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Hello guys! Are you searching for some best word processors for Chromebook, then this article might help you. Before getting into the topic, let us know what is a word processor and its purpose.

In simple terms, a word processor is a device or a program that helps for editing, formatting, input, and output of text in a keyboard. And providing a printout that includes some additional features.

In the beginning, word processors are just a device that is dedicated to its function. But nowadays word processors are programs running on general-purpose computers.

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There are limited apps for Chromebook users, you need not feel bad in this case. There are many apps that are compatible with chromeOS which includes word processor apps. So editing and printing documents are now easier with the help of Chromebook.

Best Word Processor for Chromebook
Best Word Processor for Chromebook

There are some advantages for those who are upgrading chromeOS and have access to all android word processor apps form the play store. The right app will keep you focused on your work. Some of the word processor apps which are convenient for usage are given below.

  1. Microsoft word
  2. WPS office
  3. Microsoft office
  4. Google Docs
  5. Open office writer
  6. Writer
  7. Zoho writer

1. Microsoft Word – Best Word Processors for Chromebook

This app helps in creating documents, notes, journals, assignments, etc. It is almost used by a large number of people like students, journalists, writers, and so on.

There are many layout options for editing documents and it supports file formats like PDF, scripts, letter, etc., in addition to documents. This app is easy to use and it also helps you in sharing the documents in an email message.

2. WPS Office -Word Processors for Chromebook

This is a lightweight application that works as a word processor on chromeOS yet a powerful tool for editing word documents, Excel, and presentations. It supports file formats like PDFs and notes and hence it is compatible with MS office, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Adobe PDF, and Open office.

The in-built PDF converter helps in converting the word and paper documents into PDF files and it will automatically save them to the cloud. This app also helps you in sharing the documents over email and other social websites.

3. Microsoft office

This app helps you to create, view, and edit word documents on the go, and also you can work on excel and PowerPoint. So you will get better results in a one-cover. This handy app has in-built templates that help you to create a resume, presentation, and other documents easily.

You can sign using finger and scanning QR codes also you can transfer files between devices. Chromebook users have word processor support through this app.

4. Google docs

This app is used to create new documents and also edit the existing files at once. It helps to work with colleagues and associates. Editing documents is more efficient with this app which comprises many functions and it saves the files automatically to google drive and you can access your files there anytime.

On ChromeOS, Docs is available in offline mode and it supports adding and responding to comments.

5. Writer

This app takes control of the documents which are important to you. The interface of this app is amazing in that it does not divert you during editing or writing. This app has various functions and it helps to write novels, scripts, screenplays, stories, etc. in which you can set writing goals.

It is with google drive and simple note, etc. It helps in creating and editing multiple documents and supports night mode and autosave, etc. Also, It supports importing and exporting as writer files, HTML, and word.

6. Open office writer

This app is a fully-featured app with many functions and it also supports file formats like .docx and .doc. Creating and editing documents is more precise in this app. In this featured app, we can add pictures and diagrams and it also saves the files in the cloud where you can access the documents and other files.

It includes auto-complete, auto-correct, different styles, and formats. This app is easily available and it provides many functions.

7. Zoho writer

This app is easy to use and it is fully featured based on the cloud. It is a more powerful writer, develop to work by a group of people to get better results.

You can create cost-free inspiring documents and it is useful for almost any type of people who write content. It helps you get better outcomes.

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Other Word Processors for Chromebook

  • Word office
  • Word document reader
  • Jotter pad


The above are some of the best word processors for Chromebook and it is available in play store. Choose accordingly to the features and functions to work efficiently and obtain better results. For more Tips & Tricks for Chromebook, Visit Your Tech List.

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