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7 Best Apps for Mi Box to Improve its Performance in 2023

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Best Apps for MI Box: Hey all! We knew very well how far Android’s development and its technology have grown up right now. As of now, Xiaomi is one of the most successfully running brands in the Android category.

By the way, MI Box is such a streaming device that converts your non-smart TV into a Smart TV. This intuitive entertaining interface builds up with a Google assistant feature. And also, it has inbuilt Chromecasting functionality.

We can dig more and more Android applications to run in the line of the MI box. Usually, we have plenty of Android applications that can we purchase from the Google Play Store.

If you decide to fix mi box on your TV, you need to know what are all the Best Apps for MI Box.  Let’s dive into the article.

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7 Best Apps for MI Box

Best Apps for Mi Box
7 Best Apps for Mi Box you must have in 2021
  • Netflix
  • Google Play Movies & T
  • Hulu
  • Youtube TV
  • Sling TV
  • Pandora
  • Crossy Road

Netflix – Best Apps for Mi Box


As we looking for entertainment, then Netflix must be our foremost priority. Yes! Nowadays, Netflix is one of the incomparable streaming services among movie lovers.

That much Netflix is being admired by everyone, due to its all rounding entertainment. Without any exceptions, you can watch OTT streaming movies, award-winning web series, exclusive films, documentaries, and so on.

The major plus point is you will have personalized recommendations with cost-effective monthly subscriptions. Hence, Netflix would be the best app for your MI box.

Explore the commercial-free content on Netflix. You can even decide the category based on the number of devices you would like to stream.

Google Play Movies

Google Play Movies
Google Play Movies

Google Play Movie must be the entertaining giant of Google that lets you stay tuned with exclusive cinemas. It has high-definition video quality, which must be the best pick for your Mi box.

You can easily switch to upcoming episodes based on the trending recommendations. The shop tab in Google Play Movies & TV offers the users to rent or buy the latest movies and TV episodes easily.

This application is gadgets friendly. That means it allows you to watch all the gadgets like Android smartphones, Android-based TVs, Mi box, laptops, and more.



Coming to the next choice, we have the Hulu application. Install this most widely used American-based video streaming platform on your mi box.

Most importantly, you need not pay any hidden fees except the actual subscription cost on Hulu. Ultimately, you will get live access to 65+ Live TV options for streaming multiple channels at one sit.

Once you install Hulu on your MI box, you will get everlasting entertaining stuff like movies, TV shows, especially Hulu Originals. With the basic plan of $5.99/month, you can enjoy streaming Hulu on Mi box.

Youtube TV

YouTube TV
YouTube TV

We cannot exclude this inseparable application in our article. Yes! Youtube is a massive streaming app that you must-have in the mi box.

Fortunately, all the Android TV boxes (mi box) support the Youtube TV application. Along with movies, you can explore Youtube music libraries too. Wow! Youtube Music is a kind of add-on feature for Premium members.

This cost-effective platform lets you stream numerous content for free of cost. If you move on to the Youtube Premium category, you will fly on-air with add-free on-demand content, which costs $49.99 per month.

Sling TV

Sling TV
Sling TV

If you want to get a variety of live Tv experiences, then Sling TV would be the best choice ever. Actually, Sling service is used as cable TV alternatives with 100+ live channels compatibility.

Sling TV is a kind of streaming service provider, which is famous for its cord-cutting technology. You will never miss out on some of the most awaited programs from AMC, CNN, FOX, Comedy Central, Food Network, NFL, etc.

The highlight of Sling TV is both the free and premium version allows you to stream 80,000 video streamings effectively. All in all, you must try out Sling TV on MI box.



Are you a music lover? Include this trustworthy app called Pandora to stay tuned with nonstop music. Pandora will provide suggestions for the music players based on the playlists that you want to hear repeatedly.

So that you can add Pandora to your mi box, and play all of your favorite songs as per your mood. Tremendously, you will get access to 2 million songs on Pandora. Along with that, the users will get radio broadcastings & podcasts as well.

Pandora offers free service, premium access based on the number of devices, family plan pack, students plan, and military plans too.

Crossy Road

Crossy Road
Crossy Road

Let’s have some relaxation and play CrossRoad games on mi box! Crossy Road is a gaming app for your mi box, which is closely similar to Minion Rush.

All you need to install the app and your mi remote is pretty enough to play Crossy Road navigations. Interestingly, you can add 4 players while playing this game.

Any users cab play this innovative 8-bit endless arcade game on MI box. Once you start to play, you should collect 150+ pop arts and retro-styled characters.

Crossy Road would be the best recommendation for kids, which lets them play with Android-Robots to dodge the traffic in Candy Wonderland.

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Final Verdict

Here is the conclusion point! We have delivered our suggestions includes all the top-rated apps for your mi box.

Now, it is your turn to pick the best applications for movies, songs, games, as well as live streamings. On the whole, these apps let engage your leisure time with nonstop entertainment.

These entertainment-based android applications are guaranteed to fill you up with a mind full of fun. Just add them to your mi box to double up the excitement in live streamings.

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