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How to Watch BT Sport on Roku? [2022]

Are you insanely crazy about Sports? Want more Sports updates to feed your mind? BT Sport is exclusively designed and developed for you. You can binge-watching Sports on BT Sport on your portable devices. The user experience is fantabulous in watching BT Sport. BT Sport is available on almost all devices. This write-up is going to show How to watch BT Sport on Roku.

BT Sport app is a live sports TV app that is easily accessible on devices such as Android phones, iOS, Windows, Tablets, Samsung Smart TV, Apple TV, Xbox One, PS4, and Now TV Stick. You can download the BT Sport app in the respective App Store and click the Download button.

What is BT Sport?

BT Sport on Roku

 BT Sport is a paid television sports channel let out by BT Consumer and owned by BT Group. It came into the play around August 2013. In BT Sport you get tons and tons of Sports content to keep you busy and entertained all time. BT Sport is available on various platforms. In the earlier days, it had a simple definition video streaming service. But now, it offers a High definition video streaming experience. It gives a better experience to watch any sport. You get to watch demanded content, sports highlights, key moments, replays, sports news, scores update, player stats, and etc.

BT Sports offers popular sports like Football, Motorsport, Boxing, UFC, Rugby Union, American Sports, Cricket, Sailing, Squash, Fishing, and more. It offers the world’s famous Football leagues includes UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, Premier League, FA Cup, SPL, Bundesliga, Ligue 1. BT Sport users can watch all the top sports events conducted especially for a particular sport on BT Sport.

Features of BT Sport

The features list goes on and on in the case of BT Sport. To throw light on few:

  • Get to watch videos from the archive.
  • Binge on the favorite part of a particular match or league.
  • HD streaming service.
  • Multiple camera replay.
  • Live sports experience.
  • Feed your mind with goal alerts.
  • Watch the live matches later without any issues.
  • On-demand shows.
  • Watch video clips including Highlights, Interviews, Replays, Key moments, and more.
  • BT Sports is user friendly to use.

BT Sport Subscription

It comes up with many subscriptions,

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  • BT Sport offers a monthly pass just for £25. From that, you can watch all 4 BT Sport channels for 30 days. You can access all the UEFA Champions and Europa Leagues matches for 30 days.
  • BT Sport on Sky TV with Broadband at £46.99/month – 24 months contract.
  • The next plan is BT SPORT ON SKY TV + FIBRE 1 at a £46.99/month – 24 months contract.
  • BT SPORT ON SKY TV + FIBRE 2 at £51.99/month – 24 months contract.

The above-mentioned packages offer you all the BT Sports channels and BoxNation on Sky TV HD resolution (free) for 3 months. And it costs £6.50 from the 4th month. If you aren’t a BT Customer, then also you can get ahead with BT Sport, if you have access to BT TV. And if you already have BT Broadband and Sky TV, then just pay £20 extra to get BT Sport.

Is BT Sport available on Roku?

To watch BT Sport on a larger screen, we can use external devices. But here,  BT Sport isn’t available on Roku. To watch BT Sport via Roku you have to do screen mirroring and it is the only way. The screen mirroring process is very simple and easy. Let’s see how to do it.

How to Watch BT Sport on Roku?

As said before, BT Sport isn’t available on Roku. Being a mobile based app you can’t get it on Roku. To get further details on using Bt Sport on Roku follow the screen mirroring method provided below:

Step1: Switch ON your TV.

Step2: Connect your Roku device and TV’s HDMI port.

BT Sport on Roku

Step3: Secure your device and Roku by connecting them to the same Wi-Fi.

Step4: Go to the Roku home screen using Roku remote’s home button.

BT Sport on Roku

Step5: Select Settings and tap on the System option.

BT Sport on Roku

Step6: Tap Screen Mirroring, In that Choose the Screen Mirroring Mode.

BT Sport on Roku

Step7: Again Tap the Prompt option.

BT Sport on Roku

Step8: Scanning of nearby devices takes place. Choose your device name from the list. Your Roku is ready to screen mirror.

Cast BT Sport on Roku using Smartphone

Step9: Go head to the BT Sport.com on your PC.

Step10: Click on the Buy Now option on monthly pass subscription.

BT Sport on Roku

Step11: Create an account.

BT Sport on Roku

Step12: Make your payment and subscribe to it.

Step13: Download the BT Sport app on your mobile.

Step14: Visit your mobile Settings and click cast option.

BT Sport on Roku

Step15: Now your mobile scans for nearby devices.

Step16: Tap on your Roku connected TV.

BT Sport on Roku

Step17: Go to the BT Sport App in your mobile.

Step18: Now enjoy treat your sports fever with the larger screen experience!

To Conclude

To close, the BT Sport Pack offers you with many live Premier League matches, live WTA tennis matches,  Europe’s Elite Club Competition, Global tournaments, etc. So, it’s indeed worthy enough to spend on BT Sport, if you are a die hard sports enthusiast. Give it a try!!

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