The 5 Best Mini ITX Motherboards to Use in 2022 [AMD & Intel]

Hi guys, I’m here with another interesting content. Guess what? Yes, the content is on the 5 best mini ITX motherboards for 2020. Are you searching for the best mini ITX motherboard for building your PC? Then this content is for you people. Let’s get into the content.

Before getting into the topic let’s discuss some valuable points about the motherboards. First of all why we need a motherboard and why it is so essential in building a PC? In this modern world, the need for PC is getting higher. On the other hand, the size of the PC is getting smaller. A motherboard is so important that it’s form factor decides the size of your computer.

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In simple terms, nearly every part of your PC gets in connection with the motherboard. Choosing the best motherboard is more important than choosing the best CPU or graphics card for your PC. Your motherboards socket and chipset limits what kind of processor you can install.

Many tech enthusiasts are dropping the term bigger is better and moving on to compact systems with better hardware. Are you planning to build a PC with the best mini ITX motherboard? Then, you will need somebody else’s advice to find out the best motherboards available on the market.

Well, I’m here to help you with that. If you are ready let’s get into the content and find the best ITX motherboard for your PC. Continue reading the below guide.

 Best Mini ITX Motherboards

Best Mini ITX Motherboards

To make your setup process uncomplicated, I have shortlisted the best mini ITX motherboards in the market. I hope this will make your PC cool and powerful.

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Let’s get into the adventure of PC building with these best mini ITX motherboards.

1. ASUS ROG STRIX Z490-I GAMING – Best Mini ITX Motherboards

ASUS ROG For  Best Mini ITX Motherboards

If you are a tech enthusiast and gaming addict, you might have known about STRIX. The STRIX name is well known for its killer gaming hardware. The motherboard is no exception to it. Z490-I delivers you with stable power and cooling. It has an 8+2 power stage, superior power delivery with alloy capacitors and also active cooling for the VRM.

These features indirectly insist you that, it can even handle the Intel’s toughest 10th Gen processor. Additional features include toss in RGB, 64GB of 4800 MHz DDR4 RAM, dual M.2 slots fr storage, and finally WiFi 6. With these excellent features, you will have an amazing board for almost any use.

2. ASROCK Z390 PHANTOM GAMING – Mini ITX Motherboards

Even though it’s small in size, it delivers a competitive performance. Its features make it to stay in the best motherboards list. Yes, it’s features include excellent networking capabilities with Gigabit ethernet. It also has BT 5.0, and Wifi connectivity with built-in Intel 2T2R Dual Band 802.11ac chip.

In the case of storage, it has two M.2 slots which are more common in large motherboards. Also, four SATA ports with RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 arrays. This motherboard comes with five phase VRM and Thunderbolt 3 connection. But it provides only half the regular speed. It offers good overclocking potential and thermal performances. Overall, for an enthusiastic gamer, ASROCK Z390 PHANTOM is a right to consider an option.


Gigabyte B360N For  Best Mini ITX Motherboards

More than an impressive motherboard, it serves as a good value for money product. Basically it has everything that a gamer needs. GIGABYTE B360N is designed to handle the eighth and ninth-generation Intel processors. It delivers a good audio experience and also some handy features.

It comes with four SATA ports and a single M.2 port for storage. B360N is fitted with the Intel Cavil 802. 11ac Wave2 2T2R WIFI chip. So, we can expect a stable WiFi and BT 5.0 connection. USB ports such as four USB 3.1 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, and two HDMI ports. Overall, it can satisfy a mainstream gamer.


If you don’t nee the latest one but a motherboard with genuine quality, ASUS ROG STRIX B450-I is for you guys. It had a higher-end performance when it was showcased. Even after a few years, it delivers decent performance with a feature-rich AM4 motherboard.

Some of its great features include two M.2 slots for storage, and auto-tuning. Its Fan expert helps you in perfect overclocking and cooling configuration in no time. Aura Sync RGB is known for its great lighting performance. Overall, it has a solid networking capacity with Gigabit Ethernet and WiFi connectivity. It also delivers HD audio quality. Apart from its age, ASUS ROG STRIX B450-I is really a great machine and a faithful motherboard.


This motherboard is especially for AMD fans who can build a mini ITX system at an affordable price. MSI B450I GAMING PLUS works better with the second Gen Ryzen processors. It has been on the market for some two years. Even it has a low price it offers good storage capacity with a single M.2 port.

A good quality networking with Gigabit Ethernet and Intel 3168 802.11ac Wi-Fi. It comes with an AM4 socket and support for up to 32GB of DDr4 memory with speed up to 3466MHz. In the case of the USB connectivity, it comes with four USB3.1 ports and two USB2.0 ports. If you want a value for money product than the latest features, keep MSI B450I motherboard in your to consider list.


That’s all guys. This is all you need to know about the best mini ITX motherboards in 2020. I hope the content will be useful and satisfactory. I have listed above the best mini ITX motherboards available in the market. Choose accordingly upon your need and budget. If you mind quality rather than features, select the apt motherboard that satisfies your needs from my list. Stay on the track and update yourself with technology.

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