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How to Cancel DoorDash DashPass Subscription? [Simple Methods]

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Cancel DoorDash DashPass: As a DashPass user, you are in the right place if you are searching for simple methods to cancel your subscription. I hope you people will be familiar with the DoorDash service. Indeed it is a technology company with a motto to empower local economies. DoorDash is making connecting the people with their neighborhoods as simple as possible.

Certainly, DashPass is the subscription by DoorDash. With the DashPass, you can avail of the zero delivery fee. You will make the DashPass pay for itself by making just two orders. The DashPass makes the delivery, pickup, and grocery everything easy.

Who has more benefits on DashPass? Well, DashPass is mainly for the people who have the habit of ordering foods continuously. In simple words, the DashPass will get you free delivery and some discounts. If you are at the point of canceling your DashPass subscription, read the below-given article thoroughly to complete the process without any hassle.

How to Cancel DoorDash DashPass?

Cancel DoorDash DashPass

How to Cancel DoorDash DashPass Subscription?

There may be various reasons to cancel the DoorDash DashPass. The reasons may vary depending upon the customer and their needs. For example, some may get bored of the same old restaurants. On the other hand, a few people may plan to cook independently. Indeed, there are quite a few possible working methods to cancel your DoorDash DashPass subscription. 

  • Using the Website
  • Through DoorDash app
  • Sending an Email

How to Cancel DoorDash DashPass using Website?

The first convenient method to cancel the DashPass is using the official website. We shall enter the process if you are ready with your PC or laptop now. 

Step 1:

Visit the official DoorDash log-in page. 

Step 2:

Enter your Email Id and Password.

Step 3:

Click the Menu button and find your subscription.

Step 4:

Choose your subscription details and hit the End Subscription button.

Step 5:

Finally, click on the Confirm button to terminate your DashPass subscription. 

How to Cancel DoorDash DashPass using DoorDash App?

You can cancel your DoorDash DashPass subscription even more conveniently with the DoorDash app. Indeed, the DoorDash app is compatible with the install and use on both Android and iOS. So now, let’s get into the process of canceling your subscription.

Step 1:

Initially, Open the DoorDash app on your Android or iOS device.

Step 2:

Navigate to the Accounts tab in the app.

Step 3:

Then, click on the Manage DashPass option.

Step 4:

Now, select the End Subscription button.

How to Cancel DoorDash DashPass using Email?

The final method to cancel your DashPass subscription is by contacting the customer care team. Indeed they can easily cancel your subscription quickly. This process is straightforward. The only thing you have to do is send a mail to with your account details. 


Is it possible to cancel the DoorDash DashPass subscription?

Yes, it is effortless to cancel your DashPass subscription. You can do it through DoorDash’s official website or more conveniently using the DoorDash app. 

Can I get a refund by canceling the DashPass subscription?

Yes, you can get a refund if you cancel your subscription within 48 hours of paying the fee. After that, you have to contact customer care to mention your reason for canceling the subscription.


This is how you can cancel the DashPass subscription effortlessly. Not only with DoorDash, but it is familiar with every platform that we may lose our interest in using those services.

It is better to cancel the subscription in such instances than continue using the service. Refer to the above article for the complete methods to withdraw your DoorDash DashPass subscription without any hassle. 

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