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How to Cancel ESPN Plus on Roku? [2022]

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Cancel ESPN Plus on Roku: Hey readers! I know you are suffering from canceling your ESPN Plus on Roku. That’s why you are redirected to this page. Don’t worry; we have the best ways to unsubscribe the ESPN+ on Roku. So don’t get any confusion about canceling the current subscription plan of ESPN+. The reason for creating this article is nothing but one hard day I, too, suffer from canceling my ESPN+ on Roku account.

I referred so many ways, and after that, I got a satisfactory conclusion about canceling the ESPN+ package. Now I entered the exact methods to unsubscribe the ESPN Plus what I did to unsubscribe ESPN+ subscription. And the important note is if you skip any steps from the below article, the major steps will miss. After that, you have faced some difficulties unsubscribing ESPN+ on Roku. So only the kind request is don’t miss any valuable steps.

How to Cancel ESPN Plus on Roku?

First, we must know that the ESPN Plus service allows us to cancel our subscription plan anytime. Of course, ESPN Plus will enable us to cancel our subscription plan anytime, but a refund is unavailable like many services. If you cancel your current subscription plan to ESPN Plus, you can stream its content till your subscription period ends. So we directly jump into the way to cancel Espn Plus on Roku.

ESPN Plus on Roku
How to Cancel ESPN Plus on Roku?
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In the below article, we gave three methods to cancel Espn Plus Subscription. First, read it word by word to cancel your Espn Plus subscription. The below two ways are derived from the official websites of ESPN+ and Roku. So don’t make a delay; just complete this article to cancel your ESPN+ current subscription plan.

Cancel ESPN Plus on Roku Through the Official Website of ESPN Plus

Here we show the direct way to cancel Espn Plus via ESPN Plus’s legal page. You no need to go to another website or streaming device’s settings. ESPN Plus’s official website allows us to cancel our ESPN Plus straightly. Follow the below steps to call off your ESPN Plus on Roku.

Step 1:

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Open Manage my ESPN+ Subscription through a streaming device like a Computer or mobile browser.

Step 2:

Login to the ESPN+ account with your credential details.

Step 3:

If you are not logged already, enter your credential details, like your registered email address and password, to log in.

Step 4:

Redirect to ESPN+ Subscription.

Step 5:

Select Manage from the ESPN+ Subscription.

Step 6:

After that, Pick Cancel Subscription from the Manage Subscription.

Step 7:

Now select Cancel Now to drop your current ESPN+ subscription.

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Cancel ESPN Plus on Roku from Roku Device

The main advantage of the Roku Streaming device is managed or canceling your subscription channel is possible. Roku allows us to call off our subscription channel at any time. In the same way, we can cancel ESPN+ through Roku devices. Read the below steps carefully to cancel your ESPN+ via Roku streaming device.

Step 1:

Press the Home button on your Roku remote.

Step 2:

Locate and access option for a subscription channel ESPN+.

The below two ways are used to access options for an ESPN+ on a Roku device.

From Channel lineup

  • Select the Home icon.
  • Highlight the Subscription channel ESPN+ using arrow buttons.
  • In your Roku remote, have a Star button. Click it.

From Channel Store

  • Select Streaming Channels.
  • Browse ESPN+, and select it.
  • Press the OK button from your Roku streaming device remote.

Step 3:

If you access ESPN+ successfully, Select Manage Subscription.

Step 4:

Select Cancel Subscription to unsubscribe the ESPN+.

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Cancel ESPN+ on Roku through Roku Website

We can unsubscribe the ESPN+ on Roku without using a Roku streaming device. Yes! The above statement is possible on the website of Roku. Now cancel our ESPN+ subscription plan on the Roku website. Follow the below actions to cancel your ESPN+ subscription.

Step 1:

Firstly, On your streaming service or mobile phone, Go to

Step 2:

Log in with your Roku credentials, like an email account, and create a password for Roku.

Step 3:

Then, Select the Manage your Subscriptions Option.

Step 4:

After clicking the Manage your Subscription Option, the My Subscriptions page is loaded and will show all the subscription channels.

Step 5:

Find ESPN+ on the list from the My subscriptions.

Step 6:

Select Unsubscribe to cancel your subscription on ESPN+.

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Cancel ESPN Plus on Roku Using Customer Care Service 

Undoubtedly, Using Customer Care to cancel your ESPN+ on Roku is a common way. Below is the exact information about unsubscribing from your ESPN+ current subscription plan on Roku.

Through Phone to unsubscribe:

Call this phone number 1800-727-1800 to follow the instructions to cancel your current subscription plan of ESPN+ on Roku.

Through Mail to unsubscribe:

Send a mail to cancel your ESPN+ current subscription plan on the Roku streaming device via [email protected] After that, you will receive a mail from [email protected] with instructions for canceling your ESPN+ service on the Roku streaming device.


Finally, ESPN+ is one of the best places to stream ESPN channel content. But sometimes, we have to face some challenges streaming ESPN+ content on Roku. We, too, feel bored streaming the same type of content on Roku. At the same time, we decided to cancel our current subscription plans for ESPN+ and renew the new plan from other streaming services. There are so many ways to unsubscribe from ESPN+. The above article holds the two best ways to cancel your subscription plan to ESPN+. Try the above two methods to unsubscribe your ESPN+ on Roku.

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