18 Best Browsers for Ubuntu to Try in 2022

Best Browsers for Ubuntu: By million users worldwide the most widely used application is the Web browsers. Basically, Ubuntu is more secure and runs without installation. Also, it is an open-source operating system and free. Generally, it is resource-friendly and supports window tiling. In the market, there are many web browsers available according to the taste of internet users.

Some users prefer secure ones and some users fast web browsers. In search groups and universities, Ubuntu is popular due to the customizable graphical user interfaces that combine all the features of Unix OS. It includes a volume of software programs such as Firefox, LibreOffice, and etc. On Ubuntu, it is easy to run proprietary software.

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To license Ubuntu’s software product is General Public License GNU is used. Generally, it permits the users to create their own version of programs by changing, copying, redistributing, and developing them. Also, with its Office software features called LibreOffice, you can create professional presentations, documents, and Spreadsheets.

You can download thousands of Apps on Ubuntu. During the development cycle, it is an Open Source Operating System. Firefox and Ubuntu are both famed for their security and speed. To the project of Ubuntu Canonical offers engineering support, commercial, and design. Also, Canonical is a multinational software company. 

Best Browsers for Ubuntu
18 Best Browsers for Ubuntu

What are the Best Browsers for Ubuntu?

#1. Google Chrome

#2. Firefox

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#3. Midori

#4. Opera

#5. Vivaldi

#6. Qupzilla

#7. Brave

#8. Pale Moon

#9. SeaMonkey

#10. Waterfox

#11. Tor Browser

#12. Web (Epiphany) – GNOME Web

#13. Yandex Browser

#14. Iridium

#15. Slimjet

#16. Falkon

#17. Min Web Browser

#18. Chromium

Google Chrome – best browsers for Ubuntu

For any operating system platform, Google Chrome is the best Browser. Including Ubuntu on most of the Linux Distros, Google Chrome is the best competitive browser for Mozilla Firefox which is the default web browser. Also, Google and Google Chrome support Chromium web browser and that is an open-source project.

You have to access to Google account to switch from any other browser or from Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome. Then, on your Ubuntu desktop, between your Chrome browser and your mobile phone, you can easily sync your browser history, emails, bookmarks, and calendars. Also, it comes with the malware blocker, apart from that which must have been featured today.

Then, while surfing multimedia content online, Google Chrome enhances the browsing experience it is inbuilt with the flash player. Also, to improve the browser features, Google Chrome comes with a lot of extensions and plugins. You will find any other operating system or for Ubuntu, it is an all-rounder web browser.

Mozilla Firefox – Browsers for Ubuntu

Alongside Google Chrome Web Browser, it is one of the best and stable web browsers, and with most of the popular Linux distros, Firefox ships a default web browser. Also, to offer it makes a feature-rich web browser with almost every feature and it supports thousands of extensions and plugins. To end-users, it ensures a seamless browsing experience for sports intuitive user interface. Also, with features, it sports intuitive users such as spell checking, smart bookmarks, private browsing, dedicated download manager, and tabbed browsing.


For many Linux distros, mainly for lightweight Linux distributions, Midori is widely used. Midori is available for various Linux distros such as Xfce desktop environment, Ubuntu, and much more. Also, it is a free lightweight web browser. Generally, its features offer integration with speed, HTML 5 and CSS 3, tab management, speed dials, and private browsing. Also, it is crafted and designed with the latest technologies apart from a very beautiful interface. 


This Opera web browser has been written in C++. It supports Android Phones, Windows, macOS, and Linux. For faster surfing, it includes Ad-block, Opera turbo, maximum tabbed cycling, Unlimited VPN service, and Speed- dial. For convenient use, you can install the Ubuntu Browser. One of the best secure browsers is Opera. Generally, to browse on the internet with enhanced security and safety, it ships with unlimited free VPN Service. 


Vivaldi is specially developed for heavy internet users and it is free cross-platform for web browsers. Generally, Vivaldi Technologies develops Vivaldi. Then, based on the Presto layout engine Vivaldi adopts some popular features from Opera 12. It is one of the best flexible web browsers. It gives full control over customization with features like bookmark manager, unique experience, quick commands through the command line, keyboard shortcuts, and mouse gestures. 


Qupzilla will be the best choice for a browser that feels easy with the KDE application. In 2010, it started its journey as research. Then, to present in a modern web browser it is the most function needed. For the user’s Qt-based browsers, show a simple interface. The best feature in the Qupzilla is user-friendly. Also, the best blight weight Linux Browser provides speed dial, add blocks, bookmark management, etc. 


The famous features are tracking and ad-blocking in the Brave. Generally, it is an open-source web browser. Brave Software Inc, develops the Brave. By Google Inc, it is based on Chromium open source project. Also, for a seamless browsing experience, it uses a blinking engine. On behalf of you, it pays to Youtube and Website creators, by blocking website blockers and ads for you. Then, without involving in the risk it gets you secure and fast browsing on the internet.

Pale Moon

It is the best and right choice browser for Ubuntu. Generally, with different Firefox extensions, Pale Moon is the open-source browser with a focus on compatibility and efficiency. Basically, it has excellent visual feedback with a manageable configuration and robust which guarantees flexible configurations. 


SeaMonkey is the best browser for Ubuntu. It is actually based on the Mozilla codebase. Also, it works in industrial performance and growth. Then, with high-speed browsing it is compatible. Also, the latest update influence the latest Mozilla code. Generally, with manageable features, it has a neat and clear interface. New users will find the emails and tab components easy to use and handle. It excels in its strategy, technical performance, and growth.  


It is a browser and that is based on Firefox. Also, it works well on Android, Linux, macOS, and Windows. In 2011, it was introduced after the Mozilla Firefox Code. Also, it is available in XML User Interface Language (XUL) and cross-platform Component Object Model (XPCOM). As well as it secures privacy. Leading streaming services can be used with Waterfox.

Tor Browser

Tor Browser is one of the best browsers for Ubuntu. Then, on the web, it promises anonymity as well as data privacy. Generally, to the most common, its use is not only limited, we can also navigate the deep web with this browser. Also, it is available on cross-platforms. Over the internet, Complex data encryption before it is sent. Generally, it is the combination of the Tor project + the Mozilla Firefox Browser. Then, to visit the locked website is possible. Also, it is capable of handling millions of users and thousands of relay.

Web (Epiphany) – GNOME Web

The GNOME project develops the GNOME Web for the GNOME desktop environment. Including the Linux distros, it is available for most of the Ubuntu. Also, it sports an excellent user interface that is user-friendly and fast, despite being a lightweight browser. It is Webkit based web browser. Also, it offers features like support for web application mode, GNOME integration, bookmarks, and more. For a comfortable reading experience, you can adjust customize layout, change background color, and text size with the help of reading mode. 

Yandex Browser

Generally, in Russia, it has its origin and accompanying by faster browsing, it offers a modern user interface. Of course, the Blink engine is the choice of search engine. Also, in poor internet connection, the browser is Chromium-based with quick page loading. On iOS, Windows, and Linux you can use this browser.


Iridium is one of the best browsers if you prefer data security and privacy to anything. Also, it is specially customized to not share data. Many of the users will not like sharing their information or data with Google servers. For Google Chrome Web Browser Iridium seems to be the best choice as it has the most privacy consciousness. Also, from the Chrome Web Store, you can download and install the plugins.


generally, it is a closed source web browser and based on the Chromium project. Also, it shows the primary objective behind its development as the name of the browser is divided into two. Jet indicates it as one of the fastest browsers while Slim for its lightweight nature. It is the only browser that blocks ads without any tweaks, plugins, or extensions. 


Falkon is one of the best browsers for Ubuntu. KDE develops the Falkon and it is an open-source and free web browser. Also, it offers features like a built-in Ad-blocker, several icon sets matching users’ desktop operating systems, DuckDuckGo as the default search engine. And web feeds, screen capture, bookmarks, and speed dial home page. It is user-friendly and easy to navigate and sports a really good user interface.

Min Web Browser

It is one of the best browsers for Ubuntu. Especially, with the low hardware, it is developed for systems. Also, it is a mini open-source browser. On low-end computers, it works flawlessly and has a clean user interface using electron it is written in JavaScript and CSS. Then, in the task, it groups tabs, and using the option drag and drop, it lets you rearrange them. It blocks ads for a fast browsing experience. Also, you can save images to your data and block scripts. 


It is a widely used web browser application.  Generally, it has fantastic features such as including useful bookmarks different WebM codes for the latest video, and audio of HTML5 including, tabbed window, Theora. It is a Ubuntu browser and it supports both smartphones and PC. Also, it has the featuring of synchronization and wonderful bookmarking. 


This article is all about the best browsers of Ubuntu. You can select any of the browsers for your comfort. These are the browsers that are actually best for Ubuntu users. 

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