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7 Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch to install in the 2022

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Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch: Apple watch has a huge set of features. The best feature of the Apple Watch is getting notifications on the Wrist and read messages. Also, it has the best option for fitness tracking like exercise minutes, Calories, Standings, and much more. The other best feature is Heart Rate monitoring and workout tracking.

Generally, it is about the detect falls and abnormal heart rates. Also, it has blood oxygen tracking and ECG Readings. It has GPS Tracking of workouts. In the Apple Watch, it can receive messages and make calls. It has turn-by-turn navigation. Also, it has Siri Commands for reminders, alarms, timers.

It has boarding passes and displays tickets. Apple Watch shows the time and tells it. Also, you can track sleep with Apple Watch and get Cardio Fitness Alerts. Generally, you can measure your blood Oxygen on your Apple Watch. Also, install many apps on the watch using the App Store.

What are the Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch:

You can install the Golf Apps on Apple Watch from the app store. Here are few best Golf Apps for Apple Watch.

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#1. Golf GPS SwingU

#2. Hole19 Golf GPS & Scorecard. 

#3. Golfshot: Golf GPS+Caddie

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#4. GolfLogix Golf GPD + Putt Line

#5. Golf Pad: Golf GPS & Scorecard

#6. Coach’s Eye – Video Analysis

#7. Zepp Golf

Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch

7 Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch

Golf GPS SwingU

In the world, on every course, the swing-by-swing Golf Apps works. Generally, you can find the distance to the center of the green and to any obstacles with the Golf GPS SwingU golf range finder app for the other devices and Apple Watch. Also, you can calculate distances from you to the point using Satellite Photos. Automatically, it advances from hole to hole using a Digital golf scorecard.

Generally, you can play handicap-adjusted matches and games, use graphs and stats to track improvement in your game, store your rounds for free online. Also, it gives access to elevation, the ability to track the clubs,  “plays like” distance, and real-time wind speed while purchasing the app. Also, its Golf functionality includes tracking shots, distances, and scorekeeping. 

Hole19 Golf GPS & Scorecard

Hole19 Golf GPS & Scorecard app gives you distances on over 43000 courses. It is the best app for Apple Watch as a Golf rangefinder app and it really hard to beat. Generally, you can view graphs on your performance in overall scoring, driving,  putting, greens, and short game. Also, you can track your score as well as your partner’s score. You can see in Shot Tracking how far you hit your last shot. 

Golfshot: Golf GPS+Caddie

Along with an amazing augmented reality, the free version of Golfshot includes a Golf Scorecard and distances to the center of the green and this feature helps you to plan your best shots. Generally, in the device, you can enjoy the flexibility you choose to bring to green and the augmented reality functionality makes this one of the favorite Apple Watch Golf Apps.

To get a detailed view of each course, you can zoom in to the Satellite image. Generally, the Golf GPS app offers the latest golf statistics and news such as augmented reality with Golfscape, interactive, tracking on your Apple Watch, scoring, real-time distances to all targets and hazards, and GPS distances. Then, based on statistics, the other features include personalized club recommendations and 3D flyover previews of each hole.  

GolfLogix Golf GPD + Putt Line

Generally, it comes with a lot of features including stat tracking and handicap support, GPS distances on over 35,000 courses worldwide, a scorecard for up to four players, and color 3D images with a yardage book of the course. To track your progress you must sync stats to the GolfLogix website. Also, it includes Golf Digest videos and lessons.

The Champion upgrade gives you the distance to layups and hazards as well as distances to the center, front, and back. Also, the features that help the players aim precisely include an Official Tournament Mode which offers green map books, Putt Line features, and 3D fairway maps. The Apple Watch app shows discounted tee times, GPS distances, handicap tracking, 3D course maps in color, and four-player scoring.

Golf Pad: Golf GPS & Scorecard

It offers basic features for paid versions such as Shot Tracking, Free-scoring for four players, instant distances, ariel maps with flyovers, and much more. Generally, Apple Watch has the paid support only. 

Coach’s Eye – Video Analysis

Generally, for viewing athlete technique, it can be claimed to be the worlds leading video platform. Its features include sharing videos, slow motion, importing videos from the Photos app and Dropbox, zoom, adding audio commentary and annotations, importing videos, drawing on videos, and comparing videos side-by-side. Also, the new features are added commentary to videos and the ability to annotate.

Zepp Golf

Zepp Golf works on its own, and the features include video swing capture, scorecard, a swing library, interactive leaderboard, and the training system. And these features help users to capture and edit their shots with voiceovers and Graphics. The features like real-time metrics and swing tracker are in the Free Apple Watch. 


In conclusion, you can install these Golf apps in the Apple Watch from the app store. You can see the features in the article and install them according to your need. These are the best app for Golf Apps for Apple Watch. Apple Watch has so many benefits and you can install these apps for extra benefits if you are a Golf Player.

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