Best Kodi Add-Ons to Use in April 2022 [Legit and Regularly Updated]

Best Kodi Add-Ons: If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way. Similarly, the Add-Ons on the Kodi app may seem common.

But it helps you in a great way to stream your favorite content at ease. Most users are unaware of this amazing app Kodi, and the add-ons feature.

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Seemingly, Kodi is an open-source media player that XBMC Foundation, a non-profit organization, has brought forward. By which the Kodi app is free to use and is available on multiple platforms.

Furtherly it is one of the most used applications in streaming devices like Firestick, Apple TV, and much more. You can easily install the Kodi app on the device you desire.

But how to start using the Kodi app? How to add and use the so-called Kodi Add-Ons? What are the best Kodi Add-Ons to use at this point?

Well, this article will serve as the answering element to all your queries regarding the Add-Ons on the Kodi app. If you are ready, let’s jump into the primary part of this article. 

Best Kodi Add-Ons

In simple words, Add-Ons are nothing but content fetchers. Seemingly these add-ons help the Kodi app to collect the content for you in various categories.

Those categories include streaming services, TV channels, radio and music stations, etc. At this point, there are millions of add-ons available over the internet.

But, of course, most of them are third-party add-ons. You may be using Kodi for several years, but the main point to note is that you don’t need 100 to 200 add-ons to watch the content you need.


Best Kodi Add-Ons
Best Kodi Add-Ons

Contrarily, all you need is just five to six different add-ons in multiple categories. What matters the most is the safety and reliability of the add-ons you choose.

So, after using the Kodi app on my Firestick for good enough time, here I have provided the Best Kodi Add-Ons in significant categories out of my streaming experience. 

Top 10 Kodi Add-Ons

  1. Exodus Redux – Free movies and TV shows
  2. Venom – On-demand movies and TV series
  3. Popconflix – Hollywood and blockbuster movies
  4. BinkyTV – Free Cartoons and Kid’s shows
  5. CTOON – Cartoons and Japanese anime with subtitles
  6. Deutsche Welle (DW) – German content, live TV, local and international news
  7. ESPN3 – Sporting events
  8. YouTube – On-demand video and live content
  9. National Geographic – Free documentaries and additional content
  10. Disney+Hotstar – Bollywood and Indian content

Best Kodi Add-On for Movies, Sports, TV Serials, Live Tv, Drama

The following list will provide you with the best add-ons to watch movies and TV shows on Kodi. It will be good if you consider using a reliable VPN to protect your online privacy. Let’s get into the compilation without any further delay.

The Oath

The Oath is one of the best Kodi add-ons at this point. It is compatible to work on both Kodi 18 and Kodi 19. In addition, it helps you to fetch tons of links to stream movies, TV shows, and much more.

This add-on has a separate section for every content like My Movies, My TV Shows, New Movies, etc. So in simple words, the Oath can be said as the must-have add-on on Kodi. 

Repository URL:

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Exodus Redux

Exodus Redux is another safe and reliable add-on for Kodi. With Exodus Redux, you can watch popular movies and TV shows in HD quality.

Most people say that Exodus Redux is the clone app of the popular and still active add-on ‘Exodus.’ But Exodus Redux has some edge over Exodus as it is new and loaded with many new features.

Unlike the old Exodus, the all-new Exodus Redux has some knock-out features like ultra-fast loading, zero buffering, top-notch shows in HD quality. 

Repository URL:


Seemingly, Venom is a new entry to the Kodi Add-Ons platform. This relatively new add-on is ideal for streaming your favorite movies and TV shows at ease.

The auto-play feature with the add-on provides you with an ultra-fast streaming experience on the Kodi app. Indeed, the vast library of content and features to pull the top-notch movies makes it more interesting. 

Repository URL:


Morpheus is relatively a new add-on on Kodi. Of course, it is a standard add-on that helps in video streaming. Indeed, the Morpheus add-on helps you in watching popular shows in various categories.

In addition to movies, you can also watch TV shows, series, documentaries, anime, and much more. Furtherly, the intuitive interface of Morpheus provides you with an easy searching and streaming experience.

By integrating Morpheus with Real Debrid indeed you can enjoy some free movies. Morpheus also provides you the option to integrate with Trakt TV. By which you can start from the point where you left. 

Repository URL:

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VideoDevil is not similar to other add-ons mentioned above. Unlike the VideoDevil add-on that fetches adult content from more than 40 websites.

In simple words, VideoDevil is one of the best porn add-ons to get on Kodi. With a vast array of content and a user-friendly interface, VideoDevil is known for providing the best streaming experience. 

Repository URL:


FapZone is similar to the above-mentioned add-on, VideoDevil. Indeed, FapZone is another add-on on Kodi that fetches you porn content.

Do you know what’s more interesting and annoying too about FapZone? Well, it’s interface. Yes, FapZone has been designed with a plain and boring interface.

But the one clear thing about that is, FapZone primarily focuses on its thematic design. Indeed, it offers multiple categories to choose the content you desire.

This add-on can be found on the SteamArmy Repo. Seemingly, you will need a unique pin generated by the system to log in and use the app content. 

Repository URL:


Seemingly, FEN is a video streaming add-on on Kodi. Even though it is relatively a new add-on, it helps you fetch tons of content.

Indeed, FEN includes various categories like Movies, TV Shows, Downloads, Discover, Subscriptions, Trakt lists, and much more. In addition, FEN is incredibly a lightweight and smooth add-on, making it excitingly easy to use.

The respective add-on is updated regularly with new content. So, you will always have something exciting to stream on Kodi. 

Repository URL:

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Exodus V8

As we have seen while discussing about Exodus Redux, Exodus is one of the most used Kodi add-ons. Of course, it is still active but living only with the glory of its past.

Indeed, it was shut down once, and yeah, now it has been revived. Furtherly, it has a vast library of content that is updated regularly. But the issue with Exodus V8 is it is unreliable at times. 

Repository URL:

Rogue One

Want to stream some free entertainment? Then, Rogue One is the perfect add-on to use on Kodi to watch movies, TV shows, series, and various other video content.

Seemingly, you can locate the Rogue One add-on on the Narcacist Wizard Repository. Indeed, the respective add-on is compatible with both Kodi 18 and Kodi 19.

Moreover, you have various categories provided inside this add-on for easy access. In addition, the Rogue One add-on also lets you watch promotions of various sports events

Repository URL:

The Boys

The Boys is another excellent add-on that works seamlessly on both Kodi 18 and Kodi 19. Seemingly, this add-on supports streaming movies, TV shows, and much more for free.

What’s more interesting is that ‘The Boys’ is an all-in-one add-on that brings together various add-ons like Ghost, Wasteland, Chains, and Mad Titans.

As a result, you will have a lot of content to stream. Furthermore, unlike other add-ons, The Boys is good at providing live TV and sports content too. Indeed, you can merge the respective add-on with Real Debrid for a better streaming experience. 

Repository URL:

7 of 9 

In simple words, 7 of 9 is a multi-purpose add-on that helps you in streaming movies and video content. Indeed, it is one of the best Kodi Add-Ons that includes more than 30 categories to choose from.

Of course, the content on 7 of 9 is completely online. You can watch some special videos like Reddit movies, podcasts, Martial Arts, Lover’s Take, and much more in addition to standard movies and shows.

It is a multi-purpose add-on that includes some classic content that is hard to find at this moment. 

Repository URL:

Pluto TV

I hope most of you will be familiar with Pluto TV – an online streaming service. With 250+ channels, Pluto TV is one of the best Kodi Add-Ons to watch live TV and on-demand content.

Seemingly you can stream diverse content like movies, TV shows, music, sports, and much more. The Pluto TV add-on can be found natively in the Kodi repository section.

You can choose your favorite movies from multiple categories like horror, thriller, comedy, action, and much more. Significantly, you can watch the live and on-demand content in high quality. 


TVOne is one of the best Kodi Add-Ons available to watch live TV content. Seemingly, you can find the TVOne add-on from the Octopus Repository.

You can find various categories like documentaries, food, kids, movies, sports, music, entertainment, in addition to Live TV. Each section mentioned above includes various channels.

For example, if you choose documentaries, you can watch content from History, Discovery, Animal Planet, and much more. The TVOne add-on is compatible with installation on Kodi 19 Leia

Repository URL:

cCloud TV

Want to stream some satellite channels? Then, cCloud TV is the add-on that you have to install on Kodi. Seemingly, cCloud TV is one of the best Kodi Add-Ons to watch top-notch content with zero subscription fees.

With the Live TV option, you get the option to choose your favorites from multiple categories like All Channels, sports, documentaries, FlimOn, and much more. Furtherly, you can find the cCloud TV add-on in the Kodi Bae repository

Repository URL:

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Do you love watching sports? Then, you must know about the SportHD add-on. This add-on perfectly suits Kodi 19. Seemingly, SportHD is the successor of its predecessor, Sport 365.

Indeed, you can watch PPV of various sporting events with the SportHD add-on. The content and links on the SportHD add-on are collected from the website.

You can find the SportHD add-on in the Bugatsinho Repository. Using the SportHD add-on, you can stream multiple sports like basketball, football, handball, volleyball, and much more. 

Repository URL:

ApeX Sports

In simple words, ApeX Sports is one of the best Kodi Add-Ons to watch live sports. With live sports, you can also watch match replays, highlights, and much more.

Seemingly, you can find this ApeX Sports add-on in the Arxtic-ape Repository. In addition, to live sports, ApeX Sports also lets you watch live TV on Kodi.

Even though it has only a few categories, the simple interface makes it more user-friendly. 

Repository URL:

Fox Sports Go 

Fox Sports Go is a popular online streaming service more than an add-on. So, it is officially available on the Kodi repository. In simple words, Fox Sports Go could be the one-stop solution to watch all your favorite sports.

You can watch live, on-demand content, replays, match highlights, and much more. All you need is a Fox Sports Go subscription to access the sports content you desire on Kodi. 


As the name indicates SportsDevil is one of the best Kodi Add-Ons for watching sports. Indeed, SportDevil is known for providing high-quality sports content that you desire.

More simply, SportsDevil can be said as the must-have add-on who loves watching sports. As it offers various live sporting events, you won’t miss any of your favorites.

At this point, you can install the SportsDevil add-on from the EzzerMacs repository

Repository URL:


Ultimate fun awaits you with the FunimationNow add-on. Yes, FunimationNow is one of the best Kodi Add-Ons to watch anime shows and various kids’ content.

Seemingly it is a subscription-based service. You can either choose the monthly or yearly plan to stream the app content. Indeed the monthly plan costs you $5.99 and $59.99/year.

In addition to the paid subscription, FunimationNow also includes free streaming with some limitations. However, as it is an official app, you can easily find and install it from the native Kodi repository. 

MP3 Streams

If you are using Kodi 18 and searching for one of the best Kodi Add-Ons to listen to music, MP3 Streams is the right choice.

MP3 Streams occupies first place in our list when it comes to streaming music on Kodi. Seemingly, the MP3 Streams can be found in the Cellar Door TV repository.

Well, the respective ad-on provides various categories like Billboard Top 100, hip-hop, jazz, rap, top artists, and much more. So, create your own playlist and enjoy streaming music on Kodi. 

Repository URL:


Well, YouTube is one of the largest video-sharing platforms worldwide. If you think, is it possible to get YouTube on Kodi, the answer is Yes.

The YouTube add-on has some differences compared to the original app version. From the optimistic part, the add-on version on Kodi offers some cool features.

In simple words, YouTube is one of the best Kodi Add-On to watch online live and on-demand videos. Hunt for the YouTube add-on in the official Kodi repository. 


Finally, coming to the drama section, ICDrama holds the leader position. Seemingly, ICDrama is the perfect add-on if you love watching Korean movies and TV shows.

ICDrama is the sole service that is known for streaming the complete library of Korean drama. But, of course, the primary focus of ICDrama is on Korean drama.

In addition to that, you can watch videos from Taiwan, China, Japan, and Hong Kong. Furtherly, you can install the ICDrama add-on from the Aznhusband repository

Repository URL:


I hope you have got the updated and complete list of the best Kodi add-ons. Seemingly, Kodi is one of the most used media players on jailbroken devices like Apple TV, Firestick, and much more.

With the M3U URL or add-ons, you can add and enjoy your playlist on Kodi. Of course, it is hard to find the best add-on over the millions.

But with our guide, you can find the best add-on in category-wise. I hope the above post will be helpful and satisfactory. Have a nice day. 

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