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5 Best Apps for TiVo Stream 4k to try out in 2022

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Best Apps for Tivo Stream: Hello everyone! Do you want to experience a new streaming device that equalizes the functionalities of Amazon Firestick? If yes, you are yet to explore the currently trending streaming device called Tivo.

Yeah! Recently, Tivo Stream has a separate user base for watching live streaming on Smart TV with the enriched video quality. With Tivo, you can able to render high-definition 4K streaming videos with the best pixel quality.

Merely using Tivo with usual streaming will not give an immersive experience. All you need to install the integrated applications for the tivo stream. It will give the eye catchy experience to the viewers. So, let’s begin our discussion for choosing the best apps for Tivo Stream!

Tivo is powered up with the Android Operating system. So, all the Android applications for Tivo can be easily installed from Google Play Store. Like any dedicative streaming device like Roku, Amazon Fire TV stick, Apple TV, you can utilize the features on the Tivo Streaming player too.

As Tivo itself integrates with numerous apps, it simplifies the need to navigate on any other applications. Along with the most popular application catalog, it compiles with 5000+ random applications from different categories.

The 5 Best Apps for Tivo Stream

Best Apps for Tivo Stream
Best Apps for Tivo Stream

The Best Apps for Tivo Stream are

#1. Prime Video

#2. Disney +Plus

#3. VUDU

#4. Spotify

#5. Sling TV

Prime Video

When it comes to entertainment, we cannot exclude our favorite Amazon Prime Video streaming service. It has the pride of being the second-largest on-demand streaming & sharing platform across the globe.

Moreover, Amazon Prime is the topmost OTT service that gives enough platform to release the latest movies, short films, documentaries, TV shows, and thrilling web series online. In addition to that, Prime members have idealistic advantages in Subscribing to Prime music, Amazon online Shopping with premium benefits, and more.

When you install PrimeVideo on Tivo Stream, you can watch 100 plus live channels include Showtime, HBO, Starz, Cinemax, etc. Obviously, Prime Video is one of the best apps for Tivo Stream.

Disney+ Plus

Our next shot for Tivo is Disney plus application. Remember that Disney introduced Disney Plus, and it is a standalone application available in Google Play Store. It would be the best recommendation for your Tivo Stream, as it is famous for the variety of streaming categories.

Once you get the Disney plus subscription, you can access videos from Disney, Star Wars, National Geography, Marvels, and so on. There is no compulsion to make a subscription on Disney +. You can enjoy watching the free episodes too. Indeed, Disney takes you to childhood memories.

As it comprises parental controlling benefits, parents need not put much effort to control their kids from watching Disney.


Here is another choice, you should try out on your Tivo Stream called VUDU. Basically, VUDU is a popular US-based online video streaming application. VUDU is too straightforward.

If you don’t want to watch some kind of movie or dislike the shows, you don’t need to make a subscription for those content. Otherwise, you have to make payment for the shows you would like to watch.

You can either buy or take the on-demand shows on a rental basis. Once you get the video for rent on VUDU, it will be no longer after 30 days from the purchased date. Fortunately, you can keep the rental videos nearly for a month without starting to watch. Once you play the video, it will last for 24 hours only.


Spotify is being the online music streaming platform for music lovers. You need not find much leisure to play Spotify, as you did on watching movies. It will work on your flow to hear mind-blowing music regardless of the hours of watching. Add this immersive music application to your Tivo stream.

So that, you can stream music from various categories and tune the songs based on artists, albums, podcasts, favorites, languages, and so on. It will take you to peace of mind with customized playlists available with free and paid benefits. Usually, video streaming application comes up with visual quality.

Likely, Spotify also gives you the high-pitch resolution of audio streaming. Additionally, you can download the music inside the application and repeat them in offline mode.

Sling TV

So far, we have discussed some of the best choices for Tivo in the audio and video streaming services category. Now, we have a Streaming service provider in our best app for the Tivo Stream list.

The name is Sling TV. If you ever worry about the cost of streaming, you can make use of this Sling TV provider. Because it is the cheapest service that offers huge benefits for movie lovers. Indeed, Sling TV is a budget-friendly service that runs seamlessly on the streaming market.

You will get a Sling Orange pack for $30/month, Blue pack for $30/month. If you want to taste both combinations, you can go for the package costs $45/month.

Other Best Apps for Tivo stream

Along with the above-stated applications, you can try out the following applications on Tivo-connected TV. After installing the best apps on Tivo, surely you will get nonstop entertainment.

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Paramount Plus
  • HBO Max
  • Pluto TV
  • Starz
  • Tubi Movies & TV
  • NBC
  • Fubo TV

Bottom Line

Every application is unique and competitive with one another. If you are confused to make a subscription to these apps, we suggest you try out each application’s free version. Hence, you will get knowledge about a particular app.

Afterward, you can continue using the service as a premium user, based on your convenience. Premium subscriptions will give you a full-fletched streaming experience with recently released movies & series. Enjoy watching movies and start using the Tivo Streaming player on your Smart Television.

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