20 Best Apps for MI Box to use in 2022

Best Apps for MI Box: One among the line of Xiaomi products is an Android-based streaming device is MI Box. Generally, its main goal is to convert nonsmart Tv to Smart TV.

Moreover, it has an intuitive interface, comes with Google Assistance, and got an inbuilt Chromecast. Basically, from the play store, you can download the app as it is an android based device. To get from there is no storage of apps. 

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Xiaomi MI Box is the best streaming box. Then, it shines in its own design. Based on the Android OS all the MI Box is there. To stream, you can use Android TV apps.

Also, it has Google Chromecast support. It has Bluetooth features and through WIFI network connectivity. Also, in various aspects, it has its own remote. 

Best Apps for MI Box

Best apps for MI Box
Best apps for MI Box

#1. NetFlix

#2. YouTube TV

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#3. Amazon Prime

#4. Disney Plus

#5. Hulu

#6. Sling TV

#7. Pandora

#8. Spotify

#9. HGTV

#10. Play Kids

#11. Endless Learning Academy

#12. Twitch

#13. Asphalt 9

#14. Crossy Road

#15. Crackle

#16. Google Play Movies and TV

#17. Food Network

#18. Dailymotion

#19. iHeartRadio

#20. Travel Channel Go

The Best apps for MI Box 


Basically, like Google, Netflix is becoming a verb. Around the world, it is the most used Streaming Platform. It is always fun watching Netflix on the large screen.

Then, from the huge catalog, Netflix subscribers can stream an unlimited number of television programs, films, and documentaries. Over the internet, the contents are streamed.

It is a video streaming service and online television. It differs from country to country the exact content of the catalog offered. Basically, it offers TV shows, movies, few original shows, series, documentaries, and etc. You can watch multiple shows at a time. Also, you add shows to the list. 

YouTube TV:

In our day-to-day life, we are using Youtube and it is one of the best streaming apps. Also, we have got a Youtube Music app and Youtube TV. Along with various on-demand content like TV shows and movies you will get 85+ Live channels with Youtube TV. Also, from a normal Youtube app, you will get more content on Youtube TV.

Then, for all Android TV boxes, Youtube Tv is available. Also, on a bigger screen, it is great to stream Youtube TV. Basically, a few channels that come with Youtube TV are TNT, BC, NBC, ESPN, HGTV, Fox, CBS, etc. 

Amazon Prime

Generally, one of the best OTT use and best Platforms is Amazon prime next to Netflix. Also, you can stream various content like documentaries, movies, short films, and TV shows with Amazon Prime.

Only with the subscription you cannot able to stream Live Tv. Still, you can watch various programs and TV shows.

Basically, it features high-quality on-demand videos. Also, based on your recent watch history you will get various top suggested and featured movies.

Basically, all other streaming services Amazon Prime has become more valuable as you get more benefits including shopping offers and deals, Amazon Prime Music, etc.

Disney Plus

Disney introduces Disney Plus to rollout their standalone streaming services. You can stream content from National Geography, Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar with one Disney plus subscription. Also, you can stream a large number of free content featured too.

Then, of your childhood memories, Disney is a collective treasure. Also, you can stream it to the kids and astonish them as it comes with parental controlling features.

You can stream many movies, videos, music, and series on Disney Plus. It is the best streaming app for on-demand content.


Hulu is one of the best streaming apps. Also, you get a wide array of on-demand Tv shows and movies on Hulu as of Youtube and there is no free content on Hulu.

You will get 65+ Live TV options that include TNT, CNBC, Disney, CNN, NASA, Fox, Animal Planet, Discovery, etc to stream.

Basically, the live TV channels with the Hulu+ live TV are based in the US. It also features various original series and original contents. 

 Sling TV

Sling TV provides the most and best cost-effective streaming TV services. Also, on your MI Box, you can stream various on-demand TV shows, movies, and some other content, along with nearly 200 Live TV Channels.

Basically, streaming Sling Tv it offers you more and above 80000 on-demand videos on paid as well as the free versions.

It is considered to be the best cord-cutting option. Also, Sling TV offers a list of channels that include the IFC network, AMC, NFL, CNN, History, ESPN, Comedy Central, Food Network, Viceland, TBS, EI Rey, USA, FX, etc. 


Generally, it can support music streaming applications apart from all video streaming services. For music lovers, this will be more exciting.

Also, you can stream podcasts, various music, radio broadcasts, and nearly 2 million songs with pandora. Then, it can customize music suggestions based on your taste the best suit your music preference.

With the free plan, you can access music and get more songs. Also, you will get more features like ad-free streaming, create your own playlists, download audios for offline streaming, music in high-quality, unlimited skipping and replaying, etc. while going for the premium subscription.


Spotify is the next best streaming app on the MI Box. From languages and artists, you get a curated list of 50 million songs and it offers podcasts and songs just like Pandora.

Generally, all songs and podcasts are categorized under various genres like Retro, pop, Bollywood, Rock, Classical, Hollywood, etc. Also, anywhere at any time, you can listen to your favorite songs by searching them on Spotify.

Then, by choosing your preference, if you are in a party mode you can get party-based music. Also, you can download songs for offline streaming, no ad or interruption, get unlimited high-quality streaming of 50 million songs, et unlimited high-quality streaming of 50 million songs, etc. on Spotify.


For gardening and decorations HGTV (Home and Garden Television) is a dedicated channel. Generally, on the TV channel, you get various streamed shows related to architecture, modeling and remodeling houses and gardens, landscape, interior and exterior designing, decorations, gardening, etc.

Home and Garden Television is one of the best enhancing TV channels and lifestyle-based applications.

Also, for rent, purchase, etc. you get content relating to building and real estate. Home and Garden Television is named the HGTV Go. Generally, from HGTV based TV shows it features 10000 episodes.

Also, from experts and superstars, it features 150 series instantly.

Play Kids

Basically, this platform focused on Kid’s entertainment and learning. Also, to learn various basic preschool stuff Play Kids app will help the kids. Also, it features kid’s favorite games, shows, rhymes, and cartoons.

It offers various free content and featured content is free. You get to unlock lullabies, books, series, games, etc. with the subscription. Between ages 2 to 10, the app is suitable only for those kids.

For Toddlers it features various contents to stream is language, science, mathematics, technology, etc.

Then, the pediatrics psychiatrists develop and monitor the app contents. Also, it covers whatnot, literacy, logic, music, motor coordination, and meditation.

Endless Learning Academy

For MI Box Endless Learning Academy is one of the best apps. To prepare for their Kindergarten it helps munchkins and Toddlers. Generally, in the app, contents are based on the proven classroom techniques, to learn in a much-enhanced way it helps your kids.

As video lessons, it covers all the necessary basics as the pre-school child will learn in their subjects.

The technical syllabus includes various subjects like coloring, alphabets, basic math, vocabulary, numbers, reading, etc.

According to the user’s wants and needs with more than 1000s of video lessons that are customized and all the contents are ad-free. 


It is an online streaming game app. Twitch is the best game app to watch the games played or aspiring to be the future one or for ardent gamers.

The gamers will create their game-playing method and own streaming channel and stream various games. As you get to earn, video game broadcasting becoming like other online businesses like Youtube.

In the future, the streamers who will viewers the audience and stream video games can interact with each other on Twitch.

To discuss more and more about the games you can chat on Twitch and it is becoming a more and more interesting feature. Also, like cooking you can get various other vested interests, apart from games. 

Asphalt 9

Asphalt 9 is one of the best top car racing developers. For more than a decade car racing games are been a craze with their thrilling and adventurous nature.

In Asphalt 9 the player gets to drive various hypercars such as W Motors’ Lycan, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, etc. It gives you a chill on the spine as it is a most hyper-realistic arcade game.

In reality, based on their performance the cars are selected and you can select and customize the car as per your taste. Also, in Asphalt 9 the feature is that you can share your gaming experience and also hear others by creating your own online community.

To become the Asphalt racer you need to finish 6 game seasons and 800 events and also you must compete with 7 rivals and the gameplay goes like that. 

Crossy Road:

Hipster Whale develops the Crossy Road and it is one of the best apps for the MI Box. For your TV it stands as one of the best games with millions of downloads.

Also, it is the best app for Children to play games. 150 retro-styled pop art admires this game features characters.

The gameplay goes like with an android robot in the candy wonderland you will be dodging traffics. On the MI Box, it is one of the best indeed time killer games.

On the Playstore you can download the app for free. To access data including a location this game will seek various permission and the game will have the ad. 


On the MI Box, Crackle is one of the best apps to watch TV Shows and movies. It is a free streaming service app. Also, it offers free on-demand TV series and movies.

It is created for a service that has a library of original content. In the year 2006 Sony purchases Crackle. Then, it was carried as the best entertainment app and it was known as Sony Crackle.

It is free in America and Australia. To use Crackle you need a modern device and a high-speed internet connection.

Its services are available in devices like Smart televisions, Smartphones, streaming devices, and computers. Also, to stream on Crackle, the contents available are popular on-demand movies like Concussion, Predestination, The Weather Man, Black Snake Moan, etc.

And popular on-demand TV series like Charlie’s Angels, The Jeff Foxworthy Show, Hell’s Kitchen, Bewitched, T.J. Hooker, etc. And popular kids content like Dennis the Menace, Kukuli, etc.

Google Play Movies and TV

Google Play Movies and TV is different from Youtube also it comes up with exciting video streaming applications. Also, it is an on-demand video streaming application.

You can rent or buy videos and movies on it like Youtube. Google Play Movies and TV offer services with high quality or high definition videos. It is operated by Google and is an online video-on-demand service. 

Depending on availability you can rent or purchase Shows and movies.

The Movies and shows are available in high definition. On Youtube, you can use Google Play Credits to make purchases.

On Google Play Movies and TV from top networks, you can purchase current season favorite shows and without ads, you can watch new episodes. At home, you can watch your favorite shows by browsing, discovering, and playing them.

Food Network:

Food Network is a unique lifestyle app. It connects you to the joy and power of food. Around the world, from top chefs, you can find various recipes.

This Channel portfolio includes Oprah Winfrey Network, Discovery, TLC, and HGTV. It is the best app for cooking lovers and foodies.

Also, you can download the Food Network app for free. In Food Network you can watch full episodes and live streams.

Food Network is available on devices like Android, iOS, and Pc. This app comes with Alexa support, hyper-interactive classes, on-demand video, and much more.

The subscribers of Food Network can enjoy 800 on-demand cooking classes and 25 Live weekly classes that invite you to cook with your favorite Food Network Chefs. Also, it has hundreds of on-demand cooking classes. 


Vivanti owns Dailymotion, like Youtube, it is one of the best video-sharing platforms. Also, the Home page in Dailymotion features 43 localized versions.

Across the world, it has over 300  million users. For Youtube, Dailymotion is the biggest rival and is the second-largest platform. Dailymotion is child-friendly and rated safe. Also, you can watch, comment, and like on the video. 

Dailymotion with ease allows the users to upload, and share videos. On social media sites by simply sharing videos you can make money online.

It is one of the industry-leading technology and it delivers content in a spotless streaming experience. Also, Dailymotion has the player’s customization and player analytics in it.


iHeartRadio helps to listen to more ana above 1500+ live radio station broadcasts. Also, you can enjoy comedies and news. Then, you can stream talk shows, favorite old, or finished podcasts.

From various albums and artists, iHeartRadio will offer millions of songs for music lovers. Also, it has the option to customize your playlist and create unlimited playlists.

iHeartRadio is free to download. In iHeartRadio play any songs on demand and you will get unlimited skips. To your playlists from the radio, you can save songs.

Also, from live and artist radio instantly you can replay songs. Listen to offline songs and to millions of songs get unlimited access. 

Travel Channel Go:

It is one of the best apps for MI Box. Discovery owns Travel Channel Go and it is an American-based channel. Travel Channel Go features reality shows, documentaries, and act as a tour guide and this is the main content.

All around the world, it is all about leisures and tours. The program features are rooms reviews, safari, and hotels.

Around the world, it streams exploring various food, place, and cultures and this will be so exciting. This list includes paranormal activities, Ghosts adventures, the dead files, and many more.

You can stream live travel channels. Your favorite shows and episodes will be available on the app. You can easily get premier access. In the US this channel is available to approximately 91.5 households. 


In conclusion, you can use all these best apps on your MI Box and enjoy your favorites. Install the app you are searching for and get everything that you need on your TV. This article is all about the apps that are top and best for the MI Box.

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