How to Change Chromecast Resolution Using Smartphone & PC Windows?

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Hello Friends! I hope everything is good. This article is about getting to know the basic knowledge of Chromecast. Everyone uses the Chromecast device to cast the contents to the TV through Mobile Phones, PC, and so on.

From that, here you are taking off to enhance your knowledge on Changing the Chromecast Resolution.

So, you are going to know the details of What it is Resolution, how to change the Chromecast Resolution on smartphones and as well as PC, and some other particulars.

So, read the article to know the factors of Changing Chromecast Resolution.

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How to Change Chromecast Resolution?

As we all know, for the purpose of casting to another platform, Chromecast performs a great role. Streaming local videos, mirroring any websites, and casting any streaming apps are also easy through Chromecast.

Sometimes video on the TV screen may not occur properly while casting. In that situation, it is necessary to change the Chromecast resolution in order to view a perfect video.

Change Chromecast Resolution
How to Change Chromecast Resolution

There is no way to change the aspect ratio because the Chromecast ratio depends on the TV. The Chromecast resolution will change according to the TV’s resolution you are streaming.

The process of changing Chromecast resolution is absolutely simple and easy to understand. The above methods are defined as the exact steps for changing the Chromecast Resolution. Do check the above methods.

How to Change Chromecast Resolution via Smartphones?

There will be an inbuilt cast option in smartphones and apps such as Netflix, Hotstar, etc.,

If you select the cast option, it will bring you to Chromecast. In those apps and all, you are not able to change anything when you are casting.

But you can change the aspect ratio in offline video streaming apps such as MX player, VLC Media player, etc., In these apps, if you change the aspect ratio, the resolution will also change.

Steps to Change the Chromecast Resolutions

Here, you are going to get the easy steps to change the Chromecast Resolution. The steps are going to be easy and simple.

Do check the points of changing the Chromecast Resolution.

Step 1:

First, install VLC Media Player on your smartphone and launch it.

Step 2:

Select the ‘More‘ option in that app, and it will bring you to the “Settings tab.

Step 3:

In the settings tab, there will be a “Video screen orientation” option next to the hardware acceleration.

Step 4:

There you find four options, namely Automatic, Locked at the sensor, Landscape, and Portrait.

To change your Chromecast resolution, you should choose Screen orientation.

Step 5:

Finally, you will see the change in Resolution.

How to change the Chromecast Resolution on PC?

In this part, you are getting to know the aspects of changing the Resolution on the PC. The usage of Computers plays a major role. So, If you want to change that on PC, do follow the steps.

Step 1:

Set your PC to change the Chromecast Resolutions

Step 2:

If you Right-click anywhere on your desktop screen, you will find the options menu. There you choose ‘Screen Resolution’.

Step 3:

This will bring you to change the resolution by choosing the resolution option.

Step 4:

Once you change the Chromecast resolutions, click ‘Apply‘, and the process will finish successfully.

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Final Verdict

There are many features in Chromecast, like watching locally stored videos, mirroring content, etc.,

With the remote and many other features, this Chromecast will offer a full Google TV experience. Today Chromecast is considered to be the best device for casting on any platform.

I hope the article can help you to change the Chromecast Resolution easily. To change this, you have to go through this content without any hesitation.

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