How to Change Discord Background?

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Change Discord Background: Hey People! Are you a Discord user? and Do you want to escape from the boring themes on Discord? If you feel like that, then this article will give you the best guide to change your Discord Background theme simply. Yeah, Discord allows its users to swap their screens at their wish. Is it cool? Of course yes.

Using colorless themes and background is not okay. So, use our guides and change your Discord background simply. Discord offers two different modes to its users. They are Light mode and Dark mode. Sometimes. you may feel like light mode is too hard and bright. Especially, when we use it at night time.

If you want to switch to Dark mode, it is also a simple method. You can change your theme at any time without any restrictions. You can only change the two themes. If you want to change any other you have to use the BetterDiscord.

How to Change the Background theme on Discord?

As said before, Discord offers two different themes to its uses. You cannot use any other themes directly on Discord.  With the below-given procedure, you can easily change its theme at your convenience.

Change Discord Background
How to Change Discord Background?

Step 1:

On Discord, go to the User Settings.

Step 2:

Then, select the Appearance Tab.

Step 3:

Its default set is Light Theme. By choosing the Dark Theme, you can change its light to dark mode.

Step 4:

Finally, you are changing your theme successfully.

How to Change Discord Background using BetterDiscord?

If you wish to have more themes settings on your Discord interface here comes the best solution, you people.  BetterDiscord is the right choice to create your favorite and customized theme. BetterDiscord is an extension of Discord. You cannot use it without Discord. BetterDiscord offers a lot of features. To download the BetterDiscord, visit the official BetterDiscord and install it.

If you want the latest version of BetterDiscord, you can easily get it from GitHub. After the successful installation, you can see the popup on your Discord. If you get the pop-up on your screen, you installed the right application for Discord. Now, launch the BetterDiscord and you can edit your customized Background.

Before that, you have to download one. You can use two different ways to get the background. They are BetterDiscordLibrary and another one is join to the BetterDiscord official server and checkout the #theme-repo. Then select your favorite theme and follow the below procedure.

Step 1:

On your Discord, go to the User Settings.

Step 2:

And select the Bandaged BD settings. Choose the Themes tab.

Step 3:

Click on the Open Theme Folder.

Step 4:

It will direct you to Windows Explorer. Add the downloaded file.

Step 5:

Then, go back to the Discord and enable the theme to add your favorite.

Step 6:

After that, a new theme will be updated to all the applications.


You can change the Discord background to a Dark or Light theme. If you want to change different types of background themes, you can use BetterDiscord. It will help you to customize your favorite background. But, BetterDiscord is just an extension of Discord. So, you should have Discord on your device to use BetterDiscord. Use the Above given steps to change the Background theme on your Discord.

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