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7 Best Word Processors for Chromebook to try out in 2022

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Best Word Processors for Chromebook: In recent times, using internet-based platforms is increasing day by day. For everything, the users can use social media platforms and some applications for their personal or professional purposes.

From that, this article is going to express the basic details of the Best Word Processor for Chromebook to your better experience. To know all the basic particulars of Word Processor and its alternatives, do read the article.

Word Processor

A Word Processor is a device or a program. Using the tool, the users can do the process of editing, formatting, input, and output of text on a keyboard. It also gives you some other additional features. In recent days, it’s also working for the general purpose of computers.

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You can use this tool on your Chromebook easily. Follow the upcoming ways to know the best Word Processor of Chromebook.

Best Word Processor for Chromebook

7 Best Best Word Processors for Chromebook
7 Best Best Word Processors for Chromebook

The usage of Word Processor is increasing all the time. Everyone uses many types of Word Processors for their convenience. For their comfortable part, the article offers the best Word Processor for their personal and professional purposes.

There are many more applications that are applicable to the Chrome OS. So, you can easily get many Word Processors for your better use. Then, you can easily edit and print your documents on your Chromebook. The basic and useful Word Processors are given below.

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  • Microsoft word
  • WPS office
  • Microsoft office
  • Google Docs
  • Open office writer
  • Writer
  • Zoho writer

Microsoft Word

The first and best Word Processor to do your work easily, you can go with the best tool and application of Microsoft Word. Using this source, you can easily create documents, notes, journals, assignments, and so on.

There are many members using this platform to utilize their personal and professional skills in a proper way. The members are students, journalists, writers, and many more.

You can get the features like editing documents and it supports file formats like PDF, scripts, letters, and so on. There is an option to create the documents in the best way.

You can easily use and handle this application. Then, to share this file, you can use the email. Sharing the documents is also an easy process. Surely, this app will help you in your critical situation.

WPS Office

You can use the next application on Chrome OS is WPS Office. It’s a lightweight source that helps you to edit your documents in an easy way. The application works as a tool for editing word documents, Excel, and presentations.

This source is applicable to some other sources like MS office, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Adobe PDF, and Open office. You can easily make your file as a PDF and also as a link.

Whatever you are saving on your WPS Office, it will save on the option called Cloud. The PDF converter option is located in this application, you can easily convert your document as a PDF file without any issues.

If you want to share your files through the mail and social media, it will allow the files to share your documents with all types of sources. So, you can easily share your files without any hurdles and it will keep your documents safe at all times.

Best Word Processors for Chromebook – Microsoft office

The following best Word Processor is called Microsoft Office. This is the most familiar and well-known source to everyone. Many of them used this application for their workplace and also for academic purposes. This app allows the users to create, view, and edit word documents. Then you can also work on excel and PowerPoint easily.

In a one-cover, you can easily get all these aspects. To make a presentation, resume, and some other valuable processes, it possesses many in-built templates to make your work easy.  To share your files and documents you can use your finger and scan QR codes. The users of Chromebook, you can utilize this application without any further details.

Best Word Processors for Chromebook – Google docs

The next amazing source is Google Docs. It’s mostly the same as the Word Document. You can use this application on your Android devices and also the PC or Laptop at your convenience. The app allows you to create new documents and also edit the existing files at once.

You can also use the app to work with colleagues and associates freely. If you are using the app and you forget to save the file, don’t worry. Because the document will save automatically and then you can edit your document at any time.

From all these factors, this Google Docs application is available in the Offline Mode. You can easily use the app offline and online as well. If you are typing and making a document on this app, it alters your grammar mistakes and sentence formation in a proper way.

This app especially supports adding and responding to comments. So, you can use this app at any time on your comfortable devices.

Best Word Processors for Chromebook – Writer

The next application for Best Word Processor is known as Writer. This app helps you in a lot of wonderful ways. The main focus of this source is to control the documents which are more important and necessary to you.

If you are editing and writing something, the app doesn’t disturb and distract you. To do your work properly and to finish by the time which you want, it will help you to complete your task at the fixed period.

Writer app possessing the ultimate features like writing novels, scripts, screenplays, stories, and many more. The app helps you to make your writing goals extraordinary way. You can save this file with Google drive.

There are many features filled in the source that you can easily create and edit your multiple documents. And also it has some other factors of night mode, autosave, and much more. At last, It gives you the option of importing and exporting your writer files as HTML, and word.

Best Word Processors for Chromebook – Open Office Writer

Open Office Writer is one of the Wonderful sources which offers the best full-featured system with the support of file formats like .docx and .doc. You can easily create and edit your documents as per your wish.

The most special specification of this app is, the users can add pictures and diagrams and it also saves the files in the cloud. It also has the most amazing feature of having the auto-complete, auto-correct, different styles, and formats options. You can easily get this app and also it will be helpful.

Zoho writer

The final application which is compatible with the Chrome OS is Zoho Writer. It’s a full-featured and functional application and you can save your documents and files in the Cloud option. This is known as a more powerful and amazing Writer.

It’s used to develop your work through a group of people. Any type of writer can handle this source easily. In this platform, you can easily create documents cost-free. You can surely get better outcomes while using the app.

What is the best Word Processor for Chromebooks?

There are many Best Word Processor which helps you to enhance your quality time anywhere. The major and specific Chromebook Word Processors are,

  • Microsoft word
  • WPS office
  • Microsoft office
  • Google Docs
  • Open office writer
  • Writer
  • Zoho writer

Final Verdict

The article comes to an end. There are many more interesting and amazing factors of the Best Word Processors for you and your better experience. Those who are searching for the amazing best Word Processor sources, have to go through this article.

All these above applications are available on the Play Store. You can easily apply it with your Chromebook. If you want to use any type of Word Processor which is convenient to you, select one of the above Word Processors and then make use of it.

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