing the game.

As well you can join any server as per your wish. At the same time, discord will allow you to create a new server of your own. Although, it has some flaws, like fonts. It has only limited options to customize the font style.

Sometimes, you may feel some difficulties using the default fonts. In the future, Discord may develop more features for fonts and styles. But until you can use this article to change your favorite fonts with us. Read this article to the end to learn the simple procedure to customize your favorite fonts.

How to Change Font Appearance on Discord?

You cannot completely change Discord’s font style, you can only modify Discord fonts like zoom in, zoom out, size of the font, and more. If you want to change its appearance, follow the below guide.

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Change Font Discord
How to Change Font Discord?

Step 1:

Launch your Discord on your Device and go to the User Settings option.

Edit channel
User Settings

Step 2:

Select the Appearance option under Settings.

Appearence option on Discord
Appearance option on Discord

Step 3:

Now, you will get three different types of sliders. 

Chat Font Scaling
Chat Font Scaling

They are Chat Font Scaling, Space Between Message Groups, and Zoom Level. So, we are going to the simple explanation for these options below, keep reading.

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How to Change Chat Font Scaling on Discord?

With this option, you can easily change the font scaling. It will help you to increase or decrease the size of the text or font. But, this is only applicable to messages, Text channels, and chats.

Basically, it is set in the 16px range, if you want to experience a cleaner appearance, you can choose the 14px range. To set larger text, you can slide it to 20px or 24px. You can choose the best one for you and then fix the range.

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Space Between Message Groups on Discord

The next one is Space Between Message Groups. It will help to change the appearance of text messages. With this option, you can increase or decrease the space between two chats.

Normally, it is set in the 16px range. If you want to fit a message on your Discord screen, then you can drag the slider toward 0px. It will show your text more fit. Or else, you want to set fewer messages on the screen and set the range as 24px.

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How to Set a Zoom Level on Discord?

Do you want to change your Discord screen completely? Then, the Zoom level is one of the best choices. It has a 50 to 200 range of scale. Discord is set as 100 default. You can drag the slider as per your wish.

To zoom in, move the slider to the right and drag it to the left to zoom out the page. You can also change the zoom option without accessing the menu. Use the Ctrl++/- or Ctrl+0.

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How to Use a Different Font In Messages on Discord?

You can send a message in a different font style. But you cannot do it, Discord. You have to use additional options to access these features. There are a lot of text/font generators available to set different fonts. Some generators are FancyTextGenerator, ExoticFonts, FontSpace, etc. Not only these, but you can also use online generators which work best for you. To send a message in a different font, follow the below steps.

Step 1:

Firstly, you have to type the message that you want to be sent.

Start Typing a Message
Start Typing a Message

Step 2:

Now, select the Style of your font.

Step 3:

Then, copy the message from the generator.

Copy message
Copy message

Step 4:

Paste the message that you copy from the website on Discord.

Alternatively, you can use a built-in formatting option of Discord. It helps you to make some adjustments to your text. 

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As said before, Discord is one of the best and growing platforms to connect with thousands of people. But, it offers limited features to change the font style. Still, you can change it with other online generators. So, if you want to set a different font on your Discord, then use the above guide to set customized fonts. Also, you can easily react to others’ messages with emojis. Now, you can easily use emojis on your chat with our guides.