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5+Best Browser for Chromebook in 2022 [Updated]

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Hey peeps! Let’s put our sights together to explore the new arrivals on every day in the Internet world. For that, we need the best browser for Chromebook. Are you looking for a super-fast web browser for your portable Chromebook? Probably, Yes! Browsers are the best colleagues for every internet user, which works together with us in day-to-day research works.

However, every Chromebook natively supports the Google Chrome web browser. But still, you can install alternative search engines, whichever developed for the Linux Operating system. Not every user falls on using the default browser for a long while.

Like Windows, you will get all the most frequently needed functionalities on Chromebook as well. If you want to experiment with new browsers on the sleek and lightweight Chromebook, do read our article till the end. To make your search simplified, We have compiled the best shortlists for you!

Best browser for Chromebook

Best browser for Chromebook


If compatibility and safety are all you need, then you should go with the Opera web browser on your Chromebook laptops. Opera has the premade advertisement blocker which is one of the most recommended features for many users. It helps you to use the browser trouble-free without interrupting with cookies & unwanted ads. Most importantly, you can turn up the night mode feature and adjust the brightness lighting as per your comfort. Moreover, Opera allows you to browse privately by providing the Incognito mode. Plus, you can open the Opera tab from multiple devices and customize the browser settings at your convenience. Thus, Opera can be the best replacement for the default Chrome browser for Chromebooks. One more advantage of using Opera on Chromebook is, it offers you a free VPN connection. As a result, you will get a rapid browsing experience with a wide range of safety.

Dolphin browser

Let’s dive like a Dolphin on any of the desired websites using the Dolphin browser. Indeed, it works pretty fast on the Chrome Operating system. If you ever feel pestering with annoying ads and video pop-ups while browsing, you can prevent all of them using the Dolphin browser. Additionally, you can able to use the immersive service available on Dolphin are Translation, PDF reading, bookmarks accessing, video downloading, gestures customizing, theme changing, and more. Especially, Dolphin recognizes your voice-related searches and allows you to download videos and media quickly. As of now, it attracts more than 50 million users by offering secured access that makes the users overwhelmed.

Brave Browser

Our next lookout is Brave browser. Why it is named brave browser is, it works super fast 4 to 6 times more than any other standardized browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. As it loads web pages too faster, there is no buffering that will occur at the time of the searching. When you wish to quit from any other browser and don’t want to miss the bookmarks that you made, here is an option called import Bookmarks and settings. And so, you can keep on using the bookmarked sites effortlessly on new browsers. In addition to that, Brave browser is powered with Linux-based OS and you can install it using the inbuilt terminal on Chromebook. Most notably, Brave focuses on saving the battery life of your Chromebook as well as helping to do your browsing work faster.

Ghostery Browser

Are you the one who is always looking for privacy, safety, security measures whenever choosing new software? Then, Ghostery is the perfect package for you. Privacy and protections are the most commonly needed features on every web browser that each online user looking for. In Ghostery, you can able to control the user activities such as who can view your data. And also, you can even block the online trackers who try to sniff your browsing activities. At the time of searching in Ghostery, you need not worry about low internet bandwidth. It keeps you always fast and delivers optimized websites as soon as possible. Once you enable Ghost mode on this browser, your search histories will never store in the browser.

Microsoft Edge

Our last touch is Microsoft Edge, which is one of the compatible browsers among multiple platforms. To get a better experience on Edge, you can try out the private browsing mode. At the time of private browsing, Edge never keeps an eye on what you searching for. So, it will not keep saving the data, cookies, junk files, caches, and search history on your Chromebook. With the well-developed ad-blockers, you can do your online activities on the flow. As it has the pride of Multi-platform support, you can sync your Microsoft account with different devices that you use frequently. Says, for example, if you are using Edge on smartphones and want to continue the activity on Chromebook, you can sync the Microsoft Edge account with both devices. On the whole, Edge is the best match for your personalized browsing on Chromebook.

Final Verdict

All done! Which one you have chosen for your Chromebook? I hope, all the explained browsers will meet your expectations cent percent. As we knew very well that browsers track all the online activities that every online user makes regularly. If you use secured browsers, you will feel safe storing your data online.

Remember that fast browsing is different from secured browsing. We suggest you install the secured browser on the Chromebook. Even though the Chrome browser stays at the peak of the best browsers list, you can try some alternatives too. All in all, we have covered this article with the best web browsers for your stylish Chromebook.

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