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What Channel is Belmont Stakes on Dish?

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Belmont Stakes on Dish: Fasten your seat, the Belmont Stakes is coming. Are you a fan of horse racing?

If yes, you will surely have heard about the Belmont Stakes. In simple words, the Belmont Stakes is a horse race conducted in America for three-year-old thoroughbreds.

The respective race is regularly conducted in the Belmont Park in New York. Indeed, the Belmont Stakes is a part of the Triple Crown – Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes.

Seemingly, the Belmont Stakes race also has various names like ‘The Test of the Champions, The Run for the Carnations, and The Third Jewel of the Triple Crown.’

The year 2022 marks the 154th Belmont Stakes, and you can stream it on June 11 Saturday. The most awaiting races will start at 4 PM EST.

But how to watch this amazing horse race on Dish? What channels have Belmont Stakes? Let’s find it and get the channel number of BelmontStakes on Dish in the following article. 

What Channel is Belmont Stakes on Dish?

As you know, Belmont Stakes is a game, and we will surely need an online streaming service to watch it on Dish Network.

Indeed, NBC is the official streaming partner of the Belmont Stakes game. Fortunately, the NBC and NBC Sports applications are available on Dish.

Belmont Stakes on Dish

What Channel is Belmont Stakes on Dish?

So, you can watch the amazing BelmontStakes game on Dish using the NBC or NBC Sports app without any hassle.

Here are the exact channel numbers of the sports streaming channels on Dish. 

What Game – Belmont Stakes

When –> 11 June Saturday

Time –> 4 PM EST

Streaming Service – Dish Network

Channel Name – NBC –> Channel No. –> 2-70

Channel Name – NBC Sports –> Channel No. –> 159


I hope the above article has provided you with the best ways to watch BelmontStakes on Dish Network.

You can easily watch the Belmont Stakes game from the rest of your couch using the NBC Sports channel.

Make sure you subscribe to the Dish network to get access to the NBC and NBC Sports channel on your device. Enjoy watching the Belmont Stakes game in your comfort. 


Where can I watch the Belmont Stakes game?

You can stream the Belmont Stakes game using various online video streaming services like NBC, NBC Sports, and Peacock TV.

Where is the Belmont Stakes 2022?

The most awaited Belmont Stakes game is going to be conducted at Belmont Park situated in Elmont, New York. 

What is the timing of Belmont Stakes 2022?

You can catch up the amazing Belmont Stakes game exactly at 4 PM EST using any of the compatible sports streaming services like NBC Sports or Peacock TV. 

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