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Is Block Puzzle a mindless game, or does it require careful strategizing?

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The era of smartphones and online gaming has got gamers spoilt for choice. But no matter how many different types and genres of games are released, people are craving familiar games like Tetris. Do you remember spending hours placing the falling blocks to clear the game screen? Check out the Block Puzzle game if you want to relive those days again. 

Block puzzle

Block puzzle

The Block Puzzle game online is a reimagined variant of the famous puzzle game Tetris. It is a multiplayer game played with real-life online players. Once you install the game on your smartphone and tap play, you’ll be randomly matched with an online player with skills and experience of varying levels. You can engage in free practice games, 1V1 intense battles, or participate in 1VN tournaments to win cash. 

But whether the game is a mindless one or requires strategizing, the answer is the latter. The Block Puzzle game is a puzzle game where you have to use your brains and skills to place the block pieces. If you are not smart when putting the pieces on the grid, you can’t clear the lines and lose the match. As a matter of fact, Tetris was never a mindless game. If you didn’t carefully place the block pieces left or right, they would pile up and not leave you any space to place more block pieces. 

Therefore, ensure to eliminate all distractions when playing this game. Also, always think of the future consequences of every move. Do not let the countdown timer get the best of you and make you nervous. You can also keep in mind the following Block Puzzle strategies to help you beat your opponent and win the match. 

The game needs to start from the corners and not the center of the grid 

You do not want the game to end quickly. You must last for the full five minutes. The best way to ensure that is not hampering your chances of scoring the highest is by mindlessly placing the block pieces in the center of the game board. 

Start by placing the block pieces on both corners of the board. By doing this, you are getting more vertical and horizontal choices. Also, it helps you avoid filling up the space in the middle and clear more lines. After all, the unavailability of space on the board is the primary reason your game will abruptly come to an end. 

Don’t focus on clearing lines, but you need to get rid of multiple lines 

The trick to scoring higher than your opponent is acquiring as many bonus points as possible. Clearing single lines will not provide you with bonus points. It would be best to concentrate on clearing multiple columns and rows simultaneously. So, consciously place the block pieces and ensure you can clear several lines. 

The objective of the game is to clear lines and not fill up the game board 

Most players are under the impression that the game’s objective is to place the block pieces on the board. In reality, the goal is to clear space on the board by placing the block pieces. So, it would be best if you did not focus on filling up the board. Place the block pieces properly and ensure they clear horizontal and vertical lines. If you can clear many lines, you will score more points. You will also remain in the game until the timer runs out. 

All the moves must be planned, and you must not play mindlessly 

The Block Puzzle game appears straightforward, but the game is tricky. You will see three block pieces appearing on your screen, and it will not help you place them anywhere and absurdly on the game board. It would be best if you plan your moves. For instance, if the plan is to clear multiple rows and columns, you must place the block pieces following your plan. 

The square piece can ruin your game unless you leave space for it 

One of the most important strategies is the space allocation for the 3X3 square piece. It is one of the most notorious block pieces that can make or break your game. You must always leave space for this piece on the game board, or you will be at a loss when it pops up during the game. The square piece cannot be rotated, and it must be placed the way it is. 

Dumping block pieces across the grid is never an option

You can win the Block Puzzle game by placing the blocks consciously to score points. Also, You need to carefully choose where you place them and must consider leaving blank cells for the square piece. You will lose the match if you dump all of the available block pieces because you are running out of time. The objective isn’t to place the blocks but to place them so you can clear vertical and horizontal lines. 

The bottom line 

The Block Puzzle is a fun and engaging activity. It isn’t a mindless game that you can play without strategizing or thinking about future moves. So, it would be best to keep in mind the tactics mentioned above when engaging in 1V1 intense battles with online players or participating in tournaments to earn cash rewards. 

Now, download and install the app. Play practice games to hone your skills, and you’ll become a pro. 

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