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7 Best 3ds Homebrew Apps to use in 2022 [Complete List]

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Best 3DS Homebrew apps: Hey, game-changers! Start playing your favorite games as per your taste! There is a huge variety of 3DS homebrew applications arrived so far. You can make use of the best homebrew apps to open up your game world with customized features. And also, you make explore tons of region-specific emulator games.

The major plus point of having a homebrew app is the best way to save the files and media. Many of the players having the query regarding the legitimacy of using homebrew applications. To give an answer to your question, 3DS homebrew apps are utterly legal. In this article, we suggest you pick your choice from the following list of the best 3DS Homebrew apps. Here we look up!

What are the Best 3DS Homebrew Apps?

Best 3ds Homebrew Apps
Best 3ds Homebrew Apps

The best 3DS Homebrew Apps are

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#1. PlayCoin

#2. NCF reader

#3. 3DS paint

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#4. CTRXplorer

#5. CTR Streaming

#6. FTPony

#7. 3DS homebrew browser

PlayCoin: Best 3DS Homebrew Apps

As the name indicates, PlayCoin will be the perfect choice to collect the number of coins to play continuously. It offers the players to pick the coins as much they want. Luckily, it boosts the players up to collecting coins up to 300 at one instance. The limit is pre-made by the system itself and it’s too straightforward to play. All you need to keep in mind is that you can play with the coins with some limitations in coins count. On the whole, It is one of the user-friendly 3DS homebrew apps that you looking for.

NCF Reader:

NCF reader is one of the reliable collections of  Nintendo 3DS homebrew applications that serves well. It provides utility to the users in terms of working with NFC/RFID UID scanners. The publisher of NFC reader is Jasper Peter. Once you download the NCF reader, you can access 3Ds as a (UID) scanner without having any external application. All the NCF devices are helpful for writing and reading Smart Cards & NFC Tags using standardized devices like PC, Mac, smartphones as well as tablets. In addition to that, you can connect USB, Ethernet, or Bluetooth to transfer the data to other devices.

3DS Paint: Best 3DS Homebrew Apps

Here is our most favorite application called 3DS paint from the Nintendo 3DS homebrew application catalog. For sure, it meets your expectations regarding all kinds of drawing stuff and image editing features. After reflecting on your art using this 3DS paint app, you can save it on your local storage. Remember that, your creation will save on your SDcard with the image format of .bmg. You can show your art and color it in 7 different colors. So that, you can able to view, edit, delete, and modify your creations any time you want. Regardless of the class, 3DS paint is available for all classes of users. Along with the drawing, you can drop down the required instructions from the top screen of the 3DS paint app.


CTRXplorer is a kind of SD file manager for Nintendo 3DS. It is one of the open-source file managing apps that mold up with the virtual keyboard. The virtual keyboard is used to set the string mode editor. The major use of CTRXplorer is the files and media sharing facility. Moreover, it features the functionalities like copying single and multiple files, creating a new directory, copying, deleting one or more files, generating dummy files, and much more. Additionally, it allows editing the media files in a hex viewer. It is one of the 3ds homebrew applications with pretty cool functionality and ease of user interface.

CTR Streaming:

Our next choice is CTR Streaming, which is the best homebrew server for playing files and media. Through this streaming network, you can send media to other devices.  The user can able to HID reporting over the network server. CTR comes under the 3DS homebrew apps category and allows anyone to access the app without any trouble. Indeed, CTR streaming gives a smooth interface to the users and makes them comfortable using the app. All in all, CTR streaming might be the best 3DS homebrew apps that you longing for so far.


The next tool of 3DS Homebrew ap is FTPony. You may be aware of the basic File Transfer Protocol server. Similarly, FTPony is such a server that tests new versions of homebrew applications. It focuses to test new 3DS apps without swapping your SD card storage. With this service, the user does not need to replace or remove manual stuff. Actually, it is the best time-saver that saves your valid time from reinserting or removing the SD cards from your device. It gives instant quick access to transfer or share media and files.

3DS Homebrew browser:

You can download a variety of Homebrew apps from the Nintendo catalog. With relevant to this, the browser is not an exception. Yes. 3DS homebrew browser is one of the homebrew apps that lets allows you browsing functionality. Using this browser, one can able to easily download all the other homebrew apps directly on your hand device. It simplifies the whole process of downloading applications from reliable browsers. And also, you will get an immense browsing experience with this application. On the whole, the 3DS Homebrew browser helps to try out other categories of homebrew apps at one sit.


In the end, all the Homebrew apps are competitive with one another. Each app has unique functionalities and utilities which admire the people a lot. The different category of applications satisfies the users’ requirements from all faces such as file sharing, drawing, browsing, streaming, and much more. We suggest you enhance the unique highlights of each homebrew apps at least once. Throw out some cons of those apps and look at the stunning pros of each app. Hence, you will get an exciting experience of using Nintendo 3DS Homebrew apps!

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