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How to Install and Watch CBS Sports on Xbox? [Updated 2022]

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CBS Sports on Xbox: Hey, Sports fanatics! Do you ever imagine streaming all your favorite Sports content in a single service? Now it has hit reality. Yeah! You heard me right. CBS Sports is a streaming service that provides sports content from all categories.

Also, you can access this app on your Xbox quickly. This article includes the direct methods to enjoy all your favorite Sports content on your desirable devices using the CBS Sports app. So, let’s jump into the article to explore more perplexing facts about CBS Sports.

What is CBS Sports?

CBS Sports is an American sports streaming service, and it is one of the subsidiaries of CBS. Especially, CBS Sports is specially designed for Sports lovers. You can stream all kinds of sports with this app, such as NFL, NCAA, Super Bowl, PGA, Showtime Champion, and so on.

Also, you can get permission to stream live sports too. Additionally, CBS Sports offers Scores, Sports News, Sports videos, and so on. With CBS Sports, you can stream 24/7 sports news.

Basically, CBS Sports is a subscription-based service. It has two different types of subscriptions, namely ad-supported and ad-free. With ad-supported, you can get your favorite sports content with commercials. On the other hand, you can easily escape from the annoying ads using an ad-free service.

With CBS Sports, you need not worry about compatibility. Because CBS Sports is natively available on your Xbox. So, installing and accessing the CBS Sports app on your desired device is simple.

How to Install and Watch CBS Sports on Xbox?

If you want to stream CBS Sports content on your Xbox device, this section will help you with a simple method. Watching your favorite Sports content is quite easy with our guidance.

CBS Sports on Xbox

How to Install and Watch CBS Sports on Xbox?

Step 1:

The first and most important thing to access CBS Sports on your Xbox is turning on your device and connecting with a stable Wi-Fi connection.

Step 2:

Then, head to the Xbox Store or Microsoft Store on your device.

Step 3:

Now, click on the Search button and enter CBS Sports.

Step 4:

Search for the app and select CBS Sports from the suggestion list.

Step 5:

Also, choose the Install button to add the app to your Xbox device.

Step 6:

After the successful installation, launch the CBS Sports app on your desirable device.

Step 7:

Now, your Xbox screen will display the Activation Code; note it down.

Step 8:

Then, go to the CBS Sports Activation website on the browser.

Step 9:

Now, Select your Xbox device name and enter the activation code correctly.

Step 10:

Certainly, click on the Continue button to activate the CBS Sports app on your device.

Step 11:

Finally, you can watch all your favorite sports content on the Xbox device.

Is CBS Sports available on Xbox?

Of Course, Now, you can easily stream all your favorite sports content on your Xbox device using the CBS Sports app.


CBS Sports is one of the best streaming services, which allows you to watch your favorite sports from all the categories. You can use the above-given straightforward methods to install the CBS Sports app on your Xbox device. Check for Xbox on our website to get the best guide to enjoy more apps on your Xbox device.

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